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Getting Started With Your New Web Hosting Account

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Getting Started With Web Hosting Account

Thanks for your interest in the webhosting services at MonsterHost.com. This article serves to inform webhosting beginners of the most import terms they should know when setting up their web hosting account. As of now only a few steps stand between you and your dream website. We’ll discuss five key steps to take to set up your dream website. Let’s begin.


1) First Choose The Right Hosting Plan!

The types of webhosting available guarantees clients a wide range of different specifications for different website requirements. An incorrect specification for a website requirement can result in overspending or a slow website. The best web hosting companies offer multiple webhosting packages so clients can select the best service for their requirement.

a) Shared Hosting

Web hosting companies can provide cheap webhosting services to clients thanks to shared webhosting services. With shared hosting, users share server resources with other websites. Due to this fact hosting providers host multiple websites on one dedicated server resulting in savings for clients.

Shared hosting compared to other web hosting services is cheap due to the fact multiple clients share the same server. Shared hosting is recommended for small beginner websites. A website receiving regular amount of traffic is recommended to invest in VPS hosting to increase performance.

Need help logging in to set up your web hosting account? Watch our video tutorial below:

b) Reseller Hosting

Using reseller hosting a client can host multiple websites at the same time under the same service. Due to this ability clients are able to sell web hosting plans and host websites under their reseller hosting account. A web hosting company that solely resells hosting plans can be profitable as a result many business owners already do this.

A business owner that has multiple websites should invest in reseller hosting due to being cost-effective. Not only is reseller hosting cost-effective it can improve productivity. A business that hosts their websites under one service spends less time maintaining their websites.

c) Virtual Private Server Hosting

The majority of hosting providers offer VPS hosting plans which are a popular type of web hosting. Simply put. VPS hosting is a combination between shared and dedicated server hosting with the vps server price in between these plans. VPS Stands for virtual private server. Web hosting companies use virtualisation to separate a dedicated server’s resources into multiple separate virtual private servers. One difference between shared hosting and VPS hosting is a shared hosting account shares server resources while a VPS hosting account has reserved resources. As a result, other websites hosted on the same dedicated server can no longer impact your websites performance.

Websites currently using shared hosting may see a performance increase by switching to VPS Hosting!

VPS Hosting offers a similar hosting experience when compared to dedicated server hosting. As a vps is a virtual private server, VPS hosting accounts come with Root Access. Root access therefore means VPS hosting customers can: Install custom operating systems, Install custom software, Configure their VPS and much more. As a result, VPS hosting offers a similar hosting experience when compared to dedicated server hosting. A VPS from a reliable hosting provider can improve speeds and improve reliability for websites hosted using shared hosting.

d) Dedicated Server Hosting

Web hosting companies purchases entire dedicated servers to sell web hosting plans such as; Shared, Reseller and VPS Hosting. VPS and shared hosting cannot handle regular heavy amounts of traffic, as a result client’s select dedicated server hosting. A client will rent an entire dedicated server from a hosting provider that is reserved for their usage only. Renting a dedicated server? Select a reliable hosting provider! An unreliable hosting provider will under-maintain their servers, as a result client’s will notice a reduction in performance overtime.

Dedicated server hosting offers the most customisability when it comes to web hosting. Clients can pick between different hardware specifications to select the best hardware for their specific purpose. With dedicated server hosting clients can also select and change their operating system at any time.

2) Browse Additional Services

A good web hosting business not only provides web hosting plans but additional web hosting services. Your web hosting experience can be enhanced with web hosting services. In addition to improving traffic, discovery rates and best of all conversion rates.

Backup Tool

The best hosting providers know a website backup plan is vital when it comes to preventing downtime during data loss.  As a result, cloud backup pricing is often reduced when purchased from a hosting provider. Did you know? In the event of data loss, a website backup plan minimises downtime! Website backup solutions make restoring a backup simple and fast. Without a website backup plan business owner will need to restore data manually which impacts downtime massively.

SEO Tool

A seo optimised website capitalises on free search engine searches from services such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. A search engine optimised website attracts more traffic resulting in an increase in conversions. Investing in a seo tool ensures your website is optimised to best reflect your purpose to search engines.

Many More!

As your website grows additional web hosting services can boost your growth drastically. Selecting a hosting provider that also offers a wide range of additional services ensure the option is there.


3) Select A New Domain Name!

A websites online identity is the domain name, customers will recognize this name. Selecting a good domain name is therefore vital. How Do I Select A Domain Name? Is your dream domain name for sale? A domain lookup is one click away! Complete a domain name search to discover brand new domain names ready to purchase.


4) Transfer An Existing Domain Name!

A business owner that already has a website will also have an existing domain name. A domain name transfer can be frustrating. The best hosting providers take care of domain name transfers free of charge.


5) Require More Hosting Support?

The best webhosting companies have multiple support options available to their clients. Getting help and advice shouldn’t be a challenge in itself therefore multiple support options are available.

a) Blog Support Articles

A blog support article is what you are reading right now. Web hosting companies create blog support articles regarding web hosting: services, products and to give free web hosting advice. A support blog article should inform readers about the topic therefore reading blogs is a great start to increasing your web hosting knowledge.

b) Knowledge Base Support Articles

A knowledge base support article is similar to a blog support article however the main difference is length. Knowledge base support articles assist clients with specific tasks such as Installing SSL Certificates!

c) Contact Technical Support

Customers may require support immediately for a web hosting related issue. A hosting provider that offers 24/7 support is recommended.  You can access support directly from the website or by logging into your new web hosting account. All your support tickets can be reviewed there. Get in touch by creating a support ticket.