monsterhost effective ways to speed up your wordpress site

5 Ways to Speed up Your WordPress Site

The average WordPress site can be slowed down by many different factors, most of which are manageable. Let's look at how to speed up your site.
error 502

What is 502 Bad Gateway Error & How to fix it?

Keep reading if you're getting the problem "502 Bad Gateway" but don't know why it's happening. We'll explain what it is and how to fix it.
.99 cent domain names

Buying 99 Cent Domains? 5 Things to Avoid

Lots of websites offer .99 domain names, only to hit you with the fine print later. Here are 5 things to avoid when buying 99 cent domains!
Office 365 mail

The Lazy Man’s Guide to Office 365 Mail

Microsoft some awesome updates! Here’s a lazy man’s guide on discovering a whole new level of productiveness with Office 365 mail!
how to inspect element

The Easiest Chrome Guide for How to Inspect Element

Check the frontend of your favorite websites and learn basic HTML with Chrome Element. This easy Chrome guide is the best on how to inspect element.
php redirect

How to Safely Perform a PHP Redirect?

If you’ve heard of a URL redirection or URL forwarding, you are familiar with a PHP redirect is. If not or if you require a refresher, a redirect is the forwarding or rerouting of a…
tips to decrease the risk of downtime

Five Tips to Prevent Downtime From Paralyzing your Business

Get a hold of this exclusive guide packed with tips to help you reduce the Risk of Downtime on your website. Learn about the causes of website downtime, how to deal with it and the…
how to choose resources for your web hosting-plan

How to Choose Resources for Your Web Hosting Plan

The more popular your website gets the more resources it will need to load individual pages fast. Use this guide to determine the amount of resource you will need for your website to perform at…
What makes a good hosting provider

What Makes A Good Hosting Provider?

It is recommended to research multiple hosting providers before purchasing web hosting. Selecting a reliable web hosting provider is highly important to ensure a steady and smooth hosting experience. Selecting an unreliable hosting provider will…

How Can WebHosting Impact My Business?

Different Uses For Web Hosting. Building a sustainable brand for your business is sometimes challenging, however a website can assist you with this. Websites are a remarkable channels for creating reliable brands. Plus they help…