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How Can cPanel Help To Enhance Your Hosting Experience?

How Can cPanel Help To Enhance Your Hosting Experience? - Image #1

In this era, having an online presence is a critical part of any business. If you aren’t tech-savvy and hiring a web-developer is not a part of your budget, you’ll need all the help you can get to create a website. That’s where cPanel comes in.

cPanel is a browser-based control panel that makes it possible for just about anyone to manage a website. Several web hosting service providers already offer it as part of their packages.  With cPanel you don’t have to hire a tech-team because you have all the tools you need to create a masterpiece. Let’s get into greater details about cPanel and looking at how it’s many features and tools will enhance your hosting experience.

What is cPanel?

cPanel is a graphical control panel software made popular for its numerous features that enable even beginners to create stunning and professional websites.  It is also an efficient web management system for your entire web hosting account(s). With cPanel you can create a website without knowing a single line of code.

From the cPanel dashboard, easily install content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. You can also manage your emails, databases, backups, domain names and more.

cPanel Features

cPanel is extremely responsive, well-structured and user-friendly. Its numerous features make it a favourite among professional developers and amateur users alike. Here are some of cPanel’s top features:

  1. It’s Extremely Secure: 
    Security is one of the most important features of any software or product. cPanel provides high-level security. It is also has added security with password-protected directories, GnuPG Key, SSL/TLS and IP address denial.
  2. Easy to use File Management: 
    To make your work even simpler, cPanel helps to monitor your website to ensure there is optimal disk space usage. It also helps with editing and backing up folders and files.
  3. Secure Server Management: 
    This helps in maintaining and resolving server issues such as restarting the server through SSH, automating account suspensions, performing system backup and restoring accounts. This service is available to VPS and dedicated servers via the command line scripts.
  4. Powerful Email Features:
    cPanel makes it possible for you to create and manage multiple email accounts, forwarders and auto-responders. It also creates filters that help to block spam. Additionally, it’s useful in creating email marketing campaigns to strengthen your brand identity, while keeping customers updated.

Top 3 Advantages of cPanel

The advantages of using cPanel span high and wide.  All its users experience ease of use along with high-quality web services and tools to effortlessly create a website from scratch. But those aren’t the only advantages this site builder software has to offer.  Below are some of the benefits you can enjoy when cPanel is your control panel of choice.

1. No installation

cPanel is included with most shared hosting plans, and there’s no installation needed. You simply need to log in to your hosting client area to access your cPanel. It’s all online and there’s no need to download anything.

If you have a VPS od Dedicated server, you can purchase cPanel for your account. After purchasing, just login to the client area and you should see the direct link to access your cPanel. cPanel’s intuitive graphical interface makes it easy to manage simple to complex tasks in a few clicks.

Once you are a part of our web hosting family, you will also find it easy to access your cPanel from your Monsterhost page. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Log into Monsterhost account
  2. Go to services and select one of your active services
  3. Under Actions, click on cPanel
  4. Here you will find all the tools and plugins to help enhance your webhosting experience.

2. Ease of use

From site maintenance, calculating disk space, to making regular backups cPanel offers ease of use.  One of the tools that cPanel employs to ensure it’s easy for you to complete tasks effortlessly is Softaculous a 1-click app installer. It makes it possible for you to add numerous helpful applications (apps) to your website with the click of a button. Some of these apps include content management systems (CMS), shopping carts and social networking.

3. User-friendly interface

cPanel’s graphic interface is user-friendly and highly responsive. That is why users find it easy to handle all aspects of their control panel. Not only does cPanel support simple commands but also it is able to carry out complex functions. You will find it easy to do tasks like an evaluation of available disk space, system maintenance and backups.

4. Advanced features of cPanel

The wide range of high-end features add to cPanel’s top advantages as a web management solution.  These features allow you to seamlessly host and manage your online website accounts. Also, all of cPanel’s features have anti-virus protections to prevent viruses and malware attacks.

Coupled with cPanel’s features, is a long list of tools designed to make your web hosting experience hassle-free. We already mentioned Softaculous, 1-click app installer that facilitates the installation of several apps in a few clicks. Some of the other tools include:

Backup wizard

This creates regular website backups. The Backup Wizard facilitates complete or partial backups depending on the files you want to secure.  Backup Wizard saves your backups as zip files and stores then on your local device. This gives you complete control over all of your backups.

Email accounts

Simply pick one emailing tool from the several that are available with cPanel. With cPanel you have full control over your business’ email accounts. Plus, you aren’t limited to creating just one email, you can create as many as you need.

To access your email, simply log into your hosting dashboard and click on cPanel, go to My Products & Services, click on the plan you wish to add updates to. This will take you to the Website Service dashboard.  From there go to Shortcut and click on Email Account.  Click the blue Create button and create a new email address.

From here, you can also set up passwords; manage storage, control spam and set up auto-responders.

Site Publisher

While you work on your masterpiece, the Site Publisher tool can create a temporary webpage. This website will take minutes to create and acts as a placeholder, while you take the time to design the website of your dreams. This gives site visitors basic information such as contact details and other important information until your actual website is ready.

This site builder makes this process simple. Start by logging into your cPanel, scroll down to the Domains then click on Site Publisher. Here you will select the domain you want to create a quick web page for. Finally, choose a template and fill in your company’s information and hit publish.  Voila, your webpage is live! 

5. Extremely Flexible and Portable

cPanel makes server migration hassle-free. It is another awesome cPanel benefit. It allows you to easily transfer your website including all its content from one web hosting server to another without any technical glitches. Not many control panels can boast that feature.

6. Exceptionally Compatibility

cPanel boasts compatibility with all web browsers.  Whether it is Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox or Internet Explorer cPanel your website will work effortlessly. It also allows you to boost your website dynamics substantially by using third-party add-ons.

Final Thoughts

Just about, anyone can create and run a successful website using the tools available within the cPanel on your browser.  Why wait any longer to build your website?  Go ahead and select one of our many affordable plans here at Monsterhost.  Our web hosting service with email packages offer premium cPanel hosting.

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