Prevent and Manage DDoS Attacks on Your Website: A Comprehensive Guide 

In today’s digital landscape, the threat of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks looms large over websites and online services. DDoS attacks can disrupt your online presence, tarnish your reputation, and result in significant financial…

Ten Data Loss Prevention Tips for Today

Learn about important Data loss prevention (DLP) strategies to protect your website. Get Monsterhost complete guide to the fundamentals of DLP.

Impact of DDOS Attacks

Cyber-attacks like DDos, can have lasting impacts on websites. Follow these steps to prevent or mitigate Distributed Denial of Service Attacks (DDoS).
Backup Plan

Do I Need A Backup Plan?

Deciding if you require a backup plan can be a challenging task. The majority of people assume they don’t require a backup when they actually do. Data Loss can have an impact on Websites, Businesses…
Tips for website safety

Website Safety Checklist for All Sites

A secure website is vital to your online success. Cybercriminals are everywhere, they make a living by stealing personal data from unsuspecting website owners. Data is a very valuable asset. So valuable that it is…

How Does Data Loss Impact My Business?

Why Does Your Business Need To Backup Data? Every day you and your staff create data in the form of webpages or text documents that you use to improve your business. Creating data takes time…
Boost Your Website’s SEO with Tailored Content

5 Things to Know Before Building a Website

You have an idea for a blog, website or you’ve created a product the world needs and now you’re ready to build a website. Nowadays it’s easier than ever to plan, design, and launch a…
website Back-up Plan

Here’s why Your Website Needs a Back-up Plan

Think back to those college years, when you burned the midnight oil toiling over one term paper or the other; only to wake up to find that you forgot to save your hard work. The…
How to set up a Web Hosting Account

Web Hosting Guide for Getting Started

Planning to buy a domain and start a website? Use this web hosting guide to start off. Learn what to do to optimize and secure your site.