How Does A Website Impact My Business

How does a website impact my business

The impact of a website on a business can be significant. In fact, one of the best ways a business owner can increase sales, increase discovery rates and improve their reputations is to invest in website hosting from a reliable hosting provider to run their site. According to recent studies a whopping 92% of Americans Shopped Online in 2018. So there is much method in madness. Websites come highly recommended. Without a website a business can miss out on hundreds of even thousands of potential sales.

Owning a business website makes it easier for customers to discover your services which leads to an increase in sales. Best of all, a website is accessible from anywhere in the world. So, it is safe to say that websites really unlocks a global market. A professionally designed website requires a unique domain name to truly stand out. For tips on how to pick and a Register a domain name check here to view one of our previous articles.

What Is A Website?

In short, a website is a collection of webpages that share the same domain. Typically, each webpage follows a similar colour and layout theme to the homepage in order to indicate to the visitor they are still on the correct website.

A website contains information about the business and the products or services sold on the Internet. To be visible on the Internet, websites need to be hosted on what is known as web servers. Web servers can be either purchased, which requires technical know-how, infrastructure and funds to secure and maintain them. Charges can be significant to manage, especially for new website owners. They must be on 24/7 and must be cooled to prevent risk of overheating. Thankfully, servers can be rented from a hosting provider. Hosting providers rent access to servers by developing multiple hosting plans with different specifications.

Business owners should target content on their web pages to a specific niche. This helps to increase conversions as customers are more likely to impulse buy when a product is related to their needs. When budgeting for a website it is important to ensure overspending does not occur. Budget for Developers, Web hosting package, Domains and more prevents overspending. What Do I Need To Budget For?

Global Online Presence

Businesses that have a global online presence do so by utilising web hosting services from a reliable hosting provider. A global online presence offers businesses access to customers on a global scale. For instance, a business within the USA can target customers in Canada. Businesses that solely operate out of real-world stores limit the potential customers to the local area they are based. In other words, this ultimately restricts growth.

Investing in reliable web hosting provides a business with an online presence. A website can be accessed anywhere in the world by anyone providing you access to global markets. Targeting multiple countries can increase sales due to an increase in potential customers within the targeted market.

Increase Conversions

Business owners can increase overall profits by investing in web hosting services. Thanks to this fact, a website can be accessed anywhere by anyone customers are more likely to make online transactions. In order for a real-world transaction to take place, a customer must visit a real-world address and purchase a product.

A website allows customers to make purchases from the comfort of their own home. It’s a relaxed environment which can increase the chance of an impulse purchase. A website provides a global online presence which allows businesses the option to generate sales within other countries. Sell products around the globe using an e-commerce website.

Increased Discovery

An online presence can improve the discovery rate of a business within a local area. A business owner can invest in a website to promote products or services to new potential customers. The impact of a website when using services such as Google Business can result in a drastic increase in discovery within the local area. As a result, business owners can expect an increase in real-world conversions and long-term clients.


Business owners can make businesses highly accessible to all by investing in web hosting services. An online presence makes a business accessible anywhere in the world. A potential customer might want to purchase a product however they are unable to visit the real-world location to make the purchase as a result the business loses a sale.

Customers may have issues with transport or be wheelchair bound and unable to leave their homes. Having a presence online allows businesses to conduct sales via websites, this results in an increase in discovery and conversions impacting overall profits positively.

Long Term Clients

For business owners’ long-term clients are important to long-term success. A customer will purchase a product or hire a service once. Long-term clients are customers that make repeat purchases. Repeat sales are vital to the success and growth of a business. For this reason, long-term clients should be taken care of and, treated with respect.

Website hosting from a reliable hosting provider can increase the number of long-term clients a business obtains. Selecting a stable hosting network that is easy to access and offers reliable support can make or break a business in times of need.

Due to the fact that websites are more accessible, potential long-term clients can view products online from anywhere increasing the chance of an impulse purchase. Long-term clients can stay updated with new products and news about your business via your website.

What Web Hosting Plan Do I Require?

As soon as you create a website you will need a web server which shares your website on the Internet. A web server can be rented from a hosting provider. Hosting providers offer clients a range of services from Shared Hosting to Dedicated server hosting. Each hosting plan offers clients different specifications and different levels of customisations.

Shared Web Hosting

Shared Hosting plans are relatively cheap when compared to other services due to the fact users share the same server, as a result shared hosting offers the least customisability.

Virtual Private Server Hosting

VPS Hosting plans are moderately priced when compared to dedicated server hosting offering clients a similar hosting experience when compared to dedicated server hosting but at a fraction of the cost. What’s more, VPS hosting offers more customisability with the option to select an operating system.

Dedicated Hosting

If you think the first two hosting solutions had just enough for your needs but you are left wanting more then wait til you see the resources offered in dedicated hosting plans. Dedicated server hosting is an excellent choice for well-established websites that already receive large amounts of traffic.

In fact, dedicated server hosting offers the most customisability, clients can select the hardware specification they require. If you are still undecided read this blog entry for a more detailed overview of website hosting plans.What hosting plan do I require?


Investing in web hosting services is a smart move for business owners. A website offers multiple benefits that many people overlook. One of these factors is an online presence, an online presence makes your business stand out, not only that but an online presence provides access to global markets which can increase your potential target market which can result in an increase in sales and profits.

A website makes it easier for customer in a local area to discover your business which can lead to an increase in foot traffic to a business physical store front.