High-Powered Dedicated Server Hosting

Get complete control and top-tier performance with reliable dedicated website hosting.

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Dedicated Servers for Developers & Administrators

If you are looking for optimal server capabilities, then our SSD Dedicated Server Hosting is the answer. Benefit from our efficient and powerful solution for developers, system and network administrators and organizations.

Take control and decide where to go next with more flexibility over your gear, including processors, RAM, hard drives, and SSDs.

Dedicated Server Hosting for All Your Needs

We offer freedom, flexibility and high-quality resources for your peace of mind.

Bare Metal-Servers

Utilize a single-occupant bare metal server's entire processing capacity while also gaining complete server administration.

Root Access

Server setups include root access, SSD, and HDD storage for total server control. Ensuring that your applications run at their best.

Built-in Security

The security and control provided by our single-user infrastructure are superior. You'll also get enhanced DDoS protection at the network level.

User-friendly cPanel

Enjoy using the most user-friendly control panel for Linux CentOS with cPanel/WHM or Plesk Webhost Edition.

SSD Dedicated Server Hosting Pricing




Storage (SSD)


12 x 2.30 GHz


500 GB SSD 


12 x 2.30 GHz 




24 x 2.30 GHz

196 GB DDR4 RAM 



24 x 2.30 GHz 



CPU: 12 x 2.30 GHz 
RAM: 64 GB
SSD: 500 GB


CPU: 12 x 2.30 GHz 
RAM: 128 GB


CPU: 24 x 2.30 GHz 
RAM: 196 GB


CPU: 24 x 2.30 GHz 
RAM: 256 GB 


* A standard 1 Gbps data pipe is available on all servers.

*² Our dedicated server hosting price includes unlimited traffic and unique 2 IP addresses!

*VAT is not included in any of our prices above. It will be added where applicable.

Flexible, Powerful Dedicated Hosting

Our dedicated, customized solution is built on a cutting-edge, dependable platform.


With our unmanaged dedicated website hosting, advanced users can have complete control over everything from the operating system to Apache. You'll have complete control over how your server is configured to meet your needs.

Improved cPanel

Our upgraded cPanel-based interface is available with any dedicated configuration, making it simple to manage all of your websites, domains, emails, resources, and more from a single location.

Server Management

Do you want to buy a dedicated hosting server but lack the time or skills to manage it yourself? Allow our professionals to manage all of your servers in one location, from custom software installation to backups.
For only €39.44, you can get it.

Fully Managed SSD Dedicated Server Hosting for Popular Applications

These programs demand a lot of processing power run smoothly on our SSD dedicated server hosting plans:

  • Managing data
  • Machine learning
  • Live streaming
  • Hosting websites & web applications
  • Communication apps
  • Back-up and storage
  • Virtualization of Infrastructure
  • Server Clusters
  • Se.P.p.m. applications
    (CRM, ERP, data analytics software)
  • Online game hosting
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Guaranteed 99.9% Server Uptime

We offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee.
So, if something goes wrong, you may be eligible for a discount on that period.


Contact an Expert!

Speak with a sales expert to set up your plan with all the specs you need to lead new clients to your fantastic website.

Important questions to ask when choosing dedicated server hosting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dedicated servers allow you to lease a physical server solely for your business or website. Dedicated servers are much faster than shared hosting and virtual private servers. That’s because a single dedicated server is leased to only one user. As a result, one user gets access to all of the server’s computing resources. This means that your bandwidth, RAM, and storage are all dedicated to you and your website.

Use reliable dedicated servers to keep your website available for your customers all year long thanks to our Tier IV data center. We guarantee that you get the dependable hosting you need. The typical uptime is 100%.

When you buy dedicated server hosting from us you get an entire web server for your project – no other site is hosted on this server. Plus, we tailor the dedicated server to your specific needs, including your website, web hosting, database, security, gaming, and backup. You even get complete control over the server management – ideal for advanced users who require custom configuration and software. Rent as many dedicated servers as you like to get even greater results. If you’re a large or rapidly expanding firm, dedicated website hosting is the best and most appealing hosting solution for your website.

