How to Fix Http Error 503

http error 503

One of the most hated experiences online ought to getting junk mail. Well, maybe getting junk mail is the second most hated experience, which would mean the most hated would be arguably getting error messages. Error messages indeed that something is wrong and we typically don’t like when things go wrong in general. More so when we are online, we as internet users expect a seamless experience like having ice-cream on a “Sundae”.

One of the many errors we encounter online is the ‘HTTP Error 503’. In this article, we explore what this error means in its entirety and provide you with 7 tips on how to fix it. With that being said, let’s start with a brief definition.

What is the HTTP 503 Error?

HTTP 503 is a communication between the server and the client. HTTP, HyperText Transfer Protocol and 500-599, means server errors. The HTTP 503 indicates to the user that there is an error on the server’s end. This issue can arise out due to inadequate internet connection or server problems such as maintenance of the server and or the server is temporarily unavailable. HTTP 503 is simply means, it is unable to fulfil the current request at this time and that user should try again in short order.

It is important to note that does not mean that the server crashed or is shut down. HTTP 503 Errors simply indicated that it is only a temporary condition and will be resolve in short order.

Different Variations of the HTTP 503 Error

There are different types of HTTP 503 errors, depending on the web designer or the type of server:

  • HTTP 503
  • HTTP Error 503
  • 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable
  • 503 Service Unavailable
  • HTTP Server Error 503

Let’s look at How to fix the HTTP 503 Error

Often times, the obvious cause of the error is not immediate, sometimes a simple refresh of the page or reboot of the server get resolve the issue. HTTP 503 errors, often time must be troubleshoot to determine what is causing the error.

1. Restart

A user that encounter this error can simply restart their device as it could be an incorrect DNS configuration setting, especially if the error message display is “DNS Failure”. For the developers, by rebooting their servers can reduce the congestion on the system.

2. Refresh

While HTTP 503 error, is a server-ended error, sometimes the issue is only temporary and the by refreshing, it will work.

3. Examine Firewall

Developers can set up firewalls that will sort incoming traffic that can cause danger. In certain situation the configuration may be faulty which will lead to the ineffectiveness of the firewall.

5. Faulty Server Connection

The servers or one of the servers may no response because of ongoing maintenance or connection issue.

6. Detected Maintenance

There will be time when maintenance work needs to be carried out on servers, which will result in getting the HTTPS 503 error. However, developers will schedule times when maintenance work will be carried out.

7. Deactivate Plugins/Theme

For most WordPress hosted website, the HTTP 503 Error could be as a result of plugins that are incompatible with the website, excessive stuffing or plugins or used of unsupported themes. In order to fix plugins issues, the developer should first disable all the plugins and search those each and find the faulty plugin. Same can be done to locate which theme is incompatible.

8. Inadequate website resource

With an increase with incoming web traffic, will result in getting HTTP 503 Error. Developers should check resources to ensure it is sufficient for the amount of traffic visiting the website/app. Developers should consider using Content Delivery Network (CDN), limit plugin and examine JavaScript amongst other option to increase resources.

In Closing

HTTP 503 is a server error or response error, normally it because an exception happens within the request that you are making to the server. So, if you’re adding a record or you are trying to get to a certain page whatever it is that you are doing, if something is entered in data server is unable to process the certain time then are the program is unable to process a certain time then it will give that error is response. Normally that error has certain notations to it that can help their administrator or their developer, to give them an understanding or an idea of what exactly is giving that error. They would have put in certain exception handling right within the program to say if this entered in or if this happens at a certain time, this is the error that will be displayed.

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