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Everything you need for successful email marketing

Professional newsletters in an instant

Creating your own newsletter is very easy with our user-friendly mail designer. Without any technical knowledge, you can easily create professional newsletters that look good on mobile devices.

Track and optimize

See exactly how your content scores with real-time statistics and reports. Refine your e-marketing strategy with the best web-based email marketing software and optimize every email you send for maximum campaign success.

Target better & boost conversion rate

Segment email lists and target more effectively. This way you send relevant emails to the right target group. Boost the click-through and conversions rates for all your future campaigns.

Engage your leads with a plan

Everything you need to get leads and turn them into clients.


  Up to 2,500 E-Mail contacts

  Easy contact list import

  Dynamic content & personalization

  Custom Templates

  24/7 Support


  Up to 5,000 E-Mail contacts

  Easy contact list import

  Dynamic content & personalization

  Custom Templates

  24/7 Support


  Up to 10,000 E-Mail contacts

  Easy contact list import

  Dynamic content & personalization

  Custom Templates

  24/7 Support


  Up to 25,000 E-Mail contacts

  Easy contact list import

  Dynamic content & personalization

  Custom Templates

  24/7 Support



  Unlimited Unique Web Sites

  Unlimited Disk Space

  Unlimited Bandwidth

  Unlimited MySQL Databases

  Unlimited Email Accounts

*Cancel when you want, no hidden fees.

You can adjust or cancel a monthly subscription per month, and an annual subscription per year.

*VAT is not included in any of our prices above. It will be added where applicable.

Fast & easy email marketing

Multilingual and translatable

Pick your languages with our language feature to customize every detail in your email – from your contact list to the language of your customer’s dashboard, to special characters in specific languages. We can even translate our software to work in whichever language you use.

Delivery guaranteed

We ensure that your submitted domains are not blacklisted or blocked by ISPs. When sending broadcast emails, managing things like proper authentication, bounces, unsubscribes and spam complaints, feedback loops (with all major email providers) is critical to maintaining your domain’s sending reputation.

Personalization and dynamic content

Writing a personalized email is more attractive to your readers. You can easily add their name, a dynamic call-to-action or modify your message based on other information or past activity. Specific and relevant posts, will always be more appealing to your readers.

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Super Easy

Our e-marketing software is a very comprehensive system, but also very easy and user-friendly. Rolling out a successful strategy for your blog or business with a super-easy ecommerce email marketing software.

Ecommerce Email Marketing software

Getting your products in your customers hands. This web-based email marketing software optimizes images for multiple screens. Just choose a stunning template and upload your pictures. They’ll be automatically formatted and you can preview or send test email.

Cool & Simple Templates​

You don’t need to know HTML to use our templates. Select easy to edit email templates with mobile-friendly layout. What’s more you can switch to our HTML editor to design new emails or customize pre-made templates in full color.

Nice extras for you!

All you want for email marketing

Beautiful emails

Create and send professional campaigns with pre-made templates.

Easily import contact list

Use essential online email marketing tools to manage & import your contacts.

Engaging registration forms

Add sign-up forms to your emails and watch your contact list grow.

Add personalized dynamic content

Easily create and send dynamic emails with personalized templates.

Real-time analysis and reporting

Learn what happens to your emails after you hit send.

High mailing volume for massive campaigns

We deliver! Upgrading your mailing capacity is quick and easy.

Questions you have when choosing email marketing services

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our online email marketing tools are ideal for all kinds of email marketing campaigns. Plus, it has email automation, maintenance, reports and more. Here are some top features:

  • Manage, organize your email marketing in one place.
  • Save up to 150,000 email contacts per account.
  • Access beautiful email designs that suit your style.
  • Optimize your email designs with templates made for mobile devices.
  • Facilitate registration forms and engaging CTA buttons

No, you don’t need a credit card to register. However, you will need one another payment method we accept, such as: bank transfers, PayPal, cryptocurrencies, etc.

Yes, absolutely. Simply upgrade when your contact list grows to facilitate easy segmentation and sending. Change plans whenever you like. 

We accept all major credit card carriers for payments such as: Mastercard, Visa or American Express. In addition, we also accept PayPal, bank transfers and cryptocurrencies.

