Easy SEO Tools for Your Website's Success

Improve your site’s SEO ranking & increase your traffic

Why use an SEO tool on your website?

Get more website visitors via Google

With SEO (Search Engine Optimization) you adjust your website in such a way that your site ends up higher in the results of search engines.

Remember, the higher you are in Google’s ranking, the more likely people are to click and visit your website. 

Increase organic site traffic

SEO looks at all sides of your website: the technology behind it, but also what you have on your website. Our SEO tool scans your website and provides a thorough overview with tips and assignments to fix issues.

Improve your SEO with the SEO tool and your traffic will skyrocket.

SEO Tool Prices

Start with the SEO package today and climb to higher position in Google


Analyze the speed, traffic, content and mobile view of your website with a professional SEO tool View sample report >

  Receive 1 monthly update
  Scan up to 50 pages
  Support for e-mail available
  Download as PDF


Use advanced SEO scans, frequent reports, and tips to get real results in SERPS

View a sample report>

  Get day updates
  Scan up to 500 pages
  Priority support available
  Follow Step-by-step SEO Plan
  Professional tips tailored for your site
  Optimize up to 20 keywords
  Monitor up to 4 competitors
  Direct alerts and alerts
  Download as PDF



  Unlimited Unique Web Sites
  Unlimited Disk Space
  Unlimited Bandwidth
  Unlimited MySQL Databases
  Unlimited Email Accounts

*VAT is not included in any of our prices above. It will be added where applicable.

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Free tool for our Hosting or Site builder clients

You can activate this tool for free with a Webhosting or SiteBuilder package.
If you already have a package with Monsterhost, you can also activate SEO Lite for free on your account.

If you don’t have any of the above, register a domain name and choose Web Hosting or SiteBuilder with our free SEO tool.

How does the SEO Tool work?

1. Register the tool

Sign up by selecting your preferred SEO plan. You can choose SEO LITE or PRO.

2. Rank easily with better SEO

Make your site easier to find. Rank for top keywords and outrank your competitors.

3. Follow easy steps & fix issues

Our tool generates a step-by-step guide after each scan. Complete it to fix issues.

4. Start improving

Make your SEO plan work for you (no experts needed) and receive a monthly progress report.

5. Track and monitor

Track how your competitors rank for keywords you rank on and keep an eye on the popularity of their site.

6. Dominate search engines

Jump to a higher position in Google and enjoy a boost in organic traffic and sales.

Top features to optimize your SEO


The SEO tool helps you choose the right keywords which increases the chances of people finding your website.

To do list

Get your custom to-do list with explanations and videos. Optimize your website with every completed task.

Competitive comparison

Compare your competitors to always have insight on how they perform. Plus, get tips on how to respond to this.


The SEO tool offers you clear statistics and easy-to- understand graphs to follow the growth of your online success.

Get answers to all your questions about our SEO tool

Frequently Asked
Questions (FAQs)

Our SEO Tool is an online SEO tool that helps you optimize your website for a higher Google ranking. With our SEO tool you can optimize your SEO position in three steps. First, it performs a website analysis and keyword research. The basis of your SEO strategy. After this, a simple to-do list is ready for you so that your website is optimized step by step on the basis of assignments. Then you use Our SEO Tool to monitor the SEO performance.

If you want to work on your SEO and get higher in the Google search results, start with SEO Lite. We do a website scan every week and you receive a report with points for improvement. You can work on this yourself.

With SEO Pro you get, in addition to all the options of SEO Lite, a step-by-step personalized plan to rank higher in Google. Furthermore, with SEO Pro you get:

  • daily website scan with report instead of weekly
  • scan of your complete website instead of a maximum of 50 pages
  • scan on demand is also possible
  • personalized action plan with step-by-step instructions
  • follow no fewer than 15 keywords instead of 5
  • include 3 competitors the holes

There is no exact moment when websites appear in search engines. It can take a few days or a few months. Some website owners say it will take even longer.

By making your website more SEO-friendly for search engines to crawl, you can speed up indexing. Do this for example, by tackling the technical parts of your website and improving the content. To start, view the report of the SEO website scan which shows what you should improve. 

Yes! Within a short time, you will achieve top results in your business sector with your website. And that means more visitors.

Yes, certainly! The tool is not tied to one particular hosting provider and therefore works fine even if your website is not hosted with us.