What Makes A Good Hosting Provider?

What makes a good hosting provider

It is recommended to research multiple hosting providers before purchasing web hosting. Selecting a reliable web hosting provider is highly important to ensure a steady and smooth hosting experience. Selecting an unreliable hosting provider will have a negative impact on your website’s performance and reliability. This article aims to highlight the importance of a reliable hosting provider and what clients should look for in a hosting provider.

What Does A Hosting Provider Do?

A hosting provider sells web hosting services to clients. Good hosting providers offer a range of hosting products from shared hosting to dedicated server hosting. This gives clients a choice of different hosting specifications at different prices ranges for different requirements What Hosting Plan Do I Require? Your hosting provider is responsible for server maintenance which ultimately effects your websites performance. Reliable website hosting providers maintain servers to high standards guaranteeing uptime and reliability for their clients. An unreliable hosting provider will under-maintain their servers to increase profits which impacts performance resulting in noticeable negative changes to your website hosting service.

How Can Under maintained Servers Impact My Website?

A web server is a computer that is dedicated to one specific task, website hosting. In order for a website to operate 24/7 a server must be running 24/7. Server resources are constantly being used, overtime this can reduce the performance of hardware. If hardware begins to see a reduction in performance, it will result in slower loading webpages for your visitors. If left unmonitored hardware can fail, this will result in downtime for your website. Downtime can have a major impact on your business and brand image.

Reliable website hosting providers hire dedicated teams who monitor server statuses to detect any reductions in performance. If a server begins to slow this can indicate something is wrong with the hardware. Good hosting providers replace faulty hardware before failure occurs, this minimises the risk of downtime for clients.

Why Is A Reliable Hosting Provider Important To My Success?

Your hosting provider is ultimately responsible for maintaining the hardware of the server your website is hosted on. An unreliable provider attempts to increase their profits by reducing server maintenance costs. This will have unexpected, unwanted effect on your website for visitors potentially damaging your brand image. Selecting a dependable hosting provider guarantees hardware is maintained to high standards ensuring you never see a reduction in performance.

5 Qualities To Look For In A Good Website Host?

a hosting provider for your website is a challenging task. There is a wide range of providers offering multiple services. It is important to select a reliable hosting provider to guarantee a smooth service for you are your visitors. Here are 5 qualities that good hosting providers offer to clients.

1) Money Back Guarantee’s

A Money Back Guarantee is an indication of a good hosting provider. Providers that offer Money Back Guarantees are confident in the way servers are maintained. Think of this as a trial period, if you are not satisfied with the service you received you can request a full refund. When providers offer Money Back Guarantee’s they take a bet that the client will be happy with their service and won’t ask for a refund. Therefore, the provider maintains servers to high standards in order to convince clients to stay.

2) Free and Fast Hosting and email Migrations

Clients currently hosting with a different provider may wish to switch hosting providers. Switching hosting providers can be stressful for certain clients, hosting providers often offer services such as Data Migration to make switching hassle free. A dependable hosting provider offers this service for free, this indicates they have an established team of technicians working behind the scenes. Hosting providers that hire teams of technicians take pride in the services they offer as they invest in maintenance. Unreliable hosting providers often outsource work to freelancers to reduce costs therefore charge clients for this service.

3) Safe Data Centre

At the backbone of every website is a physical server. This physical server is located somewhere in the world with your data stored on it. Security is a major factor to consider when selecting a good hosting provider. Where is your data actually stored? Responsible hosting providers store servers in secured buildings that have multiple levels of security. Access is highly restricted with 24/7 CCTV monitoring Does Your Host Have A Secure Data Centre?

4) 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

The majority of hosting providers aim to offer clients 99% Uptime for their websites. 99% Uptime Sounds really good but in reality, can result in 5 full days of downtime per year for your website. Hosting providers that offer 99.9% uptime aim to reduce downtime to less than one day per year. Responsible hosting providers cannot offer 100% Uptime as this is an impossible guarantee, instead they offer 99.9% Uptime Guarantees ensuring your downtime is kept to less than one day a year.

5) Security

DDOS Protection

A DDOS Attack aims to throttle your server resulting in downtime for your website. Reliable Hosting Providers have DDOS protection measures in place to prevent disruption to their servers. DDOS protection can prevent downtime to your website when you receive a DDOS attack.


Virus Scans

Responsible hosting providers regularly scan their servers for malware and viruses to prevent the risk of malware spreading from client to client. Malware poses a real risk especially to clients using shared hosting as viruses can quickly infect other clients. Unreliable hosting providers fail to regularly scan servers for malware leaving their clients exposed to potential infections. It is recommended to install anti-virus programs on your server however having a hosting provider scan other clients for malware brings peace of mind.


Selecting a responsible and good hosting provider is highly important to your website’s overall success. A reliable hosting provider maintains their servers to high standards to prevent clients experiencing downtime which has a negative effect on your website overall impacting your business. Good hosting providers maintain their servers to high standards, an indication of well-maintained servers can be services such as Money Back Guarantee’s and 99.9% Uptime Guarantee’s. A well-maintained server guarantee’s a reliable hosting experience which results in a smooth fast loading website for your visitors.