7 Tips Designed To Boost eCommerce Site’s Conversion Rates

Conversion Rate

A real-world business requires reliable website hosting in order to setup an eCommerce website. eCommerce stands for Electronic Commerce or Internet Commerce referring to the purchase or sale of a product or service over the internet where a transaction takes place digitally. For business owner’s website hosting is a good investment due to the fact that eCommerce website can be accessed by anyone, anywhere in the world. An eCommerce website grants businesses access to a global market dramatically increasing the potential market reach. Target and sell products in any country around gets more lucrative when you monitor and increase your website’s conversion rate. This article will show you exactly what you can do to increase your conversion rate and ultimately increase your revenues.

 What Are Conversion Rates?

Collecting data is important for any business. Data can be analysed to make more informed decisions and changes regarding websites, products and services offered. Conversion rates are a useful piece of data that tells business owners how successful their website is at generating sales.

There are two main ways to measure a website’s conversion rate. There are Total Lifetime Conversions and Conversions During A Time Period. Total Lifetime conversions can be measured as a percentage of unique visitor’s vs unique sales while conversion during a time period can be measured as a percentage of unique current visitors that purchased products vs those who did not.

 7 Tips For Boosting Conversion Rates

1. Clean Professional Layout

A successful eCommerce website is one that uses a professional but clean and simple appearance which is easy for users to navigate. Sloppy untidy websites don’t look professional, visitors won’t trust unprofessional websites with sensitive banking and delivery information resulting in a decrease in conversions.

An eCommerce website requires a clean professional layout in order to increase conversion rates. A clean layout is one that makes navigation simple while providing clear in detail information regarding products or services sold. Each webpage should follow the same or a similar structure to the main index page. Brainstorm design ideas such as; Colour Schemes, Page Structure, Navigation Layout and Text Fonts to design a professional clean website.

2. Select Fast Web Hosting

The most important aspect of a website is web hosting. Web hosting provider offer website hosting services to their clients. A hosting provider sells website hosting services such as Shared and VPS hosting. Different hosting services suit different requirements and pricedaccording to the resources they offer. What Hosting Service Do I Require?

A website that uses an unreliable hosting provider or selects the wrong hosting plan will see a decrease in performance resulting in slow loading webpages. Slow loading webpages damage conversion rates due to the fact visitors are unable to connect instantly and many may leave before pages load.

By selecting the best hosting plan with the current requirements for your website you can achieve fast website hosting. Of course, having a reliable hosting provider is also a key factor to achieve flawless service. What Makes A Hosting Provider Reliable? Fast web hosting leads to faster loading webpages which results in happier visitors, reducing loading times impacts conversion rates as visitors are more likely to view more webpages.

3. Simple Checkout System

A eCommerce website that has a simple checkout system is more likely to see an increase in conversion rates compared to eCommerce websites that uses complex checkout systems. A complex checkout system is one that is hard to navigate as a result, any potential customer attempting to checkout may have difficulties. Customers that are unable to checkout have a high chance of leaving the website without making a purchase.

A simple checkout system is one that is easy to navigate for customers and offers multiple transaction options, for example: PayPal, Bank Transfer, Direct Debit or Crypto Currency. A checkout system that is easy to navigate presents no difficulty to customers as a result, customers are able to checkout with ease instead of leaving the website, increasing conversion rates.

4. SSL Encryption Certificate

An eCommerce website handles personal sensitive data such as; Banking Information, Billing Addresses and Client Information. We can refer to all this data as personal data which requires protection. An SSL Certificate can be obtained in order to encrypt traffic between the server and the customers browser. In fact, many reliable hosting providers now offer SSL Certificates to their customers.

An SSL Certificate encrypts the connection between server and browser, as a result all data sent over this connection is encrypted making it almost impossible to read if intercepted. Not only does an SSL Certificate protect personal sensitive data in addition it can positively impact conversion rates.

An SSL Certified website has a Green Padlock Icon