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Top things to consider before getting VPS Hosting

Top things to consider before getting VPS Hosting - Image #1

New websites pop up every day. Luckily, there are several web hosting options available to house them all. Each platform offers different advantages in terms of speed, uptime, security and prices. It really comes down to you choosing the one that best suits your brand, company needs and budget. In recent years, many companies are getting VPS hosting, rather than the usual Shared web hosting.

Shared server and dedicated server hosting are two of the most popular types of web hosting. However, Virtual Private Servers (VPS) have been gaining steady traction and is the perfect mix of shared hosting and dedicated server hosting. It sits between the two in terms of performance and price.


What is VPS Hosting?

VPS Hosting stores websites on virtual private servers, divided into smaller virtual compartments. It gives each user its own RAM, CPU, storage and operating system.

Think of VPS like an apartment complex, when you purchase a VPS you have the rights to your own apartment, but there are several other persons living in the same building.


Advantages of getting VPS hosting

Shared server hosting is cheap but limited while on the other side of the spectrum dedicated server offers so much more but at a higher cost. That’s where VPS hosting comes in as the perfect combination of uptime performance, security, privacy and price.

Here are some other benefits of getting VPS hosting for your website. 

  1. Shared resources and cost of services
  2. Easy to setup
  3. Affordable- Good compromise between shared and dedicated server
  4. Ability to add additional services and specialized application
  5. Control over your data, files, software and operating system
  6. Allows configuration to meet specific requirements
  7. Private environment
  8. Similar services to a dedicated server but without the price
  9. Ability to host multiple websites
  10. Facilitates website security


Disadvantages of VPS hosting

VPS has many advantages but it is not a perfect platform and so has a few disadvantages as well. These include:

  1. It’s more expensive when compared to shared hosting
  2. You may have to manage your server and without technical skills it will be difficult to do so


What to consider before getting VPS?

Choosing the VPS service that is right for you is like selecting what goes into your sandwich at subway. There are in fact thousands of VPS hosting providers, but it’s your job to know your hosting needs and select the options that best fulfill it.

So, before you chose a VPS, here are some things to consider first.

1. Physical location

Your website’s files may be saved virtually but computer facilitating this has to have a physical location. It is recommended that you use a VPS in the location where you get the most traffic.

2. Managed vs unmanaged server

If you are tech-savvy and are able to manage the applications, software and services on your VPS, you can go the unmanaged route. However, if you are completely technologically clueless or simply uninterested in the extra work, simply consider getting VPS managed by the Host.  This will cost you more but it’s worth it if you are unable to manage and monitor your website on your own.

3. Is the management system Proactive or Reactive

You have decided to take advantage of a plan that manages your VPS for you because you do not want to be stuck with the task of configuring it yourself. Problem solved? Yes and no. Yes, as in you have selected a managed server. And no, because there are two types of managed VPS servers and you may miss this if you don’t pay attention to the fine print.

Do you want a proactive or reactive management system? Most web hosts are more likely to offer reactive management services. As the name suggests, it reacts to issues that may arrive instead of putting measures in place to prevent them. However, your data will be regularly updated and security issues will be dealt with promptly. With this management option, you will still be active in the running of your VPS.

Proactive management operates like a shared hosting account. You only get access to your cPanel while the provider configures your operating system and manages all your updates. You will benefit from getting VPS resources while enjoying the freedom of having the technical heavy-lifting being done for you.

4. Price

Every dollar counts so be sure of the VPS resources you need for your website and then look for the host that offers the best price. Also, select a web host that offers a money back guarantee. This way you can test the performance and quality of the VPS and cancel the plan if it does not fulfill your needs.

5. Uptime and Reliability

It cannot be said enough, that your website’s uptime is opening hours to your business that should never close. That’s why before making a decision you must check the uptime your web host offers. The best website hosting providers give a guaranteed 99.9% uptime to ensure you are always open for business.

6. Support

Go with a host that also offers 24/7/365 support. This way should you run into any technical difficulties, you can reach out and resolve them in real-time.

7. Backup Service

It’s important that you backup your website for a worst case scenario situation where your VPS is infected and you lose all your files. Select a web host that does regular backups of your VPS. This way should the worst happen you will be able to easily restore your Website in minutes.

It’s not advisable that you use a host that doesn’t offer a backup service.


As your website outgrows a shared space, you may find the need to upgrade to a host that offers more bandwidth but still within your budget. You may find that choosing a VPS hosting is a great option instead of jumping straight to a dedicated host.

After all VPS is the perfect bridge between the two, in terms of affordability, security, privacy and control.

Before making your final decision, be sure to review several options to see if they fit your requirements and priorities so you can choose the best webhosting option for your website.

If you have already done this and you are ready to switch to a VPS, let Monsterhost help.

We offer several secured VPS plans that are as flexible, with 99.9% uptime, 24/7 professional support with one-time click CMS installation