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SSL Certificates

Buy SSL Certificate Encryption for Your Site

Select the best EV or DV SSL certificate plan for your website.

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What does HTTPS & SSL certificate mean?

HTTPS stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure. It is a modern and safe version of the earlier HTTP standard that manages data transfers between a website (server) and a visitor’s browser (client).

The S in HTTPS is for “Secure”, which comes from using the protocol to encrypt and secure data going through this channel. MonsterHost strongly believes in an open and safe internet, that’s why we offer both DV SSL certificate and EV SSL certificate at competitive prices. Buy SSL security certificate for top-level encryption with every click.

What SSL Certificates offer?

A complete SSL website encryption for you. Here are the top reasons to buy SSL security certificate for your site:

Outshining your competition

The lack of an SSL certificate may be the only thing that keeps visitors away from your site and buys your product. This applies no matter how good your services or products are that you have!
It's simple: Buy a SSL certificate to help users feel safe when they make transactions or visit your website.

Give your SEO a boost!

Did you already know that Google attaches great importance to websites that use an SSL certificate? HTTPS increases your SEO ranking in search engines, leading to more traffic. Gives customers' a sense of safety and confidence when they buy something from your online store, so you can grow your revenue quickly.

Protecting your site from cybercrime

SSL certificates can mean the difference between success and failure. Buy a SSL security certificate for first-class encryption to protect your site from "man in the middle attacks" that make your site susceptible to domain hijacking, data theft and scams.

Building your brand smartly

Certain elements must be present in order to develop a reliable online image. Two of which are confidence and security. Every good organization invests in some form of cyber protection. When you buy SSL certificate online you can do the same with our SSL certificates.

How does an SSL certificate work?

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Create the SSL Handshake

When a browser tries to access a website’s data, first, it looks for a secure connection through the HTTPS “secure” protocol.
When you buy an SSL certificate and install it to your site, the browser and website connect through an encrypted tunnel known as the “SSL Handshake”.
This is a private, encrypted channel and this takes place in a matter of milliseconds.
The handshake generates a session key. Encrypting and decrypting with the private and public key takes quite a bit of computing power. Therefore, the keys are only used in the SSL Handshake to create a session key.
Once the session key is active, all communications transmitted through this channel gets encrypted.

SSL Certificate Keys

SSL certificates use three keys to establish a secure connection – these are the public key, private key, and session keys. Encryption with a particular public key can only be decrypted with the corresponding private key.

This kind of cryptography combines the power of two keys: a set of keys that is generated from random numbers. Your server stores the public key which is also retrievable in the public domain. That’s why it is important to keep the other keys private.

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Questions to ask when you buy SSL certificate online

Asked Questions (FAQs)

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates authenticate websites and enable them to transition from HTTP to HTTPS encryption. This helps to protect the exchange of valuable data that visitors send to or receive from a website.

If your site is secured with an SSL certificate, your customers can be sure that the information they enter on a page is securely encrypted and cannot be viewed by people with malicious intent.

MonsterHost makes the installation of your certificate easy and protects sensitive customer data on your site.

When you buy SSL online, you need to check for dynamic DNS SSL certificate compatibility. In fact, when you buy a DV SSL certificate online you actually need to have Dynamic DNS active in your account. This function lets people access your domain/web pages in the HTTPS format.

You recognize both EV and DV SSL certificates on websites by looking at the address bar when you visit the site. The most commonly used web browsers such as Google Chrome show a lock on the left side of the address bar. This way you know that this is a safe website. Visit our blog to read more about SSL certificates.

The time it takes to receive your SSL certificate depends on the encryption level. 

PositiveSSL DV certificates
The fastest domain delivery goes to domain validated (DV) certificates. It takes only 5 minutes and is just one step. The CA (Certificate Authority) only verifies that the person or company requesting the certificate owns it.  

PositiveSSL OV certificates
Organization Validation (OV) authentication takes roughly 20 minutes to a day to be issued. This is a 5-step process which runs smoothly for entrepreneurs.

Sectigo EV SSL certificates
It takes 1 to 5 days for Extended Validation (EV) certificates to be delivered, as the CA performs a stricter verification process when compared to OV and DV SSL certificates.

Yes, in July 2018, Google updated the Chrome 68 browser which introduced secure and unsecured sites to display “Safe” and “Not Safe” tags in web browsers. The update combats internet fraud and phishing attempts. A website labeled “Not Safe” is unsafe to visit because it can be hijacked during data transfers.

  • Using an SSL certificate builds your online business reputation as a secure website.
  • It helps your website score among the best searches in the browser, as it is also a ranking criterion for major search engines.

SSL certificates protect web browsers typically with HTTPS protocol, creating a reliable connection from browser to server/website. Each time a website visitor goes to a site, the server requests an SSL certificate to encrypt and decrypt sensitive website data during the file transfer process. This makes it harder for hackers to access customers’ websites and private data.

All three certificates provide website encryption at the highest level. However, the level of security and certificate validation process makes a huge difference in these three:

  • For DV certificates the certification authority looks through your request to make sure you own the domain you want to protect. This only takes 5 minutes. These certificate, once installed on a website, will display a safety padlock in the address bar. This is the standard level of encryption.

  • The validation process through the Organization Validated certificates is pretty simple once your business is legitimate.
    To issue OV SSLs, the certification authority needs information for a 5-step process:
    1. Company authentication 
    2. Local presence 
    3. Telephonic confirmation
    4. Domain authentication
    5. And a final verification call.

  • EV certificates have a very strict and thorough validation process, as this certificate offers the highest level of trust. The security offer is indisputable and the company’s name appears in the brand’s address bar. This provides absolute encryption with visible trust indicators such as a Dynamic Sectigo TrustLogo.

MonsterHost’s SSL certificates give confidence and show your visitors that you take their privacy seriously. Both EV and DV SSL certificate protects your customers’ sensitive information, such as their name, address, password, or credit card number by encrypting the data as they travel from their computer to your web server. However, EV SSL certificates are more popular amongst larger companies while DV SSL certificate are popular for ordinary sites.

SSL is the standard for web security, and a server certificate is mandatory for most merchant services. This means, you’ll need one if you want to accept credit cards or ideal on your website.