Secure Your Email with Hosted Exchange Email Hosting

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Today there are several apps that facilitate instant messaging. However, email is still in the game and it’s still here to stay. Emails are an integral part of every business’ communication and even marketing endeavors. Today, emails remain the most common form of web communication, especially for business purposes.

So how do you protect your personal and business emails? You do so by ensuring that you protect your emails with a strong password and using a secure hosted exchange email hosting service. If you are using custom emails with your business site, ensure that you have secured hosting.

Why use exchange e-mail hosting?

One of the disadvantages of emails is the fact that it is not exactly a direct communication. They go through a number of intermediaries before they are delivered to the receiver, making copies at different points. So, technically an email still exists even after it is deleted.

From your email, a hacker can find out what types of services and accounts you are enrolled in and can request resets for your passwords. Because most password reset requests go straight to your email, hackers can gain full access and there wouldn’t be much you could do.

Sounds scary? It is.

When we host your website and email, you will find that our hosting plans use a separate server from hosted exchange. That means that you receive additional storage for your emails. Our sitebuilder with hosting plans also offer up to 10 free cPanel emails that can configure to different email exchange hosts such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird etc.

Keep reading to understand email host plans, types of emails attacks as well as tips on how to secure your data with email exchange hosting.

Common Cyberattacks on Emails

Our emails are receptors of our identity and activities. That is what makes it a primary target for hackers. Phishing is a weaponised email that hackers use to target and try to gain access to this data. It uses deceptive emails and websites to access and gather personal information from a person’s email.

Just one click on a phishing link downloads or installs malware on your computer or expose your sensitive information.

Here are four main types of phishing to be mindful of:

1. Email Spoofing

This is one of the easiest types of phishing hackers use to gain access to data from users without their knowledge. They do so by:

  • Sending an email using a “familiar” username,
  • An email that impersonates your superiors requesting important data,
  • Impersonating an organisation and then ask employees to share internal data.

Once you click on it they gain access to your information.

2. Fake Attachments

This is exactly that. You will receive a Word or PDF email attachment that is in fact not that at all. It actually is a phishing link. Once you click it, you’ll be directed to a phishing page. In some case, this triggers ransomware to download automatically.

3. Pop-Up Messages

Through pop-up messages, scammers can get a window to steal your login credentials. They do this by redirecting them to a fake website. This is also known as in-session phishing. Do not click on suspicious pop-up links.

How to Prevent Phishing

To prevent phishing always be vigilant and double-check links and emails before clicking on them. Hover over the links you get in an email to see the landing page before clicking it. Always go back to an organization’s website to verify the correct spelling of the company’s name and emails associated with it before opening emails sent from them. Also, be sure to report suspicious emails to anti-phishing organisations.

Securing Your Email with Exchange Email Hosting

If you are using custom hosted emails that match your website, this is a smart business move. Not only that, but you can now also place more emphasis on keeping your email secure using hosted exchange.

Hosted Exchange is a service that allows you to create an email box with space for your messages. Here you can host all your data on the server, resulting in secured hosting.

Exchange email hosting also provides you with access to your emails, address book, task management and documents from various places and through different media. Your emails go through a laptop or mobile phone using push technology.

Security and reliability of Microsoft Hosted Exchange Email Hosting

Exchange email hosting provides a private, secure and reliable Business Emailing platform. It’s easy to synchronise emails on multiple devices. What’s more, it is also easy to transfer your email to an exchange email hosting.

  • It’s better to prevent than it is to cure. That’s the what email exchange hosting does. It works to eliminate threats even before they get to the corporate firewall using real-time anti-spam and anti-malware protection.
  • Using its advanced capabilities, email exchange helps to protect your information using anti-malware and anti-spam filtering.
  • It also implements data loss prevention features to prevent you from mistakenly sending sensitive information to unauthorised individuals or entities.
  • You can’t monitor your email every second but with email exchange hosting you can rest assured knowing that a team of security experts that is responsible for the monitoring of your data 24/7/365.
  • Along with the highest level of security, you also benefit from 99.9% uptime, so you can count on your email always being up and running
  • Your company’s IP reputation is also protected using different outbound delivery pools for emails that are high-risk.


The best security for your emails starts with your email hosting plan and platform. You also significantly improve your email’s security when you migrate it to an email exchange hosting platform where you get expert assistance.

To further protect your email from hackers, avoid using your administrator privileges to run your email client. If you use your administrator privileges, you make it possible for hackers to exploit your email client. Remember to always update to the latest version of your email client software so that the security features are updated.

If you are still in the market for a well-secured exchange email hosting plan, you can check out our hosted features here.