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Secure Your Websites with SSL Certificates from Comodo.

Secure encryption is no longer a “maybe”. It is a must for any website you build, be it a family blog, a website of a large enterprise, or an eCommerce store. You need strong protection for data, online forms, banking, file transfers, cloud traffic, and email.

SSL Plans that builds your trust

MonsterHost® offers full SSL security with certificates by Comodo. Choose our affordable Positive SSL or go green with EV SSL encryption.

Green Address Bar SAN Support Site Seal Wildcard Business Validated Mobile Friendly Warranty Price
COMODO POSITIVE SSLEntry-level encryption No No Static No No No $10,000 €8.50 annually Order
PositiveSSL MULTI-DOMAINOne for all! No Yes Static No No No $10,000 €33.00 annually Order
PositiveSSL WILDCARDAffordable for subdomains No No Dynamic Yes No Yes $10,000 €110.00 annually Order
COMODO EV SSLThe best value guaranteed! Yes No Dynamic No Yes Yes $1,000,000 €112.00 annually Order

*+ VAT if applicable

Why use an SSL Certificate?

It’s all about trust. But more than that, it is about protecting your website.

Think of SSL as the guard at a fortress. Nobody gets past this strong arm of security without several requests for identification. If satisfied, the guard hands over the key to the fortress. If a breach is found, he sends a warning, “Be careful here”, and refuses entry. Similarly, SSL Requests are only granted when a valid encrypted certificate is found. The browser then approves the connection.

Fix errors on your Website, Increase your SEO Ranking

MonsterHost® SSL Certificates can be purchased as standalone products in attractively priced packages, or you can combine your security and hosting requirements into one unified product. With SSL certification from MonsterHost®, you’ll receive:

  • Strong 2048-bit encryption from Comodo SSL certificates
  • Recognition by 99.9% of browsers
  • Secure file transfer from browser to server
  • The Comodo Seal of Trust
  • Encryption for mobile devices

Encrypt here, there, and everywhere

MonsterHost® can provide you with Comodo Possitive SSL certificates, or with a package that combines SSL security and website hosting. We recommend that you leave no stone unturned. Encrypt everywhere, including all subdomains and pages of your site. The affordable Possitive SSL and Comodo EV packages from MonsterHost® make this possible.

Where has http gone? We see either https – or – warnings that a site is not encrypted:

  • Google Chrome: Not secure
  • Microsoft Edge: Be careful here!

HTTPS is the standard protocol for secure data transportation over the Internet. SSL certificates also include padlock icons to inform users that it’s safe to enter a site.

Upgrade to Comodo EV SSL Now

Let’s look at two Comodo SSL certificates available from MonsterHost®:

  • Positive SSL includes a static site seal, unlimited server licensing, unlimited re-issuing, and a $10,000 warranty.
  • EV SSL includes the Green Address Bar for trust, a dynamic site seal, unlimited server licensing, unlimited re-issuing, support for mobile devices, and a $1,000,000 warranty.

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