website ideas

10 Website Ideas for Beginners and Pros for 2021

Ready to finally take the jump and create your own website ideas in 2021? Here are 10 website ideas that are proven to attract visitors!
WordPress duplicate page

How to Create a WordPress Duplicate Page

WordPress users are always looking for efficient ways to save time while they work. Our WordPress hosting comes with one-click WP installation, giving users to fast and secure hosting in minutes. Similarly, WordPress offers many…
cron job

Cron Jobs 2021: Beginners Guide

Want to learn how to schedule tasks in Linux? This quick beginner’s guide to using a Cron Job will tell you everything you need to know!
what is a vpn

What is a VPN & How it really works?

In this quick guide, we demystify what a VPN is, how it really works, and how it lets you access location-restricted content.
add favicon to website

3 Quick and Easy Ways to Add a Favicon to your Website

Let your website stand out with favicon. Don’t know how to add it? Here are three ways to help you add favicons to your website in today’s tutorial.
cms website

5 Best CMS Website Software to Build a Site in 2021

WordPress isn’t the only CMS website software you can use to build your website. Here are the 5 best CMS to help you launch your site in 2021!
VPN vs VPS difference

What’s the Difference? VPN vs. VPS

VPN and VPS are they different or the same? We’ve got all the ins and outs of both to help you satisfy our unique business needs wisely.
covid-19 update

COVID-19 Update

Our business will make a few changes amid COVID-19 outbreak. This pandemic impact is global, but it's business as usual with the help of new measures.
guide to buying ssl certificates

A Complete Guide to Buying SSL Certificates

Looking to buy SSL certificates? Check out this first-time buyers guide for SSL certificate. Get the toughest encryption for your website here. 1. Which SSL Certificate is right for you?  2. Who to buy SSL…
shared hosting for blog

How to Use Shared Hosting For Your Blog

Before you start your blog, ensure that you pick the best web hosting option for your blog. This article discusses how to find the perfect web hosting plan for blogs that are: - Secure, -…