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4 Best Web Hosting Factors for Small Business

4 Best Web Hosting Factors for Small Business - Image #1

There is a fundamental question that prospective online business owners always ask themselves before launching their e-commerce site. Which web hosting option is best for small business? It all depends on the type of business you’re running. For example, small businesses ready to launch an eCommerce website will require certain server specs that may be different from someone running a monetized blog. So, web hosting isn’t one size fits all. You have to know what you need to successfully run your business’ website. If you’ve asked yourself this question then you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’re going to break down the best web hosting options for small business regardless of the size and type. Let’s dive into it.

The four factors for the best web hosting experience

Let’s begin by looking at the four best factors of great web hosting and how you can choose which hosting company is right for you and your small business.

1. Website performance

When it comes to your website you want to be sure that you have the utmost in performance. One of the greatest ways to measure performance is page load speed. A fast page load time is imperative for high UX (user experience). Sites that take minutes to load can end up losing user engagement.

That is, if you have a slow loading website, visitors will leave your site and go to your competitor which has a faster-loading time. That translates to a loss in potential converting customers. Additionally, website performance has a direct impact on SEO. Search engines like Google have an algorithm that penalizes slow-loading websites, dropping their ranking in their search results.

Great web hosting companies utilize high-speed servers that are carefully managed for peak performance, ensuring that website speed, uptime and availability is their priority. Web hosts that guarantee a 99.9% uptime have emerged as the quality standard in web hosting services.

When selecting a hosting provider for your business website, be sure to verify that the web hosting provider uses state-of-the-art servers with a robust delivery network. A great hallmark for this is if the provider offers several different performance tiers to choose from, including VPS servers (virtual private server) as a hosting option. Each type of hosting platform should come with various tiers. This is a great way to know that you’re in good hands performance-wise.

2. User-Friendly Experience

A top-notch hosting provider will include tools to help you create and manage your website with ease. Great web hosts include tools like website builders, cPanel for easy website management, and access to one-click installers for CMS systems like the latest version of WordPress.

Furthermore, a great web host ensures that there are open communicating channels with round the clock technical support. Communication is also important between you and your customers and so a great web host will include affordable email hosting to your plan, enabling you to utilize your domain as part of your business email address, for example, yourname@yourbusiness.com.
Having the option to augment your web hosting plan with an office tools suite is a great feature that makes a hosting package that much more attractive.

3. Low Cost hosting services

Excellent web hosting services don’t have to carry a huge price tag. The web hosting marketplace is extremely competitive. This gives your small business a great advantage as you search through the wide-array of hosting service providers.

The industry base-line for hosting is shared hosting. This model has emerged as the standard in the internet hosting industry and as it is the most affordable choice.

With the right hosting provider shared hosting is secure, reliable and most importantly scalable, with plans targeted toward budget-minded entrepreneurs. Once your website goes through a period of growth, however, your hosting needs will change and evolve, and this is where a full-fledged hosting provider comes in and will include the offering of affordable VPS hosting and dedicated hosting service plans.

4. Website security tools

When it comes to security you need a web hosting provider that takes it seriously. Your website will need to be secured to help protect the data and sensitive information of your customer base. Quality web hosting companies will offer the utmost security options for your website. Tight security means protection against hackers and cybercriminals looking to take your website offline and destroy your company’s reputation or hold your website ransom for profit.

Website security is additionally, important for SEO. Search engines like Google use algorithm that favors websites with good SEO and HTTPS activated. Therefore, the best hosting providers will always offer SSL certificates at affordable rates to help secure your website.

In addition to SSL Certificates, you want a web host to provide other security measures like website monitoring tools, protection against DDOS and brute force attacks and much more. If you choose shared web hosting and decide to run your website on WordPress then you will have the added benefit of various WordPress security plugins. Choose service that offer malware scanning and protection, spam filters and protection against hackers.

Top Web Hosting Services

At Monster Hosting we have three of the best web hosting environments on the market with high-performance and security add on to better serve you.

Shared hosting and WordPress hosting

This is our most affordable web hosting option where your website is housed on a state-of-the-art server operating at super speeds to better serve your website. SSL certificates are available for an added layer of security, which we highly recommend for any hosting environment.

VPS Hosting

We have VPS hosting available at affordable rates. A VPS hosting environment operates as a shared environment (which keeps costs down) however, it performs like dedicated hosting in that one large server is broken down into smaller virtual servers where your website has all the server components dedicated to it.

This means lightening speeds and great scalability and a built-in layer of protection.


The best web hosting comes at an affordable price with multi-tiers of protection.
We hope that this quick-fire guide to the best web hosting for small businesses helps you to make a well-informed choice when you decide to select a great hosting provider. There are certain features, as we’ve outlined, that you should expect from any web hosting provider. Some web hosting plans stand out more than others for being comprehensive without breaking the bank. That’s what you should look for in the best web hosting option for you.

Ultimately, choosing the best web hosting for your business boils down to what you require to efficiently run your website. If you’re just starting then shared hosting is the way to start. However, if you have a built-in customer base and expect heavy traffic then VPS hosting may be right for you.