If you and your visitors require maximum power and complete control over your environment, then dedicated website hosting can meet your needs. It’s also advised that you have some advanced server management abilities to efficiently operate your dedicated server.

Additionally, there are no data transmission issues, shared IP addresses, or server setup restrictions.

When you buy dedicated hosting server solutions it’s best to have prior technical knowledge to setup and secure it. This is necessary especially if you require root access which gives you more power and versatility than other hosting solutions.

Of course, if you absolutely want to run your project on the fastest dedicated hosting platform but lack the time or know-how to manage your server, no worries. We also offer managed dedicated website hosting. Our team takes care of all updates and manages the server on your behalf. Ask about our managed dedicated servers here.

Get the fastest dedicated server hosting price that fits your budget, tailored to your needs. Our clients buy dedicated hosting server solutions for a myriad of reasons and we always deliver the most secure and fastest dedicated hosting package for their needs. Host High-traffic websites, website and business apps, content streaming, podcasting, machine learning, big data, storage, infrastructure virtualization, email hosting and game servers are the most common uses for dedicated servers.

A dedicated server is capable of hosting a wide range of websites. Dedicated website hosting, on the other hand, gives far more processing power than the usual website requires. It’s best for business-oriented websites with a lot of traffic (or uses very intensive source applications).

Other options, such as shared hosting, business hosting, or a virtual private server (VPS), is perhaps more suited for sites that require less computing power. If you find that you have high-storage needs, require tougher security, high traffic and need more computing resource than the average site then buy dedicated hosting server to boost your online success.

You’ll gain access to a user-friendly control panel. A hosting control panel is a tool that enables non-technical people to manage their hosting accounts.

Although we now only offer one control panel, you can configure alternative control panels such as Plesk to work with your server.

It is the most popular hosting control panel, however, it’s only accessible with CentOS or CloudLinux OS. Premier Metal cPanel Panel (up to 100 accounts) €37.99 per month (plus €0.19 for each account over 100).

The operating system you choose can impact your server’s performance. As a result, you should select an operating system that meets your requirements. Which operating system you require is entirely dependent on the apps and scripting languages you intend to run on your server. Although Linux and Windows servers are the most popular, MonsterHost offers a wide range of solutions which are listed below:

Ubuntu Linux Server

Ubuntu Linux Server is popular because it is simple to use for all types of users. This OS’s user-friendliness is reflected in the customizations, regular upgrades, and updates available to its users.

Debian Linux Server

Debian Linux Server is designed to be extremely stable and simple to use. It is comparable to CentOS in terms of stability. Because of Debian’s dependability, Ubuntu and other distributions are built on top of it.

Linux Server

Based on the fact that it is stable and flexible, Linux Server is an excellent choice for demanding applications such as web servers, mail servers, and DNS servers. Linux Server comes in a variety of flavors, including CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, and CloudLinux.

Fedora server

Fedora is the forerunner and innovator in the field of Linux security. Fedora’s developers and engineers have created several cutting-edge features that other Linux distributions imitate to stay current.

Gentoo OS

Gentoo’s popularity stems from its ability to be tailored to practically any requirement or application. You can choose Gentoo v2011 on MonsterHost. You may also pick for our Turbo Boost package for up to 20X faster page-loading than other Gentoo Hosting providers.

Free BSD

If you’re searching for a well-controlled, stable, operating system with a wide-open licensing philosophy, a FreeBSD dedicated server could be the right fit for you. That’s because FreeBSD dedicated server platform is a high-performance operating system.


The OpenSUSE project is a global initiative that promotes the adoption of Linux in all environments. It provides you with unrivaled flexibility, quickness, and agility. You can innovate anywhere with OpenSUSE, from the data center to the cloud, to the edge, and beyond.

Windows Server

Windows Server can be used in the same way that Linux Server can. If you have a website or specialized programs that require Windows Server, such as ASP.net and MS-SQL, Windows Server is the best option.
You can select from the following options:
⦁ €33.81 for Windows Server 2008 Web
⦁ €56.34 for Windows Server 2008 Standard
⦁ €22.54 for Windows Server 2012 Standard
⦁ €107.05 for Windows Server 2012 Data Center

CentOS Linux Server

CentOS Linux server combines the best of both worlds: it’s built on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and has been well tested and stabilized for usage in enterprise contexts; yet, software vendors may not always support it.
You can decide on from the following:
⦁ €16.90 for CentOS cPanel Compatible

Without a doubt. You’ll be able to choose your control panel and utilize it with specific OS versions. On Linux CentOS, our servers feature easy-to-use control panels like as cPanel/WHM or Plesk Obsidian Webhost Edition (with WordPress toolkit).

