what is ransomware

What is Ransomware and how to prevent it

If you own a website, then you'll need the best security strategies to a safeguard your website. Use these proven tips to combat ransomware attacks.

What is SSL stripping and how to avoid it?

SSL Stripping, also known as SSL Downgrade attacks, is in simple terms, high-tech , undetected eavesdropping. The aim of an SSL Stripping attack is always to kill secure communication without the victim realizing. It’s all…
IT staff tries to monitor website

Monitor Your Website: 8 Reasons To Start Now

Here are 8 top reasons to monitor your website now. 1. Protect your reputation 2. Protect your revenue 3. Save time on maintenance Continue reading for more
usability testing

Usability Testing: Increase Your Site’s Effectiveness

Website usability makes a big difference in visitor retention. Trust us you want that! Here’s how to increase usability effectiveness.
bulletproof security

5 Website Security Tricks for BulletProof Security

If you have a website or looking to start one then you need bulletproof security today to keep your website safe from cybercriminals.
how to clear cache

How to Clear Cache for All Major Browsers

Every time you surf the internet your browser collects and stores cache. Don’t know what that is or how to clear cache? Stick around, we’ll help.
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5 Security Tips to Protect Your WordPress Login & Site

In this article we break down 5 quick ways you can secure your WordPress website from hackers and other security breaches.
Your web site

6 Ways to Improve Your Website Security

How do you protect your web site from hackers, leaks and everything lurking in between? By following these six easy tips to bulk up your website security!