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MonsterHost.com Microsoft Hosted Exchange emails


“Business email solution private, secure and reliable enough for your Business Emailing needs.”

  • Guaranteed 100% Uptime with SLA
  • Easily sync emails on multiple devices
  • Quick & simple Email Migration
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Microsoft Hosted Exchange Plan 2019

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Get 100GB per mailbox
Sync across different devices
Reliable email support
Day-to-day backups and private data security

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Primary Hosted Exchange features

Email.icu provides reliable deliverability, up to date Office Apps, 1TB of cloud storage safe, and 100% uptime guaranteed. What’s more our corporate email plans feature unlimited assistance from our expert support team. Here’s a glimpse of our top Hosted exchange email feature:

ActiveSync Devices
Easily access Exchange Online on the go! It’s free to sync it on your mobile phones: Android®, iPad®, iPhone® and Windows® cell phones.

Migrate Emails
Effortlessly relocate your emails to our network with our Email Migration Tool. On hand to help are our reliable support team.

Custom Mailboxes
Your professional business email is only a click away! Customize and add your company name to your email. (email@your-domain).

Reliable 100% Uptime
Going offline is bad for business. Sign up today with Hosted Exchange that’s backed by a Network Uptime Guarantee and SLA and experience 100% uptime.

Incorporate Skype for Business
Enjoy reliable Instant Messaging and video calls from anywhere in the world our integration of Skype for Business and Email.icu Hosted Exchange.

High-Quality Security
The security of your information is our top priority. That’s the reason our data centers are fully managed and equipped with three Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus scans and SSL encryption. We also have the most up-to-date hashing algorithms and ciphers to secure your information.


Create your website emails now! Get it on Monsterhost.com!

Set up you site for success with custom website emails. Using your website email reassures site visitors, customers and partners. Our remarkable Email.icu mailing tool will have your email up and running in no time.

Superb Email Deliverability Rate

“Our expert tips will help you to improve your email deliverability.”
We know you don’t want your emails to be sent as spam. We don’t either, so we’ve put together some expert tips and best practices to ensure all your emails are delivered successfully. Simply learn and follow them to decrease the chances of your mail ending up as spam.

24-hour Sending Limitation

Sending limits help us to prevent spammers from manipulating the service for malicious purposes.
Implementing a sending limitation allows us to keep our service running fast for all our users.
– Facilitates 10,000 emails daily
– Promotes uptime and decreases service disruption
– Provides reliable service for all users

Configure Hosted Exchange emails on Outlook

Microsoft Exchange and Outlook are fully compatible® with Outlook and other popular email clients. Not only can you configure Outlook with our email client, but you can also sync it with Outlook Web App and your mobile devices. Therefore, you can collaborate with your team and partners from anywhere in the world using a shared global address lists, tasks and calendars.

Never too far from the office

Now you can access the office from any location around the world. Each licensed account you order comes with 1TB storage per account. What’s more each user will be able to install the complete Microsoft Office suite of apps to 5 of their devices. Staying connected to the office is easier, thanks to this innovative Hosted Exchange software that lets you access all the tools you need on the computer, tablet and mobile devices.


Frequently Asked Questions about Hosted Exchange Emails

Is there a daily sending email quota?

Yes. On Monsterhost.com users can send a maximum of 10,000 emails each day. By sending 100 emails to 100 recipients, you’d have sent 10,000 emails. Sending limits allow our services to stay consistently reliable and fast.

Is there also a limitation on receiving emails?

Yes, there is. The receiving limit is 400-emails each 10 minutes. Whenever your mailbox gets more than 400 messages within the 10-minute period, the additional mails will be delayed. Once the 10 minutes have passed the delayed mails will be successfully sent. By implementing limitation, we are better able to fight against spam and DDoS attacks.
This limit will affect mailboxes that receive many automated mails, regular diagnostic information and systems that produce considerable amounts of email from services like CRMs.

What should I do in the event that I receive suspicious emails?

Forward all emails suspected to contain phishing or spam to abuse@emailsrvr.com. Our team along with our partners of anti-abuse specialists will treat with any possible cyber threat quickly and effectively.

Is there a maximum file size I can send in emails?

Yes. Whether with or without an attachment the maximum file size when sending emails is 50 MB.

What do I do in the case of a system related delivery issues?

We have implemented features to reduce and/or prevent deliverability issues. However, if you notice a deliverability problem, the first thing to do is check if are on a blacklist. Lashback Unsubscribe Blacklist, has several blacklists our platform uses. You can also use external resource pages like Spamhaus or Sorbs.

Also, be sure to confirm that your authentication is legitimate.

If you need additional assistance contact us at postmaster@emailsrvr.com.

Does your system facilitate bulk emails?

No, we don’t offer bulk email services. However, by using a reputable bulk mailing service you can safely send bulk mails. This helps to ensure your messages are sent using best practices, while reducing any chance of your mails being marked as spam.