Reseller Hosting VS VPS Hosting

Reseller Hosting VS VPS Hosting

Your Web Hosting is the backbone to your online business, without it you would not have an online presence. It is vital you select the best hosting option for your current requirements. Website hosting decides the speed at which webpages load for users depending on your current level of traffic. Depending on what you require VPS or reseller hosting are both great options. This article aims to provide advice when deciding which service to select.

What Is VPS Hosting

VPS stands for Virtual Private Sever. This type of web hosting takes advantage of virtualisation technology in order to segregate dedicated super servers into individual sections for client usages with fixed resources. Virtual private servers offer more customisability when compared to shared hosting. When using shared hosting all websites share the same IP address and resources, if another website has an increase in traffic your service may be effected.

Advantages To hosting on a Virtual Private Server

Fixed Resources: VPS Hosting offers you fixed resources such as; CPU, RAM, Hard Disk Space and Bandwidth. Only your website has access to these server resources. Resulting in fast hosting for your website as other users cannot affect your websites performance.

Similar To Dedicated Hosting: VPS Hosting offers a similar service when compared to dedicated hosting in terms of customisability. VPS Hosting is a fraction of the cost. When using VPS hosting you have root access to your sever. Allowing you to install custom programs and applications that can assist in maintaining your professional website. With a choice of multiple operating systems you have the option to select one best suited to your requirements.

Easy To Upgrade: As your business grows your website will see an increase in traffic. You require a hosting provider that grows with you. As traffic increases server resources may become strained. At this point traffic may slow down resulting in slower loading webpages. Upgrading your VPS at this point ensures your website will perform efficiently with the increase in traffic.

What Is Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting, commonly referred to as White Label Hosting, is designed for small web hosting companies looking to start their online business. Simply rent a server to start selling your own hosting packages to your clients for profit. Reseller hosting is also useful for business with multiple websites as management becomes easier.

How Does Reseller Hosting Work?

WebHosting is a profitable market that new entrepreneurs can find much promise in should they wish to start a company today. Creating your own web hosting business is easier than ever before. You can then search for a reliable web hosting who offers wholesale hosting packages to resellers. This way, the “host” manages and maintains your servers allowing you to focus solely on gaining clients maximising your profits.

Advantages To Reseller Hosting

Cost Effective: When operating a web hosting online business, you must ensure your servers are maintained to the best standards. This ensures a smooth and reliable service for your clients. Undermaintained servers lead to a decrease in performance which will result in unsatisfied customers. To maintain your servers, you will need to hire a team of dedicated technicians who monitor your server’s performance and replace hardware when required. This can cost €1,000’s to setup. White label hosting reduces costs significantly greatly increasing your profit margin. When you rent reseller hosting from a provider you are paying to use their servers. Your host is therefore responsible for maintaining your servers ensuring uptime and replacing hardware when required. Removing this responsibility from your hands saves boat loads of money.

Reseller Control Panel: When using white label hosting you have the option to customise the control panel your clients use. You can replace logos and change colour themes to suit your brand. Re-branding reseller hosting is easy and simple. Your clients won’t even notice your using reseller hosting resulting in a professional service.

Easy To Expand: Once your servers are full with clients you should be generating profit. It is highly recommended to re-invest your profits back into your online business. Simply expand by renting more servers allowing you to host more clients increasing your profits. Once your new server is full, rinse and repeat the process. You will have a fully operational webhosting business in no time.

Manage All Your Websites:

Using WHM (Web Host Manager) makes managing all your clients an easy process. WHM offers you the ability to generate new servers, manage servers, manage websites and provide technical support to your clients.
If your online business has multiple websites using VPS hosting can become costly. If you host all your websites on a reseller hosting package you have access to WHM. WHM can be used to manage and customise all your websites from one place. This makes management easy and simply for you.

Who Is Reseller Hosting For?

White label hosting is designed for users who wish to generate income by setting up their own online business specialising in web hosting. Your reseller hosting provider will include all the tools you require in order to customise and maintain your business. Start your online business today to secure your finical future.
Reseller hosting is ideal for online businesses with multiple websites who require easy management. If you host your websites using multiple VPS’s management becomes a difficult task as each service requires a different login. Using multiple VPS’s can also be costly to your business. When you use reseller hosting all your websites are accessible under one login making management easier for you. Having the ability to customise VPS packages reduces costs as you ensure each website has access to enough resources required to operate smoothly.

The Differences Between Reseller and VPS Hosting

The key differences between reseller and VPS hosting depends on the type of business you operate.

If interested in starting an online business specialising in selling web hosting, then white label hosting Is ideal for you. Giving you the option to generate multiple web hosting packages makes reselling a simple and easy task. Simply decide on the specifications you wish to sell and generate enough packages for your clients to select from. If you already operate an online web hosting business expanding is a simple process. All you require is renting another server from your hosting provider. It is recommended to re-invest your profits into more servers allowing you to host more clients increasing your profits.

If operating a single online website, you require VPS Hosting. VPS Hosting offers fixed resources that only your website has access to. This ensures your website runs smoothly with fast loading webpages leading to a better overall user experience. If you operate multiple online websites management may become a difficult task. Reseller hosting allows you to host all your websites under one login. This makes management very easy as you can quickly locate websites that require updates.


In short VPS hosting is ideal for clients looking to host one website with increased reliability when compared to shared hosting. Reseller hosting is ideal for clients looking to generate income from selling web hosting services. Discover the best reseller hosting plans designed to give you maximum profits on Monsterhost.