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Choose your domain name, create your website with our sitebuilder and host your website with us.

Top-Level Domains

Discover the most coveted TLDs in our domain library and register the domain that fits your brand.

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Create your own website and protect your domain with WHOIS Privacy. We're also GDPR compliant.

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Our support team is available 24/7 so you can get help whenever you need. Yes, even on holidays.

How to name your business
Research & check for availability

A unique and interesting domain name makes your website unforgettable.

Make it memorable

To make sure it's easy to say and remember, avoid using special characters such as dashes or numbers.

Keep it short

Impressive, but short and sweet.
Therefore, try to stay between 3 and 9 characters.

Make it visionary

Stay in line with your brand, website image and business when you buy a web address.

Be quick

Think carefully and use domain search tools, possibly with the new gTLDs (Generic Top-level Domains) for more options.

Questions you have when registering a domain

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Yes, they are very important. In fact, your domain name serves as your website’s identity. Domain names also have a numeric value, namely an IP address (Internet Protocol) that contains details about where the website is hosted on a server.

IP addresses are long and more difficult to remember. A domain name replaces this with short original words, so that people can easily find your website.

Yes. At MonsterHost you make a one-time payment for your domain that usually takes ‘one year’. You can choose an annual, biennial or triennial payment cycle for your domain.
You have the option to cancel your subscription for the upcoming billing period according to your domain billing cycle.

Yes, you can. We have made it very easy for you to transfer your existing domain to our network.

Select domain transfer on this page and simply enter your domain authorization code.

Complete the following steps:

Request to transfer:
Contact your current provider to request your EPP code (authorization code) or transfer key. It will be sent to the email address associated with the domain.


Enter your current domain name above and on the next page the EPP confirmation code

Manage domain:
Once your domain transfer is complete, you can manage it from your cPanel. Domain transfers are restricted to authorized persons only.

Need more help? Then watch this support video: How can I update my nameserver?

There are two easy ways to check if a domain name is available.
Enter the name or phrase you want to register for your website in our domain search tool .

If the domain is not yet registered, you will see the label “Available“.

The second way is to check Whois Lookup – the official online library with all registered domains.

Yes, absolutely! We provide a domain privacy service to protect your registration details on the public WHOIS Library. You can register for domain privacy during the registration process or contact our support team for more info.

Domain privacy is important because it hides information that you provide when registering, such as your name, company name, address, phone number and email address.

All registered domain data is automatically stored in the WHOIS library and since it is public, anyone can access it, even those with malicious intent.

Manage the information you share by using the WHOIS domain privacy service and hide your information.

Yes! A domain is your official web address. It gives you the ability to keep your physical store open 24/7 online to the world.
Sharing your domain name with online marketing tactics and user engagement will drive visitors directly to your website.

Yes, certainly! When you buy a web address you need access to cPanel to set it up.
If you’ve taken the first step to select a site builder or hosting plan, that’s awesome.
Next go to your account and check out this support article at set up a personalized email with your domain name.