This September, we’re updating our pricing

%sitename% announces planned changes in pricing that go into effect in October 2022 as global energy and high-tech component prices soar.

Why Is SSD Hosting Important? Benefits For Your Business

Five Advantages of Using MonsterHost Kingston SSD-Powered Servers for Your Website. SSDs are the future of storage since they are speedier than hard drives.

What is a Web Server?

Servers are the heart and soul of web hosting. But what is a server? And how does knowing how they work help you choose the best hosting package? Keep reading our quick, easy guide to…
monsterhost data center

MonsterHost Data Centers Security & Features

Monsterhost.com uses EDH secure data centers. All servers have top-tier security and operating excellence at these locations. Find out more.

We’ve Discontinued Our Services in Russia

Monsterhost expresses its dismay at the current situation in Ukraine. We have therefore discontinued our services in Russia.
WHMCS integration

Become a Hosting Affiliate in 6 Easy Steps

Imagine earning an extra income by simply becoming a Hosting Affiliate. Sounds easy? It is. Also find out how WHMCS integration can help.

8 Top Web Hosting Trends to Know

This article shows why web hosting is essential to start a blog, website or e-commerce business and discuss the leading web hosting trends in 2021.
wordpress hosting

How WordPress Hosting Differs from Regular Hosting?

Not sure why to choose wordpress hosting over the more standard web hosting? We got you covered, you'll have more clarity after reading. Guaranteed!
5 proven ways remote workers can secure emails - Image #1

5 proven ways remote workers can secure emails

Working remotely is the new norm, with tons of emails being exchanged. If there was ever a time for secure emails it’s now.
http error when uploading images to wordpress

Fix WordPress HTTP Error When Your Uploading Images

Don’t you dislike the generic HTTP error when uploading images to WordPress? There many causes and many solutions. Learn about seven of them today.