See our full list of approved cryptocurrencies here.

Yes. We’ve created four custom plans and purchasing your plan has never been easier. When you start creating a basic account, go to Settings in the customer area of ​​, then click Upgrade to choose a new subscription. If you still need more contacts just reach out to our support team .

Once you have reached the maximum contact limit, you can no longer send emails. However, you still retain access.When you buy email marketing software and you hit the contact limitation, you can easily upgrade to resume sending emails. Just contact our support or upgrade from your client dashboard to a plan matching your new requirements.

When you buy Email Marketing software on MonsterHost, creating a new contact list is easy peasy.

  • Just access the web-based email marketing software from you Hosting control panel.
  • Select the option “create list” on the left menu bar. – Here you see a new window with a prompt to name your new contact list, state sender name and sender email. Fill in this information then click create to complete.
  • Next, you’ll need to add new contacts to that that list to start sending you campaigns. Upload standard CSV files with these basic fields: first name, last name email.

It’s that easy!
*Monsterhost abides by International antispam laws, we strongly recommend you only add email contacts who have agreed to received your emails to avoid complaints.

Once you create a list, select the name and click Add Contacts. You’ll find this option on the left menu bar on this web-based email marketing software.

You have two ways to upload contacts by CSV import or add a single contact at a time.
Add contacts with CSV upload:

  • To start have a contact list ready saved as a .csv file.
  • Confirm that you have permission to send emails to each person on your contact list.

To avoid spam complaints, we recommend keeping contact lists current and up-to-date. Ensure that you update your list as often as possible and use lists less than six months old.

A CSV file (known as comma separated values) is the very basic version of data or a database – without any additional items or extravagant format. CSV format separates fields by a comma. Since numerous applications utilize non-standard data collection designs (consider them communicating in various languages), CSV documents are as universal as it gets to unify data collection. It lets you see your information in an array of applications, including Google Spreadsheets, Microsoft Excel, Numbers among others.

Excel Tips for CSV files:
Excel Pro tip #1 – Some projects will import your information and consolidate fields like first and last name in a single column. In case this happens to you, make certain to choose “space” and “comma” separators in the version you got when opening a CSV from an external source. This will arrange your information into various separate columns as opposed to batching everything up all in one single field.
Excel Pro tip #2 – Replace (Ctrl + h for Windows Users, CMD+SHIFT+H for mac clients). In some cases, imports can get interrupted or stall because your subscriber records contain too many undesirable spaces or errors. Consider Replacing those. In the Edit menu select Replace or tap Ctrl + h (CMD+SHIFT+H for mac), in the “Find What:” field enter whatever you want to replace for mass changes. If there are many error consider replacing with a blank field. Complete and save.
Dominate tip #3 – Save CSV document as Unicode UTF-8 arrangement. This is the default for all major online email marketing tools.

The biggest downfall for email hosting is deliverability, especially for WordPress email. When you plan email campaigns you’ll want a reliable platform capable of sending massive amounts of emails to your subscribers. Monsterhost’s web-based email marketing software come with features to optimise your emails sending like opt in options and email tracking – helping you to stay out of your subscribers’ spam box and stay on their screens.
Plus, ordinary email servers are not configured for email marketing. You often need to learn HTML or risk compromising a beautiful design for something text-based, plain and simple.
Top online email marketing tools comes with secure two-way authentication to give your emails an extra layer of protection.
Finally, if you use an email hosted on the same server as your website, you risk running in to storage issues. This is because each email you send and receive uses up space on your web hosting server. Worse yet, this could compromise your website’s speed – if you want to send a lot of emails.
So, choose a reliable email marketing software Neverlands marketers trust. It’s loaded with high uptime, top email deliverability and stunning email templates. Get started.

Email marketing is a great way to connect with customers and land more leads! And Monsterhost’s online email marketing tools was built for everyone who wants to land a truck load of leads. No doubt this tool captures all the essential email features you’ll love like, easily adding or removing contacts, getting expert made templates, tracking and analyzing who opens emails and who clicks.

Questions you have when choosing email marketing services

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Grow your success with email marketing

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