How to Create Automatic SEPA Payments

Easily set up recurring payments to pay for web hosting and other services on MonsterHost using the widely used SEPA Direct Debit option. Learn more.
monsterhost wordpress 6

WordPress 6 Update: Learn What’s New?

WordPress 6.0 was only released a few days ago, but we are already really delighted with it. It includes approximately 1,000 improvements and exciting new features. WordPress 6.0 also enhances existing tools and capabilities available…
monsterhost email marketing

MonsterHost’s Email Marketing Tool for Small Businesses

Email marketing campaigns are still pivotal tools in an SME marketing strategy. They can increase your customer base, and even boost your revenue. The 21st century has brought marketing to a new level. It’s easier and…
wordpress plugins tutorials

WordPress Plugins Tutorials: 3 Ways To Install Plugins

Installing plugins on WordPress can be daunting if you’re a beginner. This blog will give you a series of step-by-step WordPress plugins tutorials to help.

The Easy Way to 301 Redirect in cPanel. 

Rather than hiring a developer to perform 301 redirects for you, do it yourself. There’s no need to go wild with code as cPanel makes 301 redirects simple enough for even the most inexperienced site…
create your own booking page

How to Create Your Own Booking Page like Calendly

Create your own scheduling website with .cyou. Register now at 1.00 then follow this tutorial to create a Free Calendly-like booking page with EasyAppointments.
monsterhost crm system

Take marketing to the Next Level with a CRM-system

CRM systems are essential for sales, marketing, and customer support. This post discusses what is a CRM system and how it would benefit your business’ marketing.
monsterhost effective ways to speed up your wordpress site

5 Ways to Speed up Your WordPress Site

The average WordPress site can be slowed down by many different factors, most of which are manageable. Let's look at how to speed up your site.
error 502

What is 502 Bad Gateway Error & How to fix it?

Keep reading if you're getting the problem "502 Bad Gateway" but don't know why it's happening. We'll explain what it is and how to fix it.
WHMCS integration

Become a Hosting Affiliate in 6 Easy Steps

Imagine earning an extra income by simply becoming a Hosting Affiliate. Sounds easy? It is. Also find out how WHMCS integration can help.