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Many small and large hosting companies worldwide use WHMCS, a comprehensive “Web Hosting Manager Solution.” WHMS is also a PHP-based automation tool. Thanks to its user benefits and quick development, WHMCS makes it simple to manage all the billing work for hosting companies.

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Our Domain API comes with free domain management and has WHMCS module support. Incorporate customer management, billing, and customer support solutions into your system when selling online with WHMCS support. You can quickly increase your domain sales chances with WHMCS and the Domanin Name Api module!

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Here are some of our frequently asked domain reseller questions with responses. 

Frequently asked Domain Reseller questions

TLD, which stands for “Top-level Domain,” is the final component of a domain name. For instance, “.com” is the Tld that is currently using. It is often used to specify the kind of content that a web address contains. Here are a few examples: .biz, .co for companies, .org for NGOs for organisations, .gov for governments, and so on.

Generic TLDs (gTLDs) and (ccTLDs) country-code TLDs are the two primary categories of TLDs.

The majority of the recently made available TLDs, such as .site and .store, as well as the most well-known domain extensions like.COM and.NET, are gTLDs.

ccTLDs are typically assigned to particular nations or broader regions like .lu for Luxembourg, .de for Germany, for the UK and .EU for the European Union.

You will pay the product service fee. No additional charges are added to you account. So you may start a domain reseller business with with an affordable package and scale up as you grow.