What Does an Unlimited Domain Reseller Mean?

unlimited domain reseller

The tech industry is one of the few recession-proof industries in existence. And the good news is that if you get good at reselling web hosting, you can break into it even if you don’t have much technical knowledge! The bars for entry into the world of unlimited domain reselling are very low, but most people don’t get past the first hurdle: learning all the new jargon.

Don’t let this be the reason you don’t start your online business. Nobody’s born knowing about web hosting and how to use it to make money. Everybody who makes money from web hosting now was completely new to it at some point. But they took the time to learn about it, and now, it’s paying off.

A good way to learn about web hosting is to start with the basics and work our way up. By the end of this article, you’ll understand exactly what an unlimited domain reseller is and how you can use one to make money.

Let’s go!

What is a domain?

Know how most websites have an address that starts with ‘www’? That www name is the website’s domain. It’s what people type into their browsers when they want to go directly to a website.

Domains aren’t free. Anyone who wants to buy a website needs to register a domain. (You’ll need a website, too, if you want to make money using an unlimited domain reseller.)

The fact that domains aren’t free is good news for you, since you’ll probably be selling them as part of your business model. But before we get to that, we need to talk about reseller hosting.

What is reseller hosting?

To help you understand this, let’s talk about web hosting for a second.

Web hosts are companies that host websites. Sounds simple enough, but there’s a bit more to it than that.

Every website on the internet needs to be stored on a server. Servers are expensive to buy and maintain, so most people who want to make websites don’t try to get their own server space. Instead, they rent server space from a web hosting company.

That way, they save the money they would otherwise have spent on expensive servers, physical space to store those servers, electricity to keep the servers running, staff to maintain the servers…you get it. All that money eventually adds up. That’s why people will happily pay a small monthly fee to a web host instead.

And that’s what you’ll be!

Reseller hosting means you rent server space from a web host, and instead of hosting your website on that space, you rent it to other people for a profit.

Why is this a good way to make money?

There are lots of websites on the internet – almost 2 billion. This means there are lots of people who need server space to store their website.

The best way to make money is to create a business with low overheads and a huge market. Web hosting satisfies both criteria. Thanks to companies that offer reseller hosting accounts, you don’t need to spend money on your own server. You only have to pay a small monthly fee to get your account up and running!

After that, you’ll be able to sell your product to the millions of people who want to create a website.

Of course, this is a bit of an oversimplification. To run any successful business, you’ll need to learn about the market’s desires, the common pitfalls of failed business owners, and the success stories in the industry.

In this case, you’ll also need a gorgeous website (which you can create in minutes using our website builder) and to promote your business on social media.

But once you do put in the work, there are so many people who need websites (and server space) that you can’t help making money.

And now we’re here – the definition you really came here for: unlimited domain resellers.

What is an unlimited domain reseller?

You know what a domain is. And now you also know what a hosting reseller is (It’s someone who resells hosting). You ever know what a reseller hosting account is. (It’s a special account with a web hosting company that’s designed to allow you to create your own web hosting business by reselling the server space that you rent from your hosting company.)

Now we’ll put it all together to figure out unlimited domain reselling.

An unlimited domain reseller hosting plan (like the ones we offer) allows you to register unlimited domains, which means you can rent server space to your customers and they can register as many domains as they like! (This also means they can buy as many domains from you as they like, and you’ll only have to upgrade your package when you get more customers than you have bandwidth to accommodate.)

How do you know if you’ve found a good unlimited domain reseller?

Lots of companies offer reseller hosting packages, because they know this is a good way to make money, and that they’re guaranteed to make money.

However, not every company cares about its customers. Some companies claim to have great reseller hosting packages, but they don’t even let you do basic things like add your own logo to your product. (Instead, they force you to use their logo, which chases customers away from you and right to their product, instead.) Some of them also don’t give you any customer support when you buy their most affordable plans, which means that if your customers ever need help with anything, you have nobody to turn to.

And some of them even fail to maintain their servers, which means that any website hosted on their servers (including your customers’ websites) will suffer from inordinate amounts of downtime.

None of this is good for your business.

If you want a good unlimited domain reseller, look for these qualities:

  • White label hosting: This means the company will allow you to put your own logo on the product
  • Customer support: That way, you’ll have someone to talk to if anything goes wrong. Look for a company that offers 24/7 support, even if you choose their cheapest plan.
  • High uptime: Your customers won’t stick around if their websites keep going down when they host them on your servers, so choose a reseller hosting plan that gives you at least 99% uptime. (We offer 99.9% uptime.)

Now you know!

That wasn’t so hard, was it? Welcome to the wonderful world of web hosting. Take your time, and try to get excited about new jargon, instead of feeling overwhelmed. In no time, you’ll be where we are now: so passionate about making money from web hosting that you want to help others to do the same!