What Is Dedicated Server Hosting?


What Is A Dedicated Server? How Does Dedicated Server Hosting Work?

Reliable hosting providers offer multiple web hosting services for clients to pick from in order to select the best possible hosting service for their requirements. What Hosting Service Do I Require?

When clients rent dedicated servers, they are renting an entire physical server for their own personal usage. Maintaining a dedicated server is highly important to prevent unexpected downtime which will result in an unusable website. Hardware overtime can fail this make server maintenances costly to any business. Good hosting providers ensure clients have a reliable dedicated server by monitoring server performance ensuring failing hardware is replaced to prevent unexpected downtime for clients. It is important to select a hosting provider that high guarantees uptime, this indicates the provider maintains servers to a high standard.

Who Is Dedicated Server Hosting For?

Dedicated hosting is an excellent option designed for clients looking to get more out of their web hosting experience. Dedicated server hosting offers a wide range of benefits for clients to take advantage of from selecting hardware to having full root access to your server. Increased customisability offers clients the option to install custom software and applications.

Benefits To Dedicated Server Hosting

No Over Heads

Hardware can and does fail, this can interrupt your hosting service having unwanted effects on your website and brand. Server maintenance is a major factor to consider when self-hosting your own servers. Reliable hosting providers remove any potential overhead costs related to server maintenances. A hosting provider is responsible for maintaining your dedicated server to high standards ensuring hardware is replaced when required. Selecting a reliable hosting provider is vital to ensure your dedicated server is maintained to high standards. Unreliable hosting providers undermaintain their server ultimately leading to noticeable performance issues.

Root Access

Website hosting using a dedicated server grants you root access to your server. Take full control of your hosting experience with root access. Root access allows you to install custom programs, operating systems and configurations to your server.


Dedicated server hosting offers the most customisability for your website hosting experience. With dedicated hosting you can select from hardware specifications to select the best CPU, RAM, Storage Device and bandwidth for your current requirement. With root access you can install custom operating systems, software or applications for your usage.


Clients using Shared Hosting or VPS Hosting may see a decline in reliability as their website expands. Websites that receive regular high amounts of traffic may require dedicated hosting to ensure a reliable hosting experience resulting in smooth fast loading web pages. Renting an entire server ensures all server resources are on standby in the event of a sudden increase in traffic to maintain fast loading webpages for your visitors.

Improved Security

Hosting your website using shared or PS Hosting means your website shares a server with other clients. Although hosting providers have security measures in place sharing a server can present security risks. In the event another website gets hacked your website could be left vulnerable. Improve your hosting security by switching to dedicated hosting. No other clients have access to your server therefore cannot affect your security. Dedicated hosting allows you to install custom security programs and software to better secure your data.

Choice Of Specification

VPS Hosting - Image #1

Dedicated server hosting allows you to select a dedicated server built for your specific requirements. A dedicated server has many components. You have the option to select the best server for your requirement biased on specifications.


The processor or CPU is a main component in any computing device. The processor is responsible for determining the max speed at which data can be processed. Processing speeds are measures using hertz (Hz). If you require fast hosting speeds from your dedicated hosting service, it is important to select a processor best suited to your requirements.


Before data can be processed by the CPU it needs to be stored. Random Access Memory (RAM) is a temporary short-term form of storage used for data before processing by the CPU. Selecting a dedicated server with enough RAM allows for data to be stored correctly before processing. Selecting a good Processor with enough RAM for your current requirements will result in fast hosting leading to a smooth operating website.


What Is Bandwidth? In short bandwidth is the maximum rate at which data can be transferred from one server to another over the internet. Bandwidth limits the speed and amount of data your server can receive or transmit at any one given time. For clients with a lot of traffic selecting enough bandwidth is critical. To ensure a reliable hosting experience selecting a dedicated server with more than enough bandwidth is vital.

Storage Drive

With dedicated server hosting you have a choice between different storage devices for your server. Understanding the difference between Hard Disk Drives (HDD) and Solid State Drives (SSD) allows you to make more informed decisions regarding storage.

Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

Hard Disk Drives offer large amounts of storage space however provide slower data transfer speeds. Hard Drives work by storing data in sectors on a magnetic storage plater. A Read/Write arm swings across the storage platter in order to read or write data to the HDD. Due to the mechanical aspects of a swinging arm and spinning storage platters data transfer speeds are slower when compared to SSD’s. Hard Drives are recommended for clients looking to store large amounts of data.

Solid State Drive (SSD)

Clients looking for faster data transfer speeds over storing large amounts of data should select Solid State Drives. A Solid-State Drive contains no mechanical aspect therefore this is not a factor limiting data transfer speeds. SSD’s are similar to USB flash drives as data is stored to a cluster of memory banks. Data can be read or written to any memory bank at the same data transfer speed.

Dedicated Hosting Can Be Costly

Dedicated hosting is designed for websites that require dedicated resources in order to operate due to the large amounts of traffic they receive or data they transfer. For the majority of websites dedicated hosting offers multiple benefits however is not always required. To minimise costs to your business it is recommended to compare all available options. Start with Monsterhost’s robust SSD dedicated solution at just €110.00/mo.