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The email marketing strategy professionals use

  • Great Email Strategy
  • Pro Contacts & Mailing Lists
  • Delight Your Customers

Manage and market your emails with just one brilliant tool.


Email Marketing Service for Businesses

Make your messages stand out with our stunning customizable email designs. Bring your dream email design to life with our vast library of custom designed email marketing templates for business and just about any website. Select the email marketing plan that suits your needs from any of the four plans below.


2,500 E-Mail Contacts

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  • Send 25,000 emails /month
  • Upload and manage contacts
  • Build and edit email templates
  • Free, unlimited support

5,000 E-Mail Contacts

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  • Send 50,000 emails /month
  • Upload and manage contacts
  • Build and edit email templates
  • Free, unlimited support

10,000 E-Mail Contacts

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  • Send 80,000 emails /month
  • Upload and manage contacts
  • Build and edit email templates
  • Free, unlimited support

25,000 E-Mail Contacts

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  • Send 150,000 emails /month
  • Upload and manage contacts
  • Build and edit email templates
  • Free, unlimited support

*Plans Exclude VAT, if applicable

The best Email Marketing features for your audience

Focus on your tailored message and leave the designing to us. When you sign up to the best email marketing platform, you gain access to hundreds of designs that fit your brand. With just a few clicks, you can access to some of the most stunningly professional templates and start your first email marketing campaign. Here are a few of Email.icu email service that you’ll love:

  • Great Email Strategy
  • Pro Contacts & Mailing Lists
  • Delight Your Customers
  • Create and distribute custom Newsletters
  • Get more customers with Signup Forms
  • Ability to import contacts from existing email lists
  • Email designs are optimized for smartphones
  • Create groups within your Client List
  • Attractive Call To Action (CTA) buttons
  • Easy to use designs that allows you to change font, colors etc.
  • Get up to 25,000 email contacts and send 180,00 emails each month.
  • Gain access to our expert support team 24/7/365


Customizable email templates with Email.icu

“Start your own custom email template to suit your special email marketing campaigns.”

You can select any template and make it your own. There’s no coding involved and no stress to modify email templates. Our email marketing software is one of the most versatile templates optimized for mobile and desktop view. Start growing your mailing list with a tool capable of wowing your subscriber every time. Check out our email marketing description to see if it’s right for you.

Send Personalized Email Marketing Campaigns

Marketing is specific. Never miss reaching your target audience again! Let us help you to personalize your email marketing campaigns. With the help of Email.icu your email marketing campaigns will successfully gain your business new customers.

Skilfully organize and arrange your contact list

Our product creates a fast and effective way to organize your contact list. Know exactly where to look for specific contacts by creating different groups within your contact list. Go ahead and import your contacts to a new list in bulk. Just confirm that you have permission to add these contacts and then you’re ready to go. We make it easy to organize, manage and send your marketing emails.

Send Impressive High-Quality Emails

Create and distribute informative, engaging, promotional and marketing emails to your clients. SMEs can use our emailing service to automate their emails at an economical price. Customize your email with your company name to make it more professional. Our library is at your disposal for high-quality content and HD images.


Create outstanding and professional emails now.

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Email Marketing FAQ

Why should I use a premium Email Marketing email Service?

As email marketing involves sending email to a list of subscribers or email list, it must be fair to use an ordinary email platform or a webmail client account to do it.

As email marketing evolves, the standard options do not meet the exceptional needs of sending marketing emails to very large contact lists. Here are two main reasons why factoring the cost of a good email marketing tool into your budget, is good for you marketing strategy.

Email marketing automation feature
Manage an automated contact list. When you use our web forms it allows people to subscribe or unsubscribe automatically. Dead email addresses that “reject” new messages are automatically deleted. If you add any custom fields to your form/list they will be added automatically to all future forms. What’s more, adding an unsubscribe form, you can get feedback from your contacts to inform you of the reason why they left.

Create fully optimized email
This is most significant, perhaps of all the features. Our email marketing tool’s built-in features make email creation simpler and your marketing strategy more powerful. With the right mailing infrastructure, you can send timely emails and increase your click-through rate. Plus, our emails service contains features that ensure that emails conform to legal requirements for anti-spam laws.

Will I need a credit card to sign up?

No, you do not need a credit card to sign up. Though we accept credit card payments we have a wide selection of payment gateways to make the signup process easier for our clients. You will need to select one of our payment method to activate your email marketing plan. Here’s a list of the Payment methods that we accept:

  • PayPal
  • Over 40+ Crypto-currencies
  • Bank Transfer
  • Sofort, Giopay, iDEAL, Bancontact, eps
  • Get more customers with Signup Forms
  • Credit/Debit Card (Mastercard/Visa) via Paysafe
  • Stripe

What will happen to my plan once I reach the contact limit?

On our website we have 4 specific email plans each with varying email contact limits. This is a fixed amount that we assign to email marketing user accounts. Clients can register email marketing plans with the following limits: 2,500 contacts, 5,000 contacts, 10,000 contacts, and 25,000 contacts. Once you reach your email limit, you will still be able to add contacts even after you have exceeded the maximum number of contacts. However, you will not be able to send emails until you upgrade your plan.

If you’ve attained the maximum email contact of 25,000 in our biggest email marketing plan, ask our support team for a quote to add additional email contacts.

Can I add pictures or custom images to my emails?

Yes. As an email marketing best practice adding quality picture/s that suits your message is a plus. However, this must be done with care, as sending large images can hurt your emails rather than help it. Here are a few email marketing tips to help you with your strategy:

  • Stick to images with dimensions no bigger than 600 px.
  • Ensure your image is clickable. This is a great way to add a link to your promotion or shopping cart.
  • Ensure you use a 60 – 40 text: image ratio and have text that intrigues your subscribers to open.
  • Include text links in your email copy for those users who have not activated the “display image” option in their email.
  • Write clear and specific ‘Alt’ tags. In the event that your picture does not load, this is the message that the user will see. Don’t leave it blank or leave ‘picture 1’ in the space.
Emails are still a great way to create leads and increase sales when done right.

Can I generate reports?

Yes. Use the reports feature to track your campaign statistics. It measures the performance of all your campaigns to help you determine if your message meets your desired goals. In the email marketing report, you can track the number of new subscribers, unsubscribers, spam complaints and even the user engagement rates.

Can I change my plan whenever I want to?

Yes. You can change your plan at any time. You can upgrade to a bigger plan, downgrade to a smaller one or cancel your plan altogether. Upgraded plans are billed on a prorated basis. However, with downgrades and cancellations, you will have to pay for the remainder of the billing cycle.

What’s the billing process?

You are automatically billed on the end of your account’s subscription each month.

Did someone ask for assistance? We’re happy to help!

It’s ok if you are uncertain of the best plan for your business. Our expert staff is available to guide you 24/7/365. Ask all your questions and queries.

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