Why our Site Builder is the Ultimate Tumblr Replacement

Tumblr Replacement

There was a time when Tumblr reigned supreme in the world of instant blogging. Text, videos, gifs and pictures could easily be uploaded, and the platform quickly attracted hordes of loyal visitors. But Tumblr’s traffic has dropped by more than 30%, which has left people itching for a good Tumblr replacement.

Other websites have cropped up, but none of them have captured quite the same sense of community as Tumblr.

If you’re wondering why you haven’t been able to find a Tumblr replacement that hits the spot, here’s the thing: The perfect Tumblr replacement hasn’t been created yet. That is up to you.

Why your own website is the best Tumblr replacement:

If you were really passionate about Tumblr in its heyday, and you’ve secretly been hoping for another website to rise up and take its place in your heart, we’ve got bad news and good news.

Bad news first: It’s highly unlikely that somebody else is going to create a website that has everything you love about Tumblr (and more).

Here’s the good news: The only person who can create your dream website … is you.

We’re not suggesting you copy Tumblr, but there’s nothing wrong with being inspired by it. Creativity means taking bits and pieces of things you like and smashing them together to create a new thing that you love.

So, if you’ve been searching for a good Tumblr replacement but haven’t been able to find one that hits the spot, here’s what you need to do:

1. Figure out what you love about Tumblr

Is it the sense of community? The ease with which you can upload your own images and text? The hilarious microblogs? When you’ve come up with a healthy list, incorporate these things into your own website.

2. Figure out what you love about other websites

If you take everything you love about Tumblr and put it into a website, all you’ve done is create a copy. So, you also need to figure out how to make your website different by adding things you love about websites other than Tumblr.

3. Don’t be afraid to look at other media

Just because you’re building a website doesn’t mean that your inspiration has to come only from websites. Are there any podcasts that you love? What about YouTube channels? Look around at every bit of media you enjoy, and let them inspire you to create a website you will adore.

4. Use a great website builder

You don’t need to break the bank looking for a Tumblr replacement. Web designers and web developers cost more money than you probably have lying around. So, once you’ve figured out everything that will go into your website, the next step is to find an amazing website builder.

What is a website builder?

Do you know how when you go into some sandwich shops, they’ll have the bread, the veggies, the sauces, and other fillers all laid out, and you can put together the ingredients to create your perfect sandwich?

A website builder is kind of like that. It has everything you need to create the perfect website, so you don’t need to worry about coding or any of the other technical stuff that go into making a website. All you have to do is combine all the website ingredients until you’ve created a website that’s perfect for you!

But not all website builders are created equal, so how do you know if you’ve found a good one?

Eight features of the best website builder:

1. Lots of templates to choose from

You don’t want your website to look like everybody else’s. So, the best website builders will have lots of templates to choose from. The trick to using a website builder is to find a template that really speaks to you and then customizing it until it looks exactly the way you want it to look. That’s easier to do when a website builder offers hundreds of templates instead of just sticking you with five.

2. Easy to use

A website builder with a steep learning curve defeats the whole purpose of using a website builder in the first place. That’s why our website builder uses drag-and-drop technology. You literally just click on whatever you want to add to your website, drag it over, and drop it in. It’s so easy to use that you can create a website in minutes. (Though, if you want to take a bit longer on your dream project, that’s fine too.)

3. SSL compatibility

Without going into all the mind-numbing details on this, an SSL certificate encrypts data that’s sent between browsers and websites, and they make sure that even if hackers manage to intercept private data, they won’t be able to read it. This keeps things like credit card information, usernames, and passwords secure. The best website builders let you create websites that are compatible with SSL certificates, even if you choose the cheapest package.

4. Reliable web hosting

Every website is stored on a server. If you don’t want to go to the tremendous expense of buying your own server, you’re going to need web hosting. A web hosting company owns servers where you can store your website in exchange for a low monthly fee.

But affordability isn’t the main feature of a good web host. You also want to be sure they use powerful, fast servers and guarantee high uptime.

5. Simple, clutter-free website designs

Nobody wants to visit a website with a confusing, cluttered layout. The best website builders will have simple, clean templates, so that your website will be pleasing to look at.

6. Customer support

When you’re creating a website, especially if it’s your first one, it doesn’t matter how easy it is to use a website builder. Eventually, you’re going to have questions. Our website builder comes with amazing 24/7 customer support, so you’ll be able to get in touch with someone whenever something comes up.

7. SEO features

The best website builders also have lots of great SEO features to help your website rank higher in search engines, so it can start gaining traction as quickly as possible. Our SEO tool helps you fix what’s wrong with your search engine strategy, so your website can start attracting traffic like a magnet.

8. Mobile-friendly websites

You won’t have to worry about mobile optimization if you choose a website builder like ours. Every single website you create using one of our templates is guaranteed to be optimized for mobile use.

Wrapping up

If you’ve been searching far and wide for the Tumblr replacement of your dreams, it’s time to stop looking and start creating. Hold a brainstorming session in your living room, find a great website builder, then create your website and share it with everybody who’s also itching to find a good replacement for Tumblr. You never know: The website you create could take world by storm!