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How to Access and Use our Sitebuilder

How to Access and Use our Sitebuilder - Image #1

Creating a new website or upgrading your old one doesn’t have to cost you a lot of time or money. Simply use a website builder, which simplifies the entire website creation process. It provides you with pre-designed templates and ready-to-use applications and tools. This makes it ideal for beginners.

Today we will look at the benefits of a Website builder and how to access and use it with your web hosting plan from us at Monsterhost.

What is a sitebuilder?

A website builder is a digital tool that allows even persons without coding knowledge to create a website. With online website builders, you can choose from several templates or themes to reflect the desired look and feel of your website. Website builders’ intuitive editor makes it easy to customize a template the perfect blog or business site.

Create A Website with the Sitebuilder

You’ll notice that it comes equipped with our sitebuilder tool. So, what’s next? How do you access your sitebuilder on Monsterhost? Here’s the simple process, which starts with you logging into your Monsterhost account.

  1. From there click on Services which will take you to the Product and Services page.
  2. Next, select the Beginner Site Builder plan or the one you have activated.
  3. Here you can log into your cPanel, create an email account, change your password or upgrade your hosting package.
  4. Scroll down to the Website Builder icon and click it, once you open it you can start editing and customizing your website right away.

There are over 200 themes to choose from. Select the template you like, add text, drag and drop designs and icons, save for later or publish right away.

If you already have a website, you can migrate it in seconds. Go to New/Reset icon and click Import. You can also transfer your website by clicking on Change Template, then scroll to Website Import and enter your domain name and click on Import.

Benefits of using a sitebuilder

A website builder will have a beginner feeling like a magician, transforming bland pages into stunning websites. Whether you are trying to grow your website or you just want to share your personal blog with the word, a site-building tool can help. Here are some advantages of using an easy website builder:

1. Pre-designed templates

No need to be a graphic designer or web developer. Actually, there is no need to hire one either- not with the numerous pre-designed templates you can use to make your own stunning website all by yourself. At Monsterhost we give the option of using an online website builder to simplify the website making process.

Our site builder tool has many beautifully designed templates that you can customise by dragging and dropping images from our gallery or yours. You can also change the colour, style and fonts. Our templates also facilitate graphics and other design elements exactly where you want them.

2. No coding required

Have you ever wanted to know how to create a website without knowing how to code? A website builder allows you to do just that. You can create a professional and beautiful website without writing a single line of code. This tool is designed for beginners with little to no technical skills. Its user-friendly interface and use of drag and drop technology allows anyone to type in a text, upload images, or change and move any element with a simple click and drag of the mouse. No need for a coding Boot camp when a site builder can have your site up and running in no time.

3. It’s affordable

It is quite expensive to hire a professional website design. If you don’t have a budget to complement this investment, an easy website builder is a great option. When you purchase one of our high-quality web hosting plans, you also gain access to our sitebuilder. So technically, it won’t cost you a thing. Using a website builder will reduce your start-up costs significantly, even if your goal is to create multiple websites.

4. Flexibility and convenience

A website builder makes it possible to work on your website from any computer, at anytime from anywhere in the world. All you have to do is log in and pick up where you left off. That’s because website builders are based online,so all your web files are actually saved on the service provider’s server and not your computer. Let’s say you notice a spelling error on your website. No problem, you can edit it in real-time using any device, even your smartphone. Just log into your account, make the change then save and/or publish it.

5. Extensive libraries and applications.

Add functionality to your website with the extensive library of free applications and tools that come with your website builder. You can also integrate third-party tools and plugins.

6. Control over the look and feel

By designing your website yourself, you have all the power and control over its aesthetics and functionality. Omit the back and forth between you and a web developer, whose design interpretation may not reflect your goal or expectations. When you create a website yourself, you get to choose the overall look and feel. After all, you can be as graphic as possible in describing your dream site but you can’t guarantee that the designer will come up with something that matches it.

A website builder gives you all the tools and templates you need to create the website of your dream. You can look through hundreds of templates to find the one that speaks to you and then go from there to add your own style.

7. Drag and drop website builder

We’ve mentioned this before, but the drag and drop feature makes designing so simplistic we had to zoom in on it some more. This is critical in making it possible to create, edit and move web pages, with absolutely no coding knowledge. To move a design element, simply drag it to its new location and drop it into place. This will take only a few seconds, and can improve the look and functionality of your site.

No more excuses. Create your website today!

Creating a website has never been easier, thanks to website builders. So what’s your reason for not creating a website for your blog or business? If you thought it was difficult, time-consuming or costly, you can go ahead and breathe a sigh of relief. That’s because by using a Website builder you can create a stunningly professional website at a low cost in a very short time. Right now, you can make your own website with our site builder. Check out our demo version here.