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Web Hosting benefits that only VPS can provide

Web Hosting benefits that only VPS can provide - Image #1

Like traditional brick and mortar businesses, your business’ online presence needs a chunk of internet real estate carved out for it. That’s where hosting comes in. In order for you have established a foothold on the internet, you need a website, and that website needs to have its own space. There are many hosting solutions that can satisfy the needs of your website but if your business has an established following or it is growing exponentially then the one hosting solution you need is VPS Hosting.

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS is an acronym for Virtual Private Server. VPS server is a physical server that is distributed and shared among users giving them the power of a dedicated server within a shared space. To understand this, consider an apartment building or complex. The building is the VPS Server, and each individual and private apartment is allotted to a website with all of its own amenities and resources. Opting for VPS gives you access to a private network within a public network.

When it comes to basic hosting most newbie website owners opt for Shared Hosting. Within a shared hosting environment, multiple users equally share the resources and power of a single server. There are no private compartments like in VPS Hosting, but it is cost effective and scalable. Then there is the most advanced option in hosting a Dedicated Server—where the entire server and all of its resources are owned by one website, but it is a costly solution.

VPS is the bridge between shared and dedicated hosting. It is completely scalable, it is a powerful server that mimics a dedicated hosting environment but within a shared space with private virtual compartments.

When we talk about server resources we refer to RAM, bandwidth, storage and CPU when you decide to make VPS your choice all of those resources belong to your website and is shared with no other website.

Benefits of VPS Hosting

  1. Execution Speed faster than Shared Hosting
  2. Excellent Price Point
  3. Security
  4. Better Flow Control
  5. OS Combinations

Faster Execution Speed beyond Shared Hosting

When your website is running on a VPS hosting plan the speeds will far exceed those of a shared hosting plan. Again, this is due to your website being hosted within a private virtual compartment with the resources of a dedicated server. This hosting environment creates a conducive atmosphere for lightening speeds. And what’s more, there are little to no technical glitches that usually slog and slow a server down.

The Best Price Point for what you get

The most stunning feature of VPS Hosting has to be its viable and affordable price point. Because it operates as the best of shared and dedicated hosting the price is driven all the way down. This is because it is a virtual server with virtualized compartments powered like a dedicated server. While the resources remain solely for each compartment, the price is significantly lower than dedicated hosting because it is still a shared environment. You surely get a bang for your buck with VPS hosting.

Enhanced Security

Protecting your website from cybercriminals and hackers is tantamount to your business’ success, reputation, brand protection and awareness but most importantly to protect the data of your customers and your precious content. With VPS Hosting, because of the privacy feature of each compartment on the server, your website is more secure. We’re talking built-in protection from malware, viruses, bugs, and privacy attacks to name a few. So if you want that added layer of protection for your website then look no further than VPS hosting.

Better Flow Control

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, because VPS behaves like a dedicated server within a shared environment it enables you to have that much more control. You have a better handle on how your server/hosting settings are configured which by extension helps you to adapt your website to customer needs.

OS Combinations

You have the ability to use various operating system combinations with VPS hosting. For example, CentsOS and Cloud Linux.

Who should choose VPS Hosting?

We’ve given you a lot to consider thus far but if you’re still wondering if VPS hosting is right for your business here’s another analogy. Let’s say you’ve been running your business on a shared hosting plan, comparatively that shared hosting plan is like a large dorm style room in a hostel with 24 bunk beds. You’ve been sharing all the resources in the room with everyone else, like the bathroom, breathing room, and it’s beginning to affect you because of the lack of privacy.

Now that your website is growing, traffic influx is higher than ever along with conversions, but things a slowing down. What you need now for your website is more space. You need your own room, with its own resources so things can run smoother and faster. Who doesn’t like their own privacy?

VPS Hosting is a cheaper option for growth. Your website needs more power but it isn’t as big enough to need a dedicated server and nor is your wallet. You want a more affordable option to help your business expansion and that is why VPS Hosting is the best solution.

VPS Hosting is your choice if:

  • Your website traffic is growing on a steady
  • You’ve increased the number of pages and content on your website.
  • Things are slowing down due to having all those other websites on a shared server.
  • You need more security for your e-commerce store.
  • You want the flawless performance of a dedicated server but at a significantly lower cost.

VPS Options to Consider: Managed vs. Unmanaged VPS

When purchasing your VPS Hosting you want to definitely consider whether or not you want a managed VPS hosting account or an unmanaged VPS hosting account. There is a stark difference between the two.

Managed VPS

With Managed VPS, your hosting provider manages the server for you. This is the hands-off approach you may want to opt for if you have no experience managing a server and its upkeep, and or you lack the technical prowess to do so. With Managed VPS cPanel is usually an option so that you can manage your website more efficiently. Your hosting provider will take care of everything like software and updates, etc.

Unmanaged VPS

With Unmanaged VPS you have absolutely complete control over your server and its upkeep and maintenance. Your hosting provider is only responsible for the actual server and its availability. This translates to the owner being completely responsible for software and server updates, maintenance, upgrades, software installation, etc. This option is definitely for those with the technical savvy and experience of running a server.

The choice between the two is simple. If you have a problem that arises under Managed VPS your hosting provider will troubleshoot it for you and handle everything else in between so that you can focus on building your business. However, if you have the technical know-how and want complete control over your server then Unmanaged is the way to go. You also want to consider using VPS with cPanel. cPanel is a powerful interface that allows you to control your website easily and use 1-click installers for CMS solutions like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla.

Weigh the Benefits: Choosing your VPS Hosting Provider

This is an important decision you are making about where your business will be hosted on the internet and you want to ensure that your host has a robust set of features in its arsenal to offer you. You’re a business owner so you understand the need to give and receive value for money. So when choosing your VPS Hosting provider you want to be sure of the following:

  • Price Point: Hosting is an ongoing charge and you want to be sure that you are aware of the cost-contract you are entering in with your hosting provider. With VPS hosting plans you are charged based on the number of resources that are offered. You want to know where your money will be going.
  • Reliability: With any computer server there will be technical difficulties and downtime. You want to choose a hosting provider that can ensure the lowest amount of downtime with a 100% guarantee.
  • Resources, Services and Capabilities: Ask questions about what resources are available with each VPS plans. Look at the comparison charts of the plans and the add-on features for each. Can cPanel be added to each plan? Ask questions about what is available.
  • Technical Support and Customer Service: Phone-a-friend lifeline anyone? This is going to be the life’s blood of your hosting experience. You need to ensure that your provider offers excellent 24/7/365 technical support. Anything can happen at any given time. You want to know that you can depend on your hosting provider to be there to fix it.

Final Thoughts

Opting-in or making the switch to VPS Hosting is a major step for any online business owner. The greatest to note about VPS Hosting is that the value and price you receive for having the power of a dedicated server is unmatched. Have a think on what your website needs in the long run and compare it to the benefits outlined here and we guarantee VPS will answer all of them.