Configure My Email Server POP3, IMAP and SMTP Settings

configure gmail email server

Getting Gmail to work with your New Email Server can present challenges. This support article highlights how you Send mail from your email server using your Gmail account and redirect incoming mail by configuring POP3, IMAP and SMTP Settings.

Send Emails using Gmail

You can send emails via Gmail Servers by configuring your Email server’s SMTP Settings.

SMTP Configuration

SMTP Host: 
SMTP Port: 587 
SSL Protocol: Off 
TLS Protocol: On 
SMTP Username: (Your Gmail Email Address) 
SMTP Password: (Your Gmail Email Password)

Redirect Emails to your Server From Gmail

Mail sent to the Gmail Server can be redirected to your Email Server by configuring either POP3 or IMAP settings.

POP3 Configuration

POP3 Host: 
POP3 Port: 995 
TLS Protocol: On 
POP3 Username: (Your Gmail Email Address) 
POP3 Password: (Your Gmail Email Password)

Please Note: If “POP3 Download” within Gmail Settings is not set to “Enable POP for mail that arrives from now on” all existing mail stored will be sent to your Email Server.

IMAP Configuration

POP3 Host: 
POP3 Port: 993 
Encryption: On 
POP3 Username: (Your Gmail Email Address) 
POP3 Password: (Your Gmail Email Password)

Common Errors

Here are common errors that many clients encounter when trying to configure email servers to work with Gmail accounts.

Connection timed out

The connection can time out due to blocked ports within the Server Firewall. Make sure the following ports are not blocked by your Server Firewall: 587, 995 and 993

Some hosting providers automatically block ports within the firewall requiring you to contact support for assistance.

1. Permission Denied

Your Google Account has prevented the connection from being established.

To resolve make sure your Account has been unlocked for Application Access via This Link then click Continue to Grant Access.

Password error: [AUTH] Username and password not accepted.

2. Too many login failures

Double check the correct Username and Password has been submitted. Please note passwords are case sensitive.

3. Error: 0 could not connect to host.

This can either mean:

The required posts have been blocked by the server firewall 
Or verification of your servers SSL Certificate has failed.