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What Is React & How To Host It On Monsterhost

What Is React & How To Host It On Monsterhost - Image #1

It’s important now more than ever for your business to own online real-estate. Yup, in order to reach new markets and keep current customers, you need an interactive, functional and easy to use website. To start, ensure you use the best website hosting platform which often comes with a website builder.

Having an interactive website to boost user-experience is also very important and is one of the reasons people use JavaScript tools like React to create an awesome user interface. One that makes using your website so easy that visitors become consistent customers.

What Exactly Is React?

React is a popular and efficient open-source JavaScript library that facilities the building of interactive user interfaces.  This is the face of your website that your customers and visitors see when they visit your website.

You can use React as a base when developing a single-page or mobile applications. By utilizing a new method to render websites, React gives exceptional responses to user input which boosts interactivity and improved user experience.

So, how does React work and why you should install it? Glad you asked.

How Does React Work?

React works using a declarative paradigm. This means that it makes it easier for your application to be both efficient and flexible. It creates simple views for every stage in your application. Then, it efficiently updates and renders the relevant component when your data changes. It is also easier to debug.

Top 7 Features and Uses Of React

From a boost in productivity, faster rendering to SEO friendly sites, React has many features and uses. Here are some that will want you to install it.

1. It permits the overall process of writing components

React uses JSX (which is a simpler form of JavaScript) for templating instead of the regular JavaScript.

2. React boosts productivity and facilitates further maintenance

React possesses the ability to reuse system components, which makes the repetitive tasks of computing, repairing programming flaws and overall maintenance less tedious.

3. It ensures faster rendering

React uses many ingenious approaches to reduce the number of costly DOM (document object model) operations necessary to update the user interface. Though this may cause a faster user interface without specifically optimising for performance for several cases, there are ways where you’ll be able to still speed up your React application.

4. React guarantees stable code

It uses only downward data flow to ensure small changes that take place in the infant stage structures of programming does not affect the mature programming structures. To change an object, you can or developers can simply modify its state.  After that, only particular components will be updated. This structure of data binding helps to guarantee code stability and facilitates continuous app performance.

5. SEO friendly

React has the ability to manage common search engine failure to read JavaScript-heavy apps. To solve this problem, React runs on the server to render and return the virtual DOM to the browser as a regular webpage.

6. Developed with a helpful developer toolset

React Developer Tools is a browser extension that Chrome and Firefox use to enable developers to observe reactive component hierarchies, locate infant and mature components, and examine the current state and props.

7. React is highly adaptable on mobile devices

React has a specific version called React Native that is tailored for mobile devices. It follows the same design patterns in both web and mobile format. Using plain JavaScript and React you will be able to build rich User Interface (UI) for native apps, supported by both iOS and Android platforms.

How to Host React on MonsterHost

Here are some ways you can host React on MonsterHost:

  • Download Nodejs As A Pathway to Install React

Since React is a JavaScript library it requires you to install Nodejs version 12.x. You can download this program from the official website nodejs.org.

  • Create React App Using Create-React-App Generator

Create-React-App is a tool that allows you an advantage when building React apps. It helps you to save time on setup and configuration.

  • Install React into Your Webpage

You can add the React JavaScript file directly into your web page. This option is best suited when your React app will interact with the elements present on a single page, as opposed to a whole website.


Each step has its own set of instructions to successfully install React on your device. Simply follow the instructions thoroughly and before long your website will have a fast and easy user interface. It will improve customer experience and help you grow your brand.  You can also find tons of tools in React library to help you with the learning curve to effectively use this app.