7 Quick Tricks to Find Someone’s Email Address

Find email address

You’ve just watched a YouTube video and seen a bright, bubbly influencer who’d be perfect for your brand. Or maybe someone’s been commenting on your blog posts and you’d love to add them to your email marketing list. Whatever your reason, you now find yourself in the slightly awkward position of needing to figure out someone else’s email address, so you can boost traffic for your freshly created website.
Luckily, there are seven quick tricks you can use to find email address details.

Let’s jump right into them!

7 quick tricks to find email address details:

1. Use an email lookup tool

Email lookup tools take a lot of the guesswork out of trying to find email address info. To use an email lookup tool, just enter the name or website of the person whose email address you’re trying to find, and the lookup tool will find their email address for you!

There are lots of email lookup tools on the market. Here are some of the most popular paid ones:

  • Hunter
  • Find That Email
  • Finder Expert
  • FindThatLead
  • Findemails.com

(The services we just listed are paid email lookup tools, but they also offer free trials of up to 50 searches.)

If you’re only interested in using completely free email lookup tools, choose from this list:

  • GetProspect
  • RocketReach
  • Clearbit Connect

Using a lookup tool is the easiest trick on our list, but it’s not exactly fool-proof. Sometimes, you get a search result that turns out to be an abandoned email address. But if you opt for the paid versions, you might end up spending more money than you need to, and even then,you still might not get the right email address.

If the lookup tool doesn’t work for you, just move to the next trick:

2. Perform a WHOIS search

The WHOIS database lists the contact information of everybody who owns a website. So, if you know somebody’s website and you want to find out their email address, you can visit the WHOIS database and look up their domain name. Unless they’re using a special service that hides their contact information on the database, a WHOIS search will give you their email address in less than five seconds.

If they are using a domain privacy tool, you can head to the next trick on our list:

3. Check their social media

Lots of people include their email address on their social media, especially if that’s how they accept most of their business inquiries. But sometimes people write their email addresses using the words “dot” and “at” instead of “.” and “@”, so they can hide their email from bots. So, carefully read through their bio to see if their address shows up anywhere, even if it doesn’t look the way you were expecting.

If you’re looking at their Twitter profile, use Twitter Advanced Search and search their tweets for these words: “email”, “contact” and “dot”. (You can look for “at” too, but since it’s such a common word, it might return way more search results than you have time to wade through.)

Another way to check their social media, though, is to send them a private message asking for their email address. (Tell them why you want it, first.)

If that feels a bit too bold to you, you can use one of the sneakier tricks on our list:

4. Subscribe to their mailing list

If you want to add someone to your mailing list, you might first need to join their mailing list, so you can see which email address they’re contacting you from.

Be careful with this trick, though. It might rub people the wrong way if they feel you’re only joining their mailing list so you can start sending emails to them. Try to use this trick only if you genuinely want to be part of their mailing list.

5. Look at their website

Most people who have a website want to be contacted with questions, comments, and offers to collaborate. So, the “Contact Me” section on a website usually lists the email address that the website owner checks most frequently.

6. Google it

Not everybody has a website or even social media, but most people still have some kind of online presence. If someone has ever mentioned their email address online, say, on a job search board, a quick Google search should reveal it.

7. If all else fails, guess!

If you’ve tried everything on this list with no luck, try giving it your best guess! This works better for people with more unique names, so you probably won’t find Mark Smith using this method, but you might be able to find Wilberforce Squirrelsson. So, make an educated guess. If you were Wilberforce Squirrelsson, what would your email address be? Most people create professional email addresses using some variation of these formats:

If you’re using this method, draft a short email explaining who you are and how you know the person you’re trying to reach. This helps you figure out when you’ve reached the right inbox, because you’re likely to receive a reply.

Be careful with this trick, though. Some unscrupulous people might pretend you’ve reached the right address as a way to scam you. But if you really have your heart set on getting that email address, you can use this as a last resort.


There are lots of ways to find email address details! In fact, there are so many that you might find yourself getting overwhelmed. We suggest that you start with the first trick and work your way down until you find the email address you’re looking for, so you can take your email marketing to the next level.