Is Your Team Working Remotely? Learn Why You Need a VPN

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A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a special kind of software that protects your online privacy by making your traffic and location completely anonymous. It acts kind of like a secret tunnel, allowing you to connect from one place to another while hiding your exact route. Because it hides your internet activity, hackers won’t be able to access any information you transmit over the internet once you’ve activated your VPN. And that’s why if your team is working remotely, you need to make sure they have a VPN.

VPNs are crucial when working from home


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When your employees are at work, they’re using the company network, which has already been fortified with features such as powerful VPS hosting, cloud backup, SSL certificates, strong passwords, 2FA, and more. When employees access the company website at the office, they run little risk of exposing company data to hackers and other cybercriminals, because your company’s network is fortified against attacks. (Or at least, we hope your company network has been properly fortified. If it hasn’t, it’s not too late. Check out our powerful hosting plans and security features to get your company network up to date.)

But when your team members are working from home, they don’t have the benefit of operating on a secure network. Most people don’t even bother changing the default password that comes with their home router, so they’re certainly not going to bother taking other steps to keep their data safe. In fact, you’d be surprised to know how many people think that their internet browser’s version of stealth mode keeps all their data completely safe on the internet.

Giving your employees a VPN helps them keep the company’s data safe with very little effort.

All they have to do is turn it on before they conduct company business, and all their internet activity will be cloaked, making it impossible for hackers to access your company’s data.

Reasons your team needs a VPN

1. VPNs are a quick way to protect data

Using a VPN is simple enough that even the biggest technophobes on your team will be able to manage it. VPNs need to be connected only once, and after that, they only need to be turned on. That’s it – no coding necessary. This low learning curve will encourage your team members to use the VPN, because it isn’t intimidating at all. In fact, it’s actually kind of exciting to use a VPN, in a cloak-and-daggers sort of way.

2. Hackers are getting more sophisticated


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If you think hackers can’t possibly get to your company’s data, you’re wrong. Hackers have a lot more technical knowledge than your average employee, and they’ve devised all sorts of ways to get their little hacker hands on your sensitive data.

A common trick of modern hackers is to go to a place that’s frequented by people doing company work – like a café, for instance – where they’ll set up a Wi-Fi connection that’s free to use and unsecured. Most people will take the bait, since the café’s Wi-Fi is usually too crowded to allow for efficient work.

Once your employee connects to the hacker’s Wi-Fi, the hacker just needs to wait for some particularly juicy information, and your company’s data will have been compromised. To protect your data from hackers, you can’t rely on the caution of your employees. You need to give your team a VPN.

3. VPNs make your team more productive

Remember that café we just talked about? Some members of your team need to go somewhere like that to get work done outside the office. Rather than banning them from all public Wi-Fi (which, let’s be honest, probably won’t work anyway), give them a VPN so they can be safe regardless of where they’re working. This will help your team be more productive, because they’ll be able to work wherever makes them feel most comfortable.

4. VPNs help your employees stay connected to their work

For many employees, not having access to the company network is a huge problem. Some team leaders don’t want to risk giving their employees access. In fact, they’re worried about the data being intercepted – and rightly so. To make your employees feel safe while working remotely, give them a VPN. This way, they can securely connect to your company network from anywhere.

Wrapping up

A VPN is essential for keeping your team members safe and productive while they’re working remotely. To protect your company and your team, check out our affordable VPNs. We promise dedicated 24/7 support, stealth mode, military-grade security, and a high-speed VPN connection!