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Microsoft Hosted Exchange

Work anytime & anywhere with your email, calendar and contacts on any device.

Only € 8.99 / month for 100GB mailboxes
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Why having a professional hosted email service
is important for business?

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Secure email communication easily

Microsoft Exchange Email (Hosted Exchange) is ideal for companies large and small, schools, non-profits, and anyone requiring professional email service.

Host emails on secure remote servers with advanced archiving technology for maximum security. Plus, you’ll get fast and easy installation!

Connecting, collaborating and safely storing data has never been easier.

Spam guard and virus scanners

Hosted Exchange is one of the most trusted emailing platforms in the world. 
You get three-layer email encryption for secure transfers,
integrated virus scans plus, top-notch protection for your inbox.
Not to mention the peace of mind you’ll have with the strongest spam guard to combat malware and phishing attacks.

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Hosted email with 99.9% Uptime

Our dedicated team specializes in email migration and can transfer your emails from any platform with 99.9% Uptime.

We have your hosted exchange account and your email client set up to work with our service. Do you have a more complicated email migration in mind?
We also do that for you.

Keep data out of unauthorized hands

Combat data loss and keep  unapproved emails out of employee inboxes.

Your data is safe thanks to our redundant email servers, leading data recovery tactics and expert hosted email team. In addition, we monitor your Exchange service non-stop to prevent your data from falling into the wrong hands.

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Exchange Subscription

Only 8.99/ month
for 100 GB per mailbox

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All the benefits you could wish for your email

And hosted email service you can count on for your growth and success

ActiveSync Device

Benefit from Automatic mailbox synchronization on different devices.
Free on Android, iOS and other mobile devices.
Stay connected wherever you are!

Stable 99.9% Uptime

99.9% Uptime with stable and reliable email servers. You'll always be in touch with your customers, partners and colleagues.


Connect and collaborate from anywhere, anytime using shared calendars, tasks and much more.

Made for Outlook® Client

Exchange works perfectly with Outlook®. Enterprise level synchronization with Outlook Web App and all mobile devices.

Personalized accounts

Get the professional look by making custom email accounts. Easily add your company name e.g. sales@yourbrand.com.

Migration service

We are eager to use our experience to help you move all your e-mail accounts to our secure email hosting platform. Let us help you!

Questions about Hosted Exchanged Emails

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Microsoft Exchange is a widely used business email service used by the most popular companies around the world.

The product includes advanced collaboration tools for teams and individuals to improve and secure your internal and external communication.

Easily set up your cPanel email accounts or any other email address to run on our Secured Hosted Exchange platform.

Plus, your team always has full control over messages, contact lists and calendars. Our platform supports fast and easy joint meetings and project plans for group work.

Communicate securely with emails from Hosted Microsoft Exchange.

Yes, of course! Hosted Exchange is fully compatible with the Outlook® email client and it works seamlessly.

Take advantage of the automatic sync feature for all your mobile devices and start Collaborating worldwide using tasks, shared calendars and international address lists.

No. Our platform does not support bulk email sending. Select a reputable bulk mail service to send bulk mail.
To ensure your messages are sent successfully, use a reputable bulk service provider that adheres to best practices for sending universal emails. It also reduces the chances of your emails ending up in the spam folder.

You can send up to 10,000 emails daily. This is calculated based on sending 100 emails to 100 recipients which equals 10,000 emails sent.
This limit helps us to consistently optimize our services. Our sending limits help to prevent spammers and hackers from using our service for malicious activities.

  • Send 10,000 emails daily
  • Reduces service outages and increases overall uptime

Our limit for receiving email is 400 emails at 10 minute intervals.

Additional emails sent are delayed until the 10-minutes have passed. When the new 10-minute period starts, these emails will be sent to you successfully. We’ve added this limitation to help fight against spam and DDoS attacks.

This limit usually affects mailboxes that receive a lot of automated emails, email accounts which receive diagnostic emails and systems that generate a lot of emails from services such as CRMs.

Feel free to report all suspicious spam emails to abuse@emailsrvr.com .
This team of experts will tackle the problem in a fast and effective way.

If you experience email deliver issues, first check if it is blacklisted.
Lashback Unsubscribe Blacklist, has a collection of blacklists that we use.
You can also view external resource pages such as Spamhaus or Sorbs.
You must use a legitimate form of authentication.
Email us at postmaster@emailsrvr.com for additional help.