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Want to learn who owns a website or domain name? Use the WHOIS search above to see the domain owner details.

Locate the domain owner

The WHOIS search tool lets you know who owns a domain name. The information is useful when you want to acquire the domain. Just enter the domain name in the search to get all the details about a domain.

Check availability of a domain name

To check whether or not a domain name is available, you need to enter the name and search. The tool will give you a response regarding its availability.

See when a domain name expires

Your desired domain is already in use? Make an offer. In most cases, the owners choose to sell them when the deadlines come near or if they fail to renew, you can register it.


What Exactly is the WHOIS Domain Lookup?

Developed by, the WHOIS Doman Lookup is a tool that helps you know everything about a particular domain name. Clients can use it to find quality information regarding websites as many times as they desire.

How the WHOIS Domain Search Works?

Once an internet user registers their domain name, the registrars must give ICANN together with their contact details. You can use the WHOIS search tool to get this information. It is all accessible on the public database powered by WHOIS.

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How the WHOIS Domain Search Works

Once someone registers a domain name, the registrars must give ICANN the domain registrant’s details. Anyone can use the WHOIS search tool to see this information. It is all accessible on the public database powered by ICANN.

Privacy for

Once you register or make a transference for the domain, you will get immediate data security from the Domain ID protection. This gives you WHOIS privacy to help block spam and keep your registration details well-hidden.


Use the DNS/domain nameserver administration service free for 1 year. To do this, you need to select an option during checkout or ask support to add this feature to your account.

Discover who owns the domain you want to register.

Here are some frequently asked questions about WHOIS Lookup.

WHOIS Domain Lookup FAQs

The WHOIS database is a records library containing all the domain names available online. Once you register a domain, all the data will be saved into the WHOIS database.

Besides storing data, you can also use the database to find details and records concerning domain names. You will also find registration and expiration timelines, servers, domain registers, and the owner’s contact information.

While using WHOIS search tool, you can quickly know a website’s owner. The information will be retrieved from the WHOIS database. When you need to contact the domain name owner, the WHOIS database will be very instrumental. It also works when a legal team wants to know the particular owner of the domain name.

The WHOIS search tool helps you easily assess information concerning a particular site’s owner. It lets you speed up the domain buying process for the sellers and buyers concerned.

Clients can use the WHOIS Domain Lookup tool to countercheck the availability of their preferred domain. When checking, they will know whether or not it is registered.

To confirm who owns a particular domain, you must get the registrant’s personal information. The information should include the owner’s full name, phone number, address, and email.

Most people wonder what they can do if they have already registered a domain but do not want their personal details to appear to the public. Depending on your preference, you can use MonsterHost’s Domain ID Protection. The tool will help you hide your contact details when anyone checks your web address on the WHOIS database. You only need to add the service during checkout or talk to a sales expert to help you include the fees in your account.

In addition, the protection reduces the likelihood of marketing companies and internet scammers finding your contact information.

When you want to get information about a certain domain name and know its owner, you can always use WHOIS Lookup. You only need to enter the URL/domain name and use the search box function to know who owns the particular website.

Here is what you get using WHOIS Lookup:
• Whether or not it is possible to register the domain
• The owner of a particular domain
• The best way to contact the owner
• The timelines for registration expiration

Yes. You can use WHOIS search tool to find the owners of the domain name freely. In addition to this, the search is unlimited. This means there are no restrictions on the number of searches you can perform. You can always browse different website domain names.

When domain owners request WHOIS Domain ID Protection, they can have their information replaced by proxy server details. According to the rules and regulations set by data protection and privacy legislation (like GDPR), the domain registrar is allowed to hide some information.

You shouldn’t be discouraged when you find that the domain name you desire is taken. You can always make an offer to the current domain owner and know whether or not it is up for sale. Click on the ‘Make Offer’ and start the negotiation.

The other alternative is to select ‘Add to Cart’ and complete the purchasing process. You only need to check whether or not the registration is free.