5 Benefits of Shared Reseller Hosting for Web Developers and Designers


A small business owner who is looking to start a website or blog for their company can benefit from shared reseller hosting. With this service, they can easily set up a website for their business, register a domain and manage it all through a separate cPanel, without needing to have extensive technical knowledge. An IT web developer of designer can profit off this service. They can offer hosting services to other small businesses and earn additional revenue, all while having the support of a reliable hosting provider. Let’s dive into how you can offer this service and increase your company revenue.

Web developers and designers can benefit from shared reseller hosting

Shared reseller hosting is a service that allows anyone to offer hosting services to third parties. It has virtual and hard drive spaces that host websites on behalf of clients. Each website has a separate cPanel that manages the client’s online activity, including websites and email hosting.

Below are 5 benefits why web developers and designers should consider shared reseller hosting.

Income Generating Activity

Web designers and developers can earn extra income from web hosting. They can purchase and include it as part of the package. The margin realised is a secondary income earner besides web design and development. Essentially, it complements the primary income source, offering an end-to-end service for online products.

It can also be a stand-alone business, giving value to online businesses that need a small website space. A small business that needs 1 cPanel can benefit from shared hosting since the risk is shared among other small businesses. They benefit from economies of scale, getting high-quality services by paying a fraction of the overall cost.

Shared reseller hosting can have as many businesses as possible, whose spread out gives the businesses legitimacy. The higher the number, the bigger the margin.

Ready Market

Web designers and developers interact with website owners. Their service complements website hosting, giving them a ready market should they consider venturing into shared reseller hosting. With the business world going digital, many people are taking their business online.

The first question a web developer asks their client is if they have hosting. Since many of these clients do not have IT knowledge, having a shared hosting makes the process easier.

It becomes much easier if the web developer is successful or popular. They can customise their sales pitch to include web hosting as part of the package. Since they offer all the services in-house, they guarantee customers a discount and a one-stop-shop service.

Scalability is also manageable since each package has a definite number of websites. Depending on your client base, you can increase the volume per package. Luckily, no infrastructural developments are needed other than increasing the nominal amount. More so, the bigger the package, the more economical it becomes. For a business, shared reseller hosting is a good investment in the long run.

Only a little IT Knowledge Needed

When you get into reseller hosting, you do not need technical knowledge to manage the whole experience. The seller has a super cPanel that can handle all the customers in a single system. Once you purchase the reseller monitoring system, you are good to go.

Hosting services providers manages the back end and handles any technical issues arising. Their servers, operations and response management are centrally managed to make hosting uniform across the board. It centralises the hosting service provision, removing technical management from the reseller hosting.

Enlisting it as part of web design and development adds to your income stream without using other resources. It makes the business more doable and easy to manage. In case of any issue, you can talk to the hosting service provider, who will look into it at no extra cost.

Easy to Start and Manage

It is one of the most affordable businesses to start and manage. The initial budget is the service purchase. Since most hosting service providers have integrated services, there are no hidden charges or set-up costs. With shoe string budget, you can buy a package and grow the business over time, depending on your client base.

Overheads and other recurrent expenditures are easy to manage. Expand or include another feature only if the need arises. Since most of the technical work goes to the hosting company, you only need administrative services, which only 1 or 2 people can manage.

Customer service is also self-explanatory. Once the final customer purchases a hosting package, there is a Do-It-Yourself manual that guides them on what to do. The cPanel is self-explanatory, with pointers and a FAQs page. Essentially, the business only requires the service purchase cost alongside the basic administration.

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Help Manage Users Centrally

Shared reseller hosting allows the manager to observe and manage websites centrally. For customers who are not tech-savvy, managing their online portfolio becomes easier. You only need to sign up once, giving you access to the entire portfolio.

If there are activities you need to transfer from one user to another, shared hosting makes it easier. Sharing resources and features is easier. You can always refer to the hosting service provider for other technical hosting issues. For web hosting with higher bandwidth, online services are faster and more efficient.

Fluidity and ease of management make the web developer’s work easier. The process takes time if each website has its web hosting service provider. Website management, especially on different platforms, takes time and resources, which adds more work.


Web hosting is an activity within the same business pipeline. Developers should consider getting shared hosting to manage the entire process effectively. It makes their work easier and adds a considerable margin to their income stream. With little to do for extra income, web hosting is a good investment in the long run.

Compared to entrepreneurs starting out with web hosting, web developers have a step ahead. Their web development clients are ready customers. It offers an easy transition that converts faster and more efficiently than new entrants into the market.

Sign up for a shared reseller hosting package today and benefit from the economies of scale and superior hosting features.