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Reseller Hosting

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Affordable & scalable VPS Hosting


WordPress Hosting

Reliable WordPress Hosting for you


Reseller Hosting

For Resellers, with best support


VPS Hosting

Affordable & scalable VPS Hosting


*VAT is not included in any of our prices above. It will be added where applicable.

Why use Europe's best Web Hosting service

Affordable, Fast and Secure Web Hosting in Europe

DDOS Protection

All plans are protected by 1,000Gbps of DDOS protection from attacks on your website.

SSL Encryption

Enable secure connections for EU web hosts, with unlimited 2048-bit Comodo SSL certificates.

Website & Server Security

Use Bitninja security software to secure hundreds of websites, email accounts and FTP servers.

Set up a new website in minutes

A quick and easy setup for Europe web hosting

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One-click install

Install WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and many more. Fast installation.
No advanced technical knowledge required!

FREE migration

Our MonsterHost experts will migrate one existing website quickly, seamlessly and free of charge.

FAST migration

If you switch to MonsterHost, we’ll migrate your website hosting over from your old provider within 24 hours.

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Create an amazing website easily from 200+ templates.

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Communicate confidently with SSL encrypted data

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Strong cloud backup service for easier management.

MonsterHost is your all-in-one website hosting provider

Everything your website needs

We offer all the essential web tools to help you stay safe and secure online, from SSL certificates to advanced cloud backup. Choose our powerful online tools to increase engagement with your audience.

The four certainties

which guarantee you have our best support

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The four certainties which guarantee you our best support

24x7x365 support

Not a quick response, but a really good solution to your problem. A standard answer does not work for your unique question.

Uptime guarantee

Get 99.9% uptime to power your server or website and keep it accessible to your site-visitors all year-long.

30-day money back guarantee

We'd like to solve problems for you. We like it even more to prevent them from forming.

Instant live chat

Don't quite understand hosting or just don't feel like it? We take care of the installation and explain the product to you.

Questions you have when registering

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A domain name can be compared to the street names system of the Internet. Every device connected to the Internet has an IP address. At this IP address, the device is accessible to other devices. An IP address looks like this:

  • (IPv4)
  • 2a00:4e40:1:2::4:164 (IPv6)

If you have to remember this IP address to reach a website then it doesn’t make you happy. That’s why it was thought that you can link a domain name to an IP address. This allows you, for example, to reach our website via instead of https://2a00:4e40:1:1::2:2/

The domain name itself consists only of a name or a prefix followed by a dot (.) with an extension such as:


The full list of extensions can be seen in the domain checker.

Web hosting, involves uploading a website’s files to a web server where it can be online 24/7. This service is often provided by Web Hosts like us. 

Web hosts utilizes the resources of a server by allowing multiple subscribers/users to share resources or by renting entire servers with services like Dedicated Hosting. 

With pooled resources, the cost is also shared hosting making hosting an ideal service for small websites. At®, we provide unlimited support making it easier for you to host your website with us hassle free.

Absolutely! At®, a part of our work is to help you migrate from your current hosting provider to our robust Monster Hosting platform. It’s a simple complication-free process that we can do in less than 24 hours.

Before we can help you migrate your website, do not cancel your existing plan, contact our support staff and we will migrate your site for FREE.

You can create your email address with any of our Webhosting packages. Follow the steps in this tutorial to set up a custom email in your client area.

  1. Go to our WordPress Hosting page;
  2. Select the plan that fits your business.
  3. Use our one-click WP installer (found in cPanel) to install WordPress.
  4. Your done.

HTTPS stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure.
It is a modern and safe version of the earlier HTTP standard that manages data transfers between a website (server) and a visitor’s browser (client).

The S in HTTPS stands for “Secure,” derived from using the protocol to encrypt data that goes through this channel so that it remains secure during the transfer. strongly believes in an open and safe internet, some to this we offer high-quality SSL certificates at competitive prices. Security at top level is just a few clicks away.

Visit our Website builder page, choose your desired plan,  pick your template, and get started. All our sitebuilder plans come with web hosting.

If you think we just hosting monster site’s, well small websites and projects are welcome too. 🙂