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Reseller Hosting Vs VPS

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The platform that hosts your website is just as import as the professional look and feel of your website itself. If your awesome, efficient and user-friendly website in on an underperforming hosting platform your hard work is all for nothing. When a hosting service is good, your pages will load quickly, you will experience little to no downtime and you will have happy returning customers. However, there are many hosting options so which do you choose? Let us look two options, reseller hosting and VPS to help you decide if these hosting options are best for you.


Reseller Hosting Business

Reseller hosting also referred to as White Label Hosting offers you the opportunity to resell the hosting resources you purchase from a web hosting provider. This way you can start your own webhosting company with its own brand. Individuals and organizations can then purchase hosting plans from you. That is why reseller hosting creates an easy and affordable way to start your own business without investing in costly physical infrastructure.

Reseller hosting is affordable, flexible and reliable. Since the hosting company manages the server and security features, all you have to do is know how to create hosting accounts.

Advantages of Reseller Hosting:

1. It is quite simple to setup and easy to manage. Additionally, you do not have to be a tech genius to create a reseller webhosting company.

2. You have access to a customizable control panel. This hosting solution allows the reseller to issue control panels to customers as well. The customers can also personalize their own cPanel.

3. With Reseller Hosting, you can use one control panel to monitor and manage all your websites, both yours and those belonging to your customers.

4. This is designed to facilitate multiple websites that are owned by different businesses and individuals.

Disadvantage of Reseller Hosting

1. Since you provide third-party hosting services, your service is affected by whatever happens to your upstream provider. If the server speed is great, you will benefit but if it has frequent downtime so will you and your customers.

2. It can pose a challenge to change web hosts as this move will affect your clients and can cause them significant inconvenience. This can even result in the loss of customers.

VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is the ideal mix of shared hosting and dedicated hosting. It is a single physical server divided into several virtual segments. This means that you are isolated from other users and do not share resources such as CPU, RAM, disk space and Operating System (OS) with them.

Instead of having just an account like a shared hosting plan, you get access to your own mini private server. You also are not affected by what happens on the other websites that share the server with you. VPS hosting can also facilitate reselling as well.

There are two types of VPS- Managed and unmanaged. Managed VPS plans allow you to only focus on your online business as the web hosting provider takes care of all technical issues.

The provider will set-up, install and update applications, software and security patches. While unmanaged VPS is plans are ideal for persons who want complete control to customize and expand their server. This VPS option is for persons who are technically savvy. While the service provider will provide support, with unmanaged VPS it is your job to monitor and manage all aspects of your server.

Advantages of VPS:

1. Though you share a server, your resources are yours alone. You do not have to share bandwidth, CPU or RAM and other resources. Only your website has access to these and that results in increased website speed, better uptime and performance.

2. Not only is VPS Hosting cost effective but it also is easy to scale and upgrade plans. Basically, VPS can grow with your business instead of buckling under increased traffic to your website.

3. It is affordable and there are several plans from which to choose. It is also easy to upgrade and you can choose the operating system (OS) of your choice. The options are Linux and Windows.

4. VPS hosting offers great security features.

5. You have complete root server access that makes it possible to manage your hosting account and websites. This also allows you to install software, install and upgrade applications and modify name servers.

6. VPS can host websites of all sizes.

Disadvantages of VPS

1. VPS hosting is not as powerful as dedicated hosting and is more expensive when compared to shared hosting.

2. Without technical skills, it will be difficult to manage your server.

Core Differences Between Reseller Hosting & VPS Hosting

Both reseller hosting and VPS hosting offer distinct features for different purposes and have different target audiences. Therefore, choosing the two mostly depends on your hosting needs, the type of website you want to create and its purpose.

If your goal is to start a web hosting business, the obvious choice is reseller hosting. However, if it is your intention to operate a web business or your current website is growing rapidly and your current hosting plan is buckling under the pressure a switch to VPS is the right choice.

Reseller Hosting allows you to start your own web hosting company by selling third-party hosting service to customers. While VPS works well for all kinds of businesses. Plus, you can also sell any extra space you have on your VPS.


Both reseller hosting and VPS hosting cater to different business audiences and both offer good webhosting solutions. VPS creates the perfect option for organizations and individuals who are interested in hosting website(s) that needs advanced resources to sustain high traffic. Reseller hosting, on the other hand, is ideal for businesses and individuals who want to generate an income from reselling web hosting packages.

Whether you are interested in a Reseller hosting or VPS hosting solution monsterhost.com has several plans for each to fit your needs and budget.