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About Domains

The right domain brings the world to your website

  • IP address: The Internet Protocol address is a unique number assigned to your server.
  • Namespace: A convenient name replaces your IP address to display your brand, so choose well!
  • Domain name extension: This is the tail end of a web address – also known as a TLD (Top-Level Domain). Common TLDs are .com, .org, .net, and country extensions.

Make your domain name stand out from the crowd with the perfect domain name from our ever-growing library.

Your domain name is a doorway to your web site

Let’s take a look at the process used for mailing a paper document written by “John”:

  • 1. John types up a paper document.
  • 2. John looks up the address of a publisher, Jane.
  • 3. John posts his document to Jane at the local post office.
  • 4. Jane receives the document, then publishes it.

Now compare the above procedure to publishing John’s document on Jane’s website:

  • 1. John types up a document.
  • 2. John posts the document on his blog, “helloworld.john.”
  • 3. Jane searches for topics and chooses John’s document.
  • 4. Jane then publishes John’s document on her website “professionalworld.uk.”

Your domain name is your permanent home, and it is a powerful marketing tool. Choose it well.

Already own a domain? Easily transfer it to MonsterHost®

Your domain name is a vital part of your website’s identity. If you already own one, migrate it to MonsterHost®.

Domain transfer process:

  • a) Request the Transfer Key (EPP code) to transfer your domain from your current provider. Only authorized users can transfer your domain name.
  • b) Type your current domain name in the provided textbox. A new page opens.
  • c) Paste the EPP confirmation code you were sent.
  • d) Manage your domain from your cPanel as soon as we approve the transfer.

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Can you explain what a domain name is?

A domain, also called namespace or domain extension is a unique website address on the Internet. When someone types in the domain www.monsterhost.com into an address bar of a search engine it takes them directly to the website. It is pretty much like buying real estate in the real world. Upon registering a domain name, it becomes your rightful property in the online world. To maintain ownership of said domain you are required to pay a recurring annual renewal ownership fee. Like a fingerprint, no two domain names are the same. This means that if the domain name you want is taken, you unfortunately cannot have the same name. Many extensions exist for domains, or TLDs. An extension is the part of a domain found after the “dot” at the end. For example, you may own www.yoursite.com, however www.yoursite.net may be available.

 How can I choose a domain?

The best advice for your domain is to keep your it short (no more than three short words) and memorable. If possible, try to register your business name if it is available, or use any relevant keywords. You may use letters, numbers, and hyphens for your domain name, but try to avoid special characters.

What is a ccTLD?

A ccTLD stands for Country Code Top Level Domain. These are the official country domain codes for countries around the world like .de, .ca, .uk, etc. Normally, when you register a ccTLD you must provide a country address or business address.

What is a gTLD?

A gTLD means generic Top-Level Domain. This permits users to search for your website using a unique word that online to locate your website. As more websites flood the internet, the need for more descriptive TLDs emerged and gTLDs were born. Describe your brand with a gTLD with new options like .MEDIA, .STORE, .APP (with SSL certificate) and more.

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The best support agents are available 24/7. We would love to help you with all your domain extension questions. Don’t hesitate to contact our friendly. technically savvy support team.

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The perfect Domain is the doorway to your website!

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