Website Migration: Tips and Best Practices

Website migration is a critical process that many website owners and businesses undergo at some point in their online journey. Whether you’re moving to a new hosting provider, switching domain names, or redesigning your site,…

Unleashing the Power of Website Builders: Creating Stunning Websites with Ease 

In today’s digital era, having a compelling online presence is crucial for individuals and businesses alike. Creating a visually stunning and functional website no longer requires extensive coding knowledge or hiring a professional developer. Thanks…

Website account suspension, what does it mean?

If your website's account has been suspended, it has temporarily been taken offline by the hosting company. Examine the choices that are available to fix it.
monsterhost optimize website

10 Ways to Optimize Your Website for Increased Traffic and Conversions

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the best website builder features for 2020

The Best Website Builder Features

If your small business needs a website, but you don’t have the budget to hire a web designer, a website builder is a godsend. Website builders have lots of templates for you to choose from,…
Create legit Backlinks for your website

Create Backlinks for your website – A Complete Guide

You will become familiar with the word ‘backlink’ once you own a website and care about the successful Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of it. As a new blogger, you may not be very clear about…
content management system

5 Content Management Systems You Should Know About

All CMSs aren’t created equally, because not all websites are created equally. The right CMS will make your website a functional masterpiece.

How to Setup a Website and Make it Work

When we look at a website, we see images, videos, texts and fun buttons to click, but that’s not what a website really looks like. A website is just a bunch of code, strung together.
monsterhost wordpress 6

WordPress 6 Update: Learn What’s New?

WordPress 6.0 was only released a few days ago, but we are already really delighted with it. It includes approximately 1,000 improvements and exciting new features. WordPress 6.0 also enhances existing tools and capabilities available…

The Easy Way to 301 Redirect in cPanel. 

Rather than hiring a developer to perform 301 redirects for you, do it yourself. There’s no need to go wild with code as cPanel makes 301 redirects simple enough for even the most inexperienced site…