Yes. If you currently have a VPS hosting account with us, you can upgrade to dedicated website hosting at any time by ordering a new server. If you have a managed VPS account with us, we’ll move all of your data from your old server to your new one. In addition, for clients who prefer our experienced team to manually migrate their data, we offer premium migrations.

Because the upgrade entails switching from one server to the newly acquired server, the answer is yes. In most cases, we can set up your new server in a matter of minutes. It may, however, take a little longer. We always work with you to set the most convenient time for the migration as well as communicate clearly if there are delays. However, if you require your dedicated website hosting right away, please contact us and we will do everything possible to expedite the procedure.

First and foremost, RAID is a mechanism for storing data on numerous hard drives and then linking them together so that the operating system on your server considers them as a single unit. Yes, our dedicated server hosting options include RAID-1.

We can usually set up your account in minutes, but in certain situations it may take up to 24 hours or longer. Please contact our support team as soon as possible if you require immediate SSD dedicated server hosting, and we will do everything we can to expedite the process.

You may have as many as you want. Although MonsterHost does not impose any restrictions on the number of websites on your dedicated website hosting subscription. The quantity is determined by a number of factors:
1) the amount of resources offered by your server and the technologies you employ,
2) your bandwidth needs, and
3) whether your website is HTML-based or CMS-based.
Because HTML-designed websites are static, you can host more of them. Due to increased RAM and CPU processing, CMS-based websites allow you to host fewer websites.

1. Self-Managed Standard

Where you are in charge of managing and configuring your own server. This is the default option for Server Management.
MonsterHost monitors core services and provides a proactive response if a server fails unexpectedly. Only CloudLinux or CentOS with cPanel already installed will work.

2. Managed Dedicated Hosting

MonsterHost manages and maintains everything for you. Our technical professionals handle all technical difficulties, allowing you to focus on your online business. We’ll handle your server’s settings, including PHP handling, firewall configurations, and root cause investigation for service outages, among other things. Backups to a different backup server are also available weekly.

For Basic and Complete Managements, CentOS or CloudLinux with cPanel is necessary. Only servers with two or more disks are eligible for Complete Management. For only €39.44, you can get started with a MonsterHost managed dedicated server. Go to plans now!

We recommend SSD-optimized servers over HDD-optimized servers for the following reasons. HDDs are classic spinning disks with the highest storage capacities; nevertheless, though they have the biggest storage capacities, they are not the fastest. HDDs are a heritage technology, which means they have been around longer than SSDs, which explains their appeal.

We offer SSD dedicated server hosting to customers who have a high requirement for read/write performance. Solid State drives (SSDs) are substantially faster than hard disk drives (HDDs) since they don’t have any moving parts. To boost speed, even more, we offer SSDs that provide up to 4X more IOPS (Input/Output Operations Per Second) than the fastest SAS option.

Solid-state drives (SSDs) get their name from the fact that they don’t have any moving parts. All data is saved in integrated circuits in SSD dedicated server hosting. This distinction from HDDs has some implications, particularly in terms of size and performance. Without the requirement for a spinning disk, SSDs can be as compact as a stick of gum (the M.2 form factor) or even a postage stamp. Their capacity (the amount of data they can store) varies, making them ideal for smaller devices like compact laptops, convertibles, and 2 in 1s. Furthermore, because users do not have to wait for platter rotation to begin, SSDs significantly shorten access time.

SSDs for computers exist in capacities ranging from 120 GB to 4 TB, while HDDs come in sizes ranging from 250 GB to 14 TB. HDDs win when it comes to cost per capacity, but as SSDs get more affordable, this will become less of a difference for HDDs. Sign up for the fastest, SSD dedicated server hosting solution today on MonsterHost! See dedicated server hosting price here.