Create A Free Custom Email with cPanel in 5 Steps

free custom email cPanel

Having a custom branded email is a great business move. It is a subtle way to enhance and improve your banding and is a wonderful marketing tool. With cPanel, you have the opportunity to create free branded emails.

This form of branding helps to ensure that customers can recognize your company from even an email. Having a custom email will take your email marketing to another level. That’s why we offer web hosting with email, allow you to create custom emails.

A custom email may come off as just a small detail in the larger branding picture. However, it is integral, especially for customers. When a customer notices a custom email it immediately sends a message:

  • Custom email address – They recognize it as a real business
  • Old or email address – They view this as your weekend hobby

Also, in the same way, that you have a custom URL for your website, you also need a professional email address to provide consistent branding. If you still aren’t convinced that you need a custom email address, keep reading. Your mind is most likely to change completely. We’ll explain why you need one and give you a step by step guide on how to create your very own free custom email with cPanel.

Reasons You Need a Custom Email Address

Is having a branded email important? The simple answer is yes. That’s why in creating a website you need to get the best web hosting and domain package. Here are some reasons that we make it clear why having a custom email is a great business move.

1. It looks professional

2. It creates a clear link between your business and email.

3. A branded email markets your business for you.

4. Gives you full control over your email

5. It is free

1. It looks professional

This is possibly the most important reason. You want persons to take your business seriously. So right after building a professionally stunning website, ensure you have an email address to match.

Also in a world with tons of scammers, it’s important for customers to know you are authentic. Having a legit website and with a complementing email address will set you apart, letting potential customers know you’re trustworthy.

2. It creates link between your business and email

There’s nothing more frustrating than the uncertainty of whether an email is from the company you want to do business with or just a malicious person. Usually, in this case, persons follow the rule, “when in doubt leave it out.” Persons are not likely to open emails from unknown addresses.

If your email address doesn’t resemble your business name in any way, potential customers will definitely have a hard time connecting the two. This will then have a direct impact on your revenue and ruin your email marketing campaign. Ensure the web hosting package you chose offers custom emails and not just that, make good on that offer.

3. A branded email markets your business for you

Here’s another reason for having a custom email that matches your email is good for your company’s reach. Let’s say a number of persons who receive an email from your marketing campaign and are interested in learning more about your business. Because you have a custom email, they will be able to see the domain name embedded within the email itself. This makes it easy to figure out where exactly to go to get more information on your products and/or service which could lead to a purchase.

4. Gives you full control over your email

You can create several emails with custom emails. You can make generic emails for certain positions, such as [email protected]. That way, should your current marketing director leave the company, you will retain control of the email and the new worker can easily take over the management of the account. The former marketing director will no longer have access to it.

5. It’s a free email service

cPanel email is already in your webhosting package. So, it will not cost you a cent. Many people either forget about this feature or go for premium emails right away. But, don’t forget this gem. Web hosting providers often display the email account limits to hosting plans. This is the total number of email users/mailboxes you can create per hosting plan.

It’s easy to set up. Just, login to you hosting account. Enter your cPanel dashboard. Select manage emails. Then, simply create a ‘new user @ your domain’ for your email addresses. The best part is, you can direct money to where it’s needed the most and save.

Don’t forget that web hosts define the total number of email address you can create. So if you need many accounts, consider Hosted Exchange Emails.

How to Set Up a Branded Email Address

Now that you understand the importance of having a branded email address, you may be wondering, ‘how can I create one?’ It’s actually a simple process.

Step 1: Invest in a web hosting with email account.

If you already have a website for your business, you can skip this step. If not, you need to invest in high-quality web hosting and domain. Many web hosting packages (such as the ones offered by come with free email addresses. That’s whether you want web hosting and domain options ranging from a basic shared hosting plan or an advanced dedicated server plan. If the hosting company you are currently using doesn’t offer web hosting with email, then it’s time to consider switching to one that does (like ours).

Step 2: Decide on a naming convention.

Ensure you have a simple domain name. Meaning it’s easy to pronounce and easy to spell. A naming convention may not seem important if you are currently operating a one-person business. However, once your business starts to grow, you’ll want consistency. You can use try using one of the following traditional formats:

The format you use now will make it easier for customers to know how to contact you and your employees once you stick with it.

Step 3: Create your free custom email using cPanel.

Now that you’ve completed the prerequisites, it’s time to create your free custom emails. You can do by following the steps below or check out YouTube video on How to set up an email account.

  1. Log into your web hosting account it will take you to the Client Dashboard
  2. From there, navigate to Products and Services and select the plan you want to update
  3. Once you select the plan, you’ll be brought to the web hosting dashboard, click on Email Accounts and this will bring you to your cPanel management page.
  4. Click on Create (for a new email).
  5. In the Email field, fill in the username for your email address.
  6. Enter or generate a password.
  7. Select the amount of storage you want for your inbox
  8. Click on Create.

Step 4: Set up your email client. (Optional)

After using cPanel to create your email, you can set up your new email address an email client of your choice. Some popular options are MacMail, Outlook, Thunderbird, and Gmail.


First impressions are lasting. So, the first thing potential customers see should reflect the quality, trustworthiness and authenticity of your business. After all, how they view you determines how successful your brand will be. A custom email address doesn’t only deliver a level of professionalism, it also allows your users to send and receive emails that are consistent with your business’s brand.