.AU Domain Now Available For Registration!

Register your direct .AU domain name in priority! .AU, Australia's ccTLD, will now be available for registration as a domain name. Find out more.
http error when uploading images to wordpress

Fix WordPress HTTP Error When Your Uploading Images

Don’t you dislike the generic HTTP error when uploading images to WordPress? There many causes and many solutions. Learn about seven of them today.
Shared Web Hosting

Shared Web Hosting Expectations vs. Reality

First, let’s explain what shared hosting is. It is web hosting shared between and multiple websites and one server. The server’s resources, such as the accounts, disk space and databases, are divided up among the…
Premium web hosting

7 Frequently Asked Questions about Premium Web Hosting

We get it. When you’re trying to figure out the best hosting options for your website, there’s so much new information being thrown at you that sometimes, you probably feel like giving up on making…
shared web hosting vs. virtual servers

VPS vs Shared Web Hosting Cost, Performance and more

As a new website owner, you need reliable hosting to power your website. Shared hosting and VPS hosting offers more power and bandwidth at a great price. But which is right for you? Learn more.
Startup Needs Shared Hosting

Why your Startup Needs Shared Hosting (and how to keep your website secure!)

Looking for the best hosting to kickstart your startup? Your startup needs shared hosting! It's the perfect beginner' s plan so learn all about it here.
what is a nameserver

What is a nameserver and why is it important?

A nameserver is a computer application with a vital role online. It runs querries against a virtual directory to locate for websites.
secure-your shared hosting account

6 best ways to secure your shared hosting account

In web hosting, many accounts are stored on the same shared server. To evade security issues, use these to tips to secure your shared hosting account. 1. Choose a host that's safe 2. Use Stronger…
Shared Hosting Beginner Guide

Shared Hosting Beginner Guide: Everything you need to know

If you are new to web hosting, this guide will help you decide on a shared hosting provider and the features you need in your plan.
shared hosting account

Five best practices for your shared hosting account

It's important that you examine several factors before your create your shared hosting account. Follow these best practices before signing up. - Read the terms of use - Understand the hosting package, etc. Read more…