Upcoming cPanel Price Updates in 2022

upcoming cpanel price updates in 2022

You may have heard that recently, cPanel made new pricing changes to their licenses in 2021. The new pricing includes changes to standard pricing for distributors and customers who have cPanel accounts.

The new fees will also affect all hosting providers worldwide including Monsterhost.com. We wanted to bring this matter to your attention for full transparency. This article is for you if you have a web host account that uses the cPanel platform.

How cPanel price increase impacts customers

Monsterhost.com Hosting VPS and Dedicated server customers with cPanel accounts will be affected by these changes. These changes have been in effect since January 2021 and Monsterhost.com has consumed the charges without increasing rates. However, we will now need to raise our cPanel prices in order to provide the same excellent service we have always provided. Here’s a quick overview of what to expect.

Hosting VPS and Dedicated Servers: VPS and dedicated server customers currently have to pay an extra fee per cPanel accounts.

When will the price increase go in effect? We will adjust the prices for our cPanel pricing tiers in February 15, 2022.

cPanel Admin Cloud will be retired: Kindly be informed that on February 15,2022, our cPanel Admin Cloud service will be terminated. All active users will be automatically upgraded to CPDirect Pro Cloud. You can connect with our sales team if you have questions here.

What about shared hosting customers? Prices remain the same for our shared clients who have managed hosting and a cPanel per user.

What are the new fees?

Customers now pay monthly via a tiered pricing model, which cPanel charges separately for accounts. Monsterhost.com has tried to minimise the price increase for your hosting plan and since the 2021 cPanel increase, we’ve managed to keep prices as they are.

CPDIRECT-PREMIER (Up to 100 accounts) – 47,99 €
CPDIRECT-PRO-CLOUD (Up to 30 accounts) –  31,99 €
CPDIRECT-SOLO-CLOUD (a single account) –  21,99 €

Finally, each extra cPanel account will be invoiced at 0.20 cents under the new autoscaling cPanel price mechanism.

With You Every Step of the Way

We’re making every effort to make the transition to cPanel pricing as smooth as possible. You can consult our prices and get full transparency on what you can expect to pay per month.

These price changes will take effect for Monsterhost.com customers on February 15, 2022 and ending February 2023 – at the time of renewal.

Customers are now billed monthly using a tiered pricing structure, as cPanel charges separate for accounts. Monsterhost.com understands how this price change may affect your business so we have done our best to limit the price hike for your hosting plan.

Why continue to use cPanel?

Many cPanel customers are wondering whether or not to continue with the company. This is dependent on the needs of each individual user. Consider the following factors while making your selection.

1. Years of stellar experience

With 20+ years of experience, cPanel is the industry leader in website hosting control panels. During the period that cPanel has been in operation, they have released several upgrades to improve their service. As a result, users of cPanel have access to a more refined control panel.

2. Layout that Is simple to use

cPanel has built a well-designed user-friendly control panel that is simple to use for both novices and professionals. It takes time to become acclimated to a new control panel, which might have a detrimental influence on production.

3. Loss of data

Data must be transferred or recreated when switching control panels. Many customers choose to move their information. When you migrate data, you expose it to the risk of data loss or corruption. Make a backup of your data before moving it.

4. Only bill once a month

Businesses may pay for services in advance rather than having to schedule monthly payments throughout the year with an annual billing plan. The option of yearly billing has been removed from cPanel. In order to stay up with monthly payments, customers must budget monthly for it.

The verdict

It’s easy to upgrade or downgrade your license, if you choose to have additional cPanel accounts. This is an opportunity for you to weigh the pros and cons, and where the pros outweigh any cons, it’s best to keep doing what you do. If you need assistance to modify your subscription, we can help. Our Customer Support Team is available 24 hours a day to answer any questions.