Create a Business Email for your website in 4 Easy Steps

business email in four steps

Take every opportunity to make the right first impression. Earn your customers’ loyalty, trust, and promote your brand with a professional business email that matches your domain name. Owning a custom business email address gives website owners a professional edge over sites that use a restricted list of available emails from Gmail or yahoo for example. With, you can get a basic email address for your website. This is a great way to show customers they are communicating with the right company.

Why create a basic cPanel Business Email?

It’s no secret people trust business or official emails that match a websites domain name. That is the magic of a business email address. Creating a personalized email address that utilizes a websites domain name like [email protected] helps to grow strategies and build confidence with customers which is ideal for promoting brand awareness.

Here are some professional email address ideas that could create for your website:

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

What a custom email can do for you

1. Build credibility with customers

A custom email address shows clients the website or business their communicating with is trustworthy and legitimate.

2. Make your website more professional

Research shows sending emails and invoices from a Business Email Address can improve open rates.

3. Boost brand awareness

Boost brand awareness by promoting custom email addresses on websites, business cards etc.

4 Steps to setup your free business email account

1. Register a domain name

Before a business email account can be created the perfect domain name for each project must be registered. New domain names can be registered or an existing one transferred to

2. Select a Web Hosting plan

Select either the site builder package or our web hosting plan to gain access to cPanel easy control panel. This will help you to effectively manage your web hosting resources like bandwidth, storage, domains, mailboxes and more.

*Please note all site builder annual plans on come with a free .com, .net, .org, .biz or .info domain.

3. Set up your domain

To create a free professional email address to match your websites domain name, login to the client area.
Once logged in select the option “Login to cPanel within the left side bar.
Within cPanel go to the email category then select email accounts.
From here you can create and manage all your free email accounts.

4. Connect with email platforms

The best part of using cPanel emails is the ability to connect to popular email clients like Webmail and other email clients like: Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Outlook, etc. Once businesses emails have been connected to the email client access to email accounts from mobile devices is enabled without the need for hosting account login information.

Checkout this video to see how easy it is to configure emails in Outlook.

How to get a Professional Email Address

Follow these five steps to get a custom email domain address with

01 Select a site builder of web hosting plan that fits your needs.

02 Register or transfer an original domain name.

03 Login to the client area a select “Services.”

04 From the services overview, click “Login to cPanel” on the left menu bar.

05 Scroll to the “Email Account” category and select “Create e-mail.”

How do Free professional emails work?

Once you create a free business email by following the steps above, you can start sending emails right away. Gain convenient access to your email on mobile devices through your Webmail, namely Roundcube or Horde, or configure it to work with an e-mail apps you are already familiar with like Microsoft Outlook or Mac Mail.

Our free professional email address service is a great way to give you website a professional business front. These emails use storage available in your sitebuilder or web hosting account. It’s ideal for small website owners, or individuals who require 1 to 10 maximum emails.

Alternative to Free cPanel Emails

If you want a more secure and private email platform, then Microsoft Hosted Exchange Solution is for you. It is one of the world’s most popular and secure small business email hosting solution.

With the best business email hosting platform, you’ll have the freedom to select as many mailboxes as you wish. Plus, your emails are hosted on another secure server separate from where your website is hosted. Business email hosting provides added security to private company emails. In addition, Hosted Exchange lets companies create and share Calendars, Docs, Sheets & Slides, engage in online video meetings, messaging, etc.

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