Latest Updates Make Cloud VPS Configuration Easier

Updates from MonsterHost are now available, simplifying cloud VPS configuration from the cart. Find out what’s in store in this article.
upcoming cpanel price updates in 2022

Upcoming cPanel Price Updates in 2022

You may have heard that recently, cPanel made new pricing changes to their licenses in 2021. The new pricing includes changes to standard pricing for distributors and customers who have cPanel accounts. The new fees…
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How to Transfer a Domain to VPS Hosting?

Transferring a domain will help you get faster speeds, cheaper renewals, and better use. This post focuses on how to transfer a domain and everything you should know about the process.
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Install cPanel on a Virtual Linux Server

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How to Make a Minecraft Server on a VPS

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VPS Hosting vs Dedicated hosting

VPS Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting: Why Get Your Own Server?

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3 Reasons why VPS Hosting is better for page speed - Image #1

3 Reasons why VPS Hosting is better for page speed

If you want optimal site performance and a platform that will foster growth for your business, VPS hosting is a definite choice.
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Which is Better: Managed or Unmanaged VPS Hosting?

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VPS vs Shared Web Hosting Cost, Performance and more

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5 Must Have VPS Features to Get When Signing Up

Before you get VPS hosting from the first web host that catches your eye, make sure your web host has at least these five must-have features.