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Shared and Reseller Web Hosting key differences

Shared and Reseller Web Hosting key differences - Image #1

Web hosting services allow individuals and organisations to create and place websites on the internet. A webhosting service provider offers the technology and platform that allow persons to view these websites on the internet. In fact, these service providers offer a number of plans to suit specific needs. Let’s look at two of these plans: shared hosting and reseller hosting.

Shared hosting is the most economical form of webhosting. It is great for single websites, small business and websites with low-traffic. While reseller web hosting for persons who want to host multiple websites or sell hosting services. It is worth noting that reselling is not allowed on shared hosting plans.


Shared web hosting

This hosting option provides website hosting solutions that allow multiple websites to share a single server. It is best suited for small websites and/or blogs that do not need high bandwidth or advanced configuration. Moreover, all the resources are divided among customers on the server, such as RAM, CPU, and mail server.

It’s possible to host unlimited domains on your shared plan by simply adding domains to the “Addon Domains” section of the cPanel.

Advantages of Shared Hosting

1. The cPanel is User-Friendly

You get access to a user-friendly cPanel control panel to manage and make changes to your web hosting account. It also comes with a number of features for managing your website builder, upload files and images, check website’s stats, set up email accounts, and add an SSL certificate.

2. Ability to Host Multiple Domains

There is a common misconception that you can’t host several websites on a shared server. Consider that debunked as you can add other domains and host them on the same server by using the “Addon Domain” feature.

3. It’s Cost Efficient

Shared hosting is the cheapest of all hosting options. So choosing a shared server, considering it is best for your business, fits well into almost any budget.

4. It’s Convenience

With shared hosting the service providers manage your website for you. This gives you the time to focus completely on growing your business and website


Disadvantages of Shared Hosting

 1. Downtime

If there are too many persons sharing one server, it can result in your website moving slowly and can cause a significant amount of downtime. Usually hosting providers put measures in place to prevent this. However, even a spike in traffic for other websites sharing a server with you can slow yours down.

2. Performance

With shared hosting whatever happens on another site on the server can affect your uptime and performance. A surge in traffic on one of those other websites will result in your website slowing down. A website that loads slowly usually loses potential customers.

 3. Security

Though service providers install software to protect your website, it cannot guarantee 100% security. Simply because there are numerous users on the same server. If your website suffers from an attack, it will affect the other sites on the server and vice versa.


What is Reseller Hosting?

This form of web hosting allows an account owner to use their designated RAM and bandwidth to host third-party websites. Basically, they buy wholesale hosting services then divides them into smaller plans which they sell to individuals.

Reseller web hosting plans gives account owners the ability to use their cPanel to create and manage multiple cPanel hosting accounts. They can do so by using Web Host Manager (WHM). Each account will get its own resources including a personal username/password. This hosting solution works well for website developers or individuals wishing to resell web hosting. There are several reseller plans to choose from. Depending on the one you select you can add up to 250 private cPanel accounts.


Advantages of reseller hosting

  • It is a simple way to earn a reasonable income without the stress of server management. You just need to find the best reseller web hosting provider to assist you in setting up your business.
  • You have no overhead, the package itself includes all the cost for the maintenance of the server. Should something go wrong on the server, the webhost provider will pay for damages.
  • You have the flexibility to modify the themes and user-interface of your client’s control panel.
  • You do not have to be technically savvy as the web host provider manages all the technical features. To top it off this does not cost you extra.


Disadvantages of reseller web hosting

  • You are highly dependent on your service provider because you get limited access to the server.
  • It is difficult to change your hosting provider because to do this you would have to move your clients’ data as well.


Who uses shared hosting and reseller hosting?

Shared hosting is great for businesses or individuals who want a website that doesn’t require a lot of resources such as RAM and bandwidth. It’s perfect for persons new to website building as shared hosting providers do the legwork by taking care of site design and overall management of your domain.

Reseller web hosting is ideal for freelance developers and entrepreneurs with skills and interest in technology and commerce. The amount of client you have is only restricted by the amount of disc space you have.

Differences between shared and reseller web Hosting

With shared hosting, even though you share a common server, you are directly allocated resources for your website. However, you are not permitted to sell any of your resources to third parties if you have a little extra. However, you can host as many domains as you want, you just cannot resell them.

Reseller hosting, on the other hand, allows you to buy bandwidth and space and then resell them to others. Even though you will not be able to manage the server with your account, you will have full access to your reseller clients’ control panel. Reseller hosting allows you become a webhosting provider.


Searching For A Webhosting Plan?

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