What Web Hosting Plan Do I Require?


Good hosting providers offer clients a wide range of hosting plans to select from. Each hosting plan offers unique features at different price points. Deciding what hosting plan is right for your business can be a challenging task. This article aims to highlight key features and uses for each hosting plan offered. It is recommended to research each hosting plan to make an informed purchase.

What Is Web Hosting?

A server is used to host websites. A server is a computer that is dedicated to a specific task. In this case servers are dedicated to running web hosting applications and operating websites. Reliable hosting providers operate and maintain servers to high standards. Clients can rent access to servers from a web hosting provider in order to operate their website. A Hosting provider offers a range of services from Shared Hosting to Dedicated Server Hosting. Your service provider is responsible for server maintenance which ultimately effects the quality of your web hosting.

Why Do I Need A Reliable Hosting Provider?

No matter what hosting option you select physical hardware impacts your websites performance. Undermaintained servers can negatively impact your business, brand and website. Hardware does fail therefore needs to be replaced before failing to reduce the negative effects of downtime. Irresponsible hosting providers neglect hardware which over time results in a decrease in server performance which will impact your website for your visitors. Selecting a reliable hosting provider is vital to the success of your website. Uptime guarantees can indicate servers are well maintained.

What Hosting Options Are Available To Me?

Shared Hosting: What is it and who is it for?

Shared hosting offers small business owners the opportunity to take advantage of web hosting at a significantly reduced cost when compared to other hosting services such as VPS or Dedicated Server Hosting. Hosting providers purchase powerful dedicated servers optimised for hosting multiple websites at one time. Clients pay a monthly or yearly fee for Storage, Bandwidth and the number of websites they can host at one time. This allows clients to pay for the server resources they use instead of an entire server, this results in savings for smaller businesses.

Who Is Shared Hosting For?

Reseller program - Image #1

Shared Hosting is aimed at first time website owners looking to build an online presence for their new or current business. For small businesses cash flow can be an issue, your website hosting shouldn’t consume the majority of your profit margin. Shared hosting offers savings to first time website owners allowing you to invest in your business’s success.

VPS Hosting 

What Is VPS Hosting?

VPS Hosting works in a similar way to shared hosting however offers a different hosting experience to clients. Hosting providers purchase powerful dedicated servers which get segregated using virtualisation in order to create multiple virtual private servers. Each VPS operates independently from each other on isolated networks. Unlike shared hosting where clients purchase the server resources they will use, VPS Hosting offers clients reserved resources that only their server can access.

This results in a more reliable hosting service as resources are no longer shared but reserved for your server’s usage. Each virtual private server runs using an independent operating system, this allows clients to simulate dedicated server hosting at a reduced cost.

Who Is VPS Hosting For?

VPS Hosting is ideal for clients currently using shared hosting that have noticed an increase in regular traffic to their website. Shared hosting is ideal for smaller websites, once your website starts growing it is recommended to switch to VPS Hosting to take advantage of reserved resources to guarantee a reliable hosting service resulting in fast loading webpages. VPS Hosting is also recommended to clients looking for increased customisability in their web hosting.

Reseller Hosting


What Is Reseller Hosting?

Setting up your own web hosting company can be an extremely costly process. Reseller hosting aims to dramatically reduce costs for new web hosting companies. White label hosting allows business owners to resell hosting services to clients at a profit. As your business grows you will see an increase in clients, it is recommended to re-invest profits into expanding your servers to host more clients. Learn More about White label hosting and how you can generate income. Reseller hosting offers you the option to host multiple websites under one server. Web host manager allows you to manage your clients or personal websites with ease.

Who Is Reseller Hosting For?

White label hosting is recommended for clients looking to generate passive income online. Setup your own web hosting business today with little knowledge or capital. Once your web hosting business is setup it is recommended to run advertisements to attract potential clients.

Businesses that have multiple websites can take advantage of reseller hosting to increase productivity. Having multiple hosting services can impact productivity as management can become a confusing task. Reseller hosting allows you to host all your websites under one login making website management a breeze.

Dedicated Server Hosting 

Powerful Dedicated Server Hosting - Image #3

What Is Dedicated Server Hosting

Hosting providers purchase dedicated servers to offer Shared, VPS and Reseller Hosting services. Dedicated hosting is a hosting option where providers rent an entire server to an individual client. The client will be the only website hosted on the server, this offers a range of benefits from increased security and reliability to full root access allowing more customisability.

Who Is Dedicated Server Hosting For?

Dedicated hosting is designed for websites receiving high amounts of regular traffic. Larger websites require more sever resources in order to cope with the constantly increasing amounts of traffic, for these websites VPS Hosting might not offer enough processing power. Dedicated server hosting offers dedicated resources, all server resources are dedicated to hosting your website. Selecting a dedicated server with more than enough processing power ensures a reliable hosting experience resulting in fast loading webpages for all your users.

Dedicated hosting is also for clients looking for additional security and customisability. Renting a dedicated server provides you with root access which can be used to install custom security programs or applications. This provides clients with a more secure customisable hosting service.


Researching web hosting services before purchasing allows clients to make more informed purchases. Browse our services and select a hosting option that is best suited to your requirement.