How to Choose Your eCommerce Website Templates

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Deciding to choose an ecommerce website is a step in the right direction for your business. Now, you’ll be able to reach more persons than traditional stores can and you’ll definitely reach the millions with these 5 tips on choosing the best ecommerce website for your business.

Top 5 tips to choose your eCommerce website templates

1. Decide on the purpose of your website

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In deciding on the purpose of your website you need to sit and flesh out the following:

What problems do you solve?

Decide what problems your eCommerce website will solve. Will your website give quick quotes, convenient shopping, helpful advice, information on products etc.
Who are your buyers? You want to understand your buyers, their expectation and behaviour. By understanding your buyers, you are better equipped with knowledge to offer the right solution and chose the right ecommerce website templates to use.

What is your field of expertise?

What field will your online store template be in? Yes, it’s an obvious answer but framing your business ecommerce service also requires this assessment and understanding. Your field can be food, business, cosmetics, sports etc.

What is the vision for your website?

What look should your ecommerce website template have? After you’ve decided what field you’re in, a great idea for this next question is to benchmark leading companies in your field. This means, you take features of the best ecommerce website in your field and incorporate that into your vision. Use what works! Still seek your own personal identity to your website but learn from the leading competitors all their features and layouts that make for great success for your ecommerce website templates.

On this same note, keep it simple. You don’t need to do everything your competitors are doing. Stay away from the bells and whistles for now and keep your design clear, clean and straightforward.

Keep the focus on the sale alright!

There are many great templates available for your eCommerce website but the trick is to select the most appropriate. Yes, it can be overwhelming as a newbie to this sort of thing and you might hear phrases like “sex sells”, but please don’t select a sexy theme for an eCommerce website template in hope that this will sell your website. Instead, review the questions above and select something that’s peculiar to you and your business, awesome and a right/appropriate fit.
If you are creating a website for your business, you can start right with these great eCommerce website templates.

2. Choose an eCommerce template that’s responsive

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With a responsive template, you’re able to adjust the layout of your sites across different screen sizes and devices. Isn’t this awesome? You want to choose eCommerce website templates that offer this since most online traffic comes from mobile devices.

These days, cell phones are now commonly used to surf the internet. A great portion of web traffic is generated from mobile and other hand-held devices. This trend is only on the rise so it’s best to cater to these users. In fact, It is an absolute requirement to have a website that’s mobile-friendly.

If you’re not responsive, you stand the risk of hurting your business. Such unresponsive websites are a big liability. However, designers have created many mobile friendly templates which do help with design and functionality.
And just in case you think for a second that your business doesn’t require this ability, note that it doesn’t matter what industry or audience you’re catering to, all websites need to be reached on mobile phones. Google also examines your mobile-friendliness when determining where you rank for the appropriate keywords in the search engine results page so this feature is very important.
Again, avoid any template that’s not mobile-friendly.

3. Choose a template that’s customizable

Don’t shy away from the countless customization options which some developers offer. It is great to select an ecommerce website template that offers this option since in the long run, you might need to add non-default features to your site and guess what? Only flexible customization options will grant you the privilege to do so.

Yes, if you’re not a developer, this option might feel like adding a little bit too much especially if you don’t understand their features. But it is recommended that you think about your website business future and keep the door open for any instance you may need to add a non-default feature.

Ecommerce website grows fast once they have the right tools. As they grow there will always be a need for changing the features or functionality of your website. This is the reason why your template must be highly customizable to adapt to those changes.

Think, will you have a need to change the layout of your pages, product description, product images, checkout process, and finally the visual appearance of your storefront. If you need to do these works which are undoubtably imminent, then chose the package that will allow you and your business to grow. Customizable options allows you to keep it original and from having the feeling of “another website.”

Pro tip: Always start with an outline for your entire site. You can sketch out a wire frame and then make edits in your pre-made theme. Learn more here.

4. Choose an SEO friendly template

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Not because you have your own ecommerce website, this doesn’t mean your customers will automatically flock your website. You will have to work to get shoppers interested in your website. The best ecommerce website templates will have Search Engine Optimization (SEO) coded in it.

It’s recommended to choose such shopping website templates. These templates increases your visibility on search engine result pages. It allows people looking for your type of service, to find you easier. It also makes it possible to reach the right people having followed simple rules in website designing such as:

  1. Have user friendly navigation system
  2. Solid hierarchy
  3. Solid content etc.
  4. Keyword optimization

Listen, you can have a great website design but still fall short with a poorly written format based on SEO requirements, so ensure you select SEO friendly templates.
Again, don’t be mistaken, you can have the best optimized template, but you need content that’s good for your business. Also, bear in mind that you need online store templates that won’t take forever to load but will give your users the information they need with excellent load time. This means that you want to avoid badly coded templates that are not good for search engines. Coded websites can be a fortunate thing.

Search engines like Google have revealed that extra time to load pages will affect ranking, therefore choose proficiently written templates.

Your content should match SEO techniques so that your page can be ranked better by search engines.

Also, be sure to improve your SEO with detailed product descriptions, image alt-text, faster website’s speed, and having short and descriptive URLs. Choose a domain name here to help you with this. You might also consider adding a blog to your site to offer more content to your users. Create content for your website by researching and using the popular keywords people use to search for a solution like yours.

Try strategies including social media integration to reach your audience. You can run promotions or sales to generate interest and even reignite your brand in past customer’s hearts.

5. Ensure you have customer support

Customer support is highly required even with the best templates. The best templates can have flaws or a learning curve. This is where you need to contact your ecommerce website service provider and have them make adjustments for you. You may want to do this as well if you need someone to hold your hand when building your online store.

It is highly beneficial to select a template from a reputable and trustworthy service provider.

Keep in mind that all ecommerce website templates don’t come with customer service especially the free templates. Paid templates often do.

Here’s a bonus tip – choose quality over cost

Whilst there are many great free templates, be sure not to compromise on quality. Consider the investment of money, time and effort and see which would make better sense.

It is not only your money that you are investing, your time and effort as well. Think about it, ask yourself this: “Would I rather spend my valuable time to customize my website or would I rather spend my time developing my product and running my business? If you’d rather spend your time in running your business then you should look for off-the-shelf templates.

Yes these templates cost more but they will save you time that could be well spent elsewhere.

Tempting as it may be to go for free templates just to cut costs, it can also be bad for you. You might think it’s an easy-cheesy task but what you don’t know is that free templates often come with a lot of problems. They can be of poor quality and can lack the technical support among other issues.

On the other hand, paid templates provide excellent support and are usually already coded by expert developers, so you don’t have to do the dirty work. Which is why they are recommended as templates that can also help you to spend less time creating your website and more time focusing on your product.

How to choose website template?

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Why you need an eCommerce website

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Your own eCommerce website helps you to better understand your customers. With software geared at monitoring user traffic information, you can understand their demographics such as their location. You can also learn about how they found your website and heard about you. You can analyse their behavior on your website by looking at the path they took to buy from you.

You can also maintain full control of your brand such as the way it looks, what it says, and how it works. By having this freedom, you are establishing and strengthening your own business brand.

Another one of the important aspects of having your own business website is that you can market directly to website visitors and customers. When you have your customers’ contact information such as their email addresses, you can send them email marketing promotions, offer discounts, and announce new products. Having an ecommerce website enables you to have a personal touch of your customers and with this, you can do a great job at catering to their needs.

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Take away

Ecommerce website templates help you greatly to put your best foot forward with a professional online store website template. It is easy, efficient and you’ll love it. At the end of the day, this helps to create and keep confidence in your business as your customers transact with a professional company website. Take the first steps to owning your own website. Start your risk-free site builder plan now.