The Best Tumblr Alternatives for Bloggers

Tumblr Replacement

We are well into the first quarter of the year and content remains king on the internet. For bloggers who love quick-fire blogging looking and need the best Tumblr alternatives, we have great alternatives for you.

Microblogging is characterized by writing short snippets of text on top of images, GIFs, videos and other visual media, where you express your thoughts freely but in a concise manner. Tumbler was the microblogging capital of the internet but since banning not suitable for work (NSFW) content in 2018 the social media platform has seen a decline in users.

Here’s what happened to Tumblr in 2018, for some context, the social media platform was pulled from the Apple App Store after the platform was found to contain child pornography. Shortly after, to rectify this problem, Tumblr made sure to pull all the pornography off of its platform. Many users with accounts dedicated to adult content began to disappear as well.

Almost two years later and the platform is almost a ghost town, but as it declines, other websites have risen to the occasion. If you’re interested in microblogging sections of your larger blog posts on a social sharing website with a built-in audience to drive traffic to your own website then we have a solution for you.

With MonsterHost you can create a stunning website to house all of your blog content and so much more with a variety of customizable templates to choose from and a user-friendly Site Builder.

Build Your Website with MonsterHost Easy-Site Builder

Not only does the internet enjoy good content optimized for search engines but it thrives on beautiful, functional and mobile-friendly websites. If you’re used to blogging on other platforms that had restrictions on what type of content you were allowed to post, cost money to join a membership program, or limited amount of control to what your website and brand focus looked like then you are much better off having full control over what your website, look and feels like.

With MonsterHost, you get everything you need to host and build your own branded website. With our fast and affordable hosting, you get to carve out your own internet nook, you have the option to use our Easy Site Builder and create a responsive website in under an hour.

Our Easy Site Builder is like an instant website with over 200 templates to choose from in over 20 niches. What’s more is you can choose to import an existing website from your former hosting provider. Our templates are full customizable and allows you to showcase your brand with ease and begin blogging right away.

How to design your site with the Easy Site Builder?

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Now it is time to design your blog with our easy to use instant site builder. When you build, you want to use a design that speaks to your brand but is also responsive for mobile as well as desktop and user-friendly. Before you start consider the following points:

  1. Focus on branding

Your blog is the first impression your prospective audience will have of your brand before they digest your content. Consider how you want your blogging brand to be reflected through your website’s design by customizing one of our templates to suit you.

2. Choose the best template to fit your brand

When designing your website or editing one of our templates, be sure to keep the design clean with no flashy distractions or pop-up opt-in forms. Make your design with users in mind so that your audience are able to navigate and find content with ease. Keep the readability of your site high.

3. Use an appealing colour theme

Try not to use no more than 3 colors in your brand’s color palette, use online fonts that are easy to read with optimum font size, especially for your blog posts.

4. Create brand cohesion

Be consistent with your page elements throughout your website. Ensure that blog posts are easy to find and meta descriptions are clear and the images and other media are crisp.

Why You Should Build Your Own Website

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Choosing to build your website from the ground up gives you full customizable power. With our Easy Site Builder, you have no other programs to install and can begin customizing one of our responsive templates right away. Or you can choose the easy import tool and import any website and begin making changes instantly.

The web builder is completely online and includes drag and drop tools to move things around and place them exactly where you want them, allowing you to see your website come together in real time.

Want to branch into e-commerce with your blog by selling branded merchandise? Then simply build out your e-commerce store with the easy site builder. Everything is quick and simple to use.

Our builder allows for building forms like email opt-ins, landing pages, and so much more. With content export and import you can add any type of content to any page on your website this tool is especially suited to bloggers.

Self-hosted WordPress Blog

If you want to stick to a more traditional way of blogging you can also install WordPress with any of our hosting solutions on MonsterHost.

When it comes to blogging, WordPress is always the best choice on the market. Thanks to being user-friendly, with built-in support and the best from an SEO perspective, self-hosted WordPress allows you to own your content and your audience. Why settle for using a platform like Tumblr when you can own personal internet real estate and post whatever content you desire?

With self-hosted WordPress, you have the freedom of choosing the best hosting provider and hosting platform that suits your website’s needs and your wallet.

WordPress offers a wider variety when it comes to the website templates you can use, and more branding opportunities where specific niche websites are concerned.

Additionally, with self-hosted WordPress you can enjoy a custom brandable domain name and have your audience become accustom to your brand through your unique website URL and more.

What’s more is that WordPress is highly customizable with thousands of plug-ins to help you build the website you wish. On your own website you can host any type of content from microblogging, to video blogging, podcasts and so much more. It’s why WordPress remains the number one choice for bloggers everywhere.

Realistically, you can’t make WordPress an outright alternative to Tumblr, where using hashtags serves your content to users. However, SEO, social media support and multi-user support makes it standout from all the competitors.

The Take Away

Instead of using an outside alternative to Tumblr why not take control of your blogging experience and build your own website. Having control over your design, and the way you produce your content outbids any other method of hosted blogging. Choosing to build your website with our easy site builder allows you to have everything you need to setup your website in less than a day.

You get hosting, customizable templates, buildable forms, domain registration and everything you need to start posting content today. Choose to be an independent creative and host your website with MonsterHost. Get your blog hosting plan.