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Who is Reseller Hosting for and How Does it Work?

Who is Reseller Hosting for and How Does it Work? - Image #1

Starting a business isn’t for the faint of heart. But if you have the drive to make it work, running your own business is the best way to increase your wealth. And there’s no better way to increase your profits than to start an online business. When your business isn’t tied to a specific location, you can have customers from all over the world.

Online-based businesses have unimaginably huge profit margins because the market is gigantic, and the overheads are often lower. One of the best online businesses to start is a hosting company.

What is a hosting company?

A hosting company (in this case, a web hosting company) makes it possible for websites to exist on the internet. You see, every website in existence is stored on a server. But servers are expensive to buy and maintain, so most people don’t store websites on their own servers. Instead, they rent server space from companies that own, operate and maintain servers – web hosting companies.

If you want a business with a huge market (everybody who wants to create a website – that’s millions of people) and low overheads, this is the kind of company you’re going to start.

But wait. We just said that servers are expensive. So how are you going to keep your overheads low if you also have to spend money on servers, space to store the servers, electricity to run the servers, and staff to maintain the servers?

The answer: You don’t need to spend money on those things. All you need to do is resell hosting that you buy from a reseller hosting site.

We’ll explain.

What is a reseller hosting site?

A reseller hosting plan is a kind of account you can buy from a web hosting company that lets you resell the server space you rent from them. This kind of plan will be tailored to your specific needs, which means you’ll have lots of space to store your customers’ websites and you’ll be able to brand your product any way you see fit. (This isn’t always the case, but we’ll get to that later.)

What’s the deal with reseller hosting unlimited domains?

The most important part of reseller hosting is unlimited domains. (This is so important that whenever you think “reseller hosting”, your mind should go straight to “unlimited domains”.)

You probably already know this, but just in case, we’ll explain what a domain is: A domain is the address of your website. When customers buy hosting space from you, you’ll also want to make it possible for them to register their domain. If you don’t want to limit the number of customers you can have, you need reseller hosting with unlimited domains, which means your account won’t be limited in the number of domains you can buy.

This means you can host UNLIMITED domains. When you host unlimited domains, you can get more customers. Which means that when you host unlimited domains, you earn more money!

How do you find a good reseller hosting site?

The best hosting site will give you the option of being a web hosting reseller unlimited-domain style. Because there’s no point in trying to start your own hosting company with anything less.

A good reseller hosting plan will also have several important features:

  • High uptime (Our uptime is 99.9%)
  • Great customer support (We offer 24/7 customer support)
  • White label hosting (we’ll get to that later)
  • cPanel hosting (cPanel is a user-friendly interface that lets your customers manage their websites with confidence, even if they have no technical skills)
  • WHM panel (This is the web host’s version of cPanel. It gives you an easy way to manage your customers’ accounts, so you can keep track of your business without breaking a sweat!)

How do you create a strong brand?

Here’s the secret to creating a strong brand as a reseller hosting company: White label hosting.

White label hosting means that you’ll be able to brand your product however you want. Want a brand that’s friendly and a little bit flirty? Go for it, sailor! Want a brand that’s serious and refined? You’re welcome to it. Because with white label hosting, you’re not forced to use our logos on your product. Which means you get to design the brand of your dreams!

You don’t have to feel obligated to make your brand serious if you’d prefer it to be more lighthearted, and you don’t have to force humor if you want your brand to be on the serious and respectable side. Any brand personality will attract your ideal customer, as long as your brand is cohesive.

If you want to attract fun, younger people who’ll mostly want to create a website to increase their social media presence and their status as an influencer, you’ll need every aspect of your brand to communicate that. The colors of your brand will need to be vibrant and electrifying, your copy (the way your brand speaks) will need to be engaging and energetic, and the products you offer will need to be tailored to people who are interested in having a strong social media presence. The important thing is cohesion. You can’t have dull colors and expect your copy to do all the work, and you can’t have bright colors, but use stiff, serious language. Everything about your brand needs to work together to attract the kinds of customers you want.

Speaking of which, don’t bend over backwards trying to appeal to everybody. That’s impossible, and you’ll just end up alienating everybody instead.

Do you need technical knowledge?

Now you might be wondering how much technical knowledge you’ll need to create a successful hosting company?

The good news is that anyone can be a web hosting reseller unlimited-domain style. (Okay, not anyone. You do have to have some drive, basic marketing insights, and a great idea for a hosting business, but you know what we mean.)

You don’t need technical knowledge to be a web hosting reseller unlimited-domain style. All you need is a great parent host company that operates reliable servers, so your customers rarely have any complaints.

How do you expand your business?

If you build a strong brand and choose a powerful hosting company, your business will naturally get bigger, because you’ll attract more customers. You’ll get more repeat customers, who’ll tell their friends about you, who’ll tell their friends about you, until you need to expand your business.

The best thing to do is choose a hosting company that offers a variety of packages, so that when you outgrow one package, you can just step smoothly into the next one. We take a special pride in having our customers’ businesses expand, and we’ll make the transition process smooth and hassle free.

Reseller hosting is an amazing new opportunity to make money online. Shore up your chances of having a successful business by building a strong brand, giving your customers a reliable hosting experience, and choosing a parent host company that wants your brand to soar.