What is Apache

What Is Apache? 5 Secrets Finally Revealed

Apache is an extremely popular web server that is among the oldest web servers around. And we use it at Monsterhost for several reasons. However, not many people are familiar with its ins and outs,…
manage running list processes in linux

How to Manage List Processes in Linux

There are several great reasons to choose dedicated server hosting for your thriving website. In the unlikely event that you have not, sign up for dedicated server hosting with Hostific which uses trusted Linux operating…
how to link css to html

2 Step Beginner Guide for How to Link CSS to HTML

In this quick beginner’s guide, you’ll learn how to link CSS to HTML and you’ll learn how this can take your website to the next level!
htaccess force https

How to Force HTTPS Using .htaccess

Don’t panic if you have installed an SSL certificate on your website but the URL still has HTTP. Here’s a quick fix with .htaccess to force HTTPS.
The Fastest Way To Install MySQL On Windows - Image #1

The Fastest Way To Install MySQL On Windows

Want to learn the fastest way to install MySQL on Windows? Lucky for you we have a simple tutorial that will show you how!
LAMP Stack Basics Explained - Image #1

LAMP Stack Basics Explained

If you’ve been hearing a lot about the LAMP stack lately, that’s because some of the world’s most popular open source apps (including WordPress) run on LAMP. The LAMP stack (usually hosted on a VPS…
Easiest Ways To Use And Edit Windows 10 Hosts File - Image #1

Easiest Ways To Use And Edit Windows 10 Hosts File

Editing the Host file in Windows 10 enables you to override a domain's DNS settings on a specific PC. Here's how to modify the Hosts file for Windows 10.
python comments beginner's guide

What is Python Comment? Beginner’s Guide

How can Python comment help you be a better collaborator on your programming projects and keep track of massive codes? This guide breaks it down!
How to Access Your Current MySQL Version - Image #1

How to Access Your Current MySQL Version

Five (5) ways to check your MySQL server version on Linux devices. Explore five quick and easy methods to identifying your MySQL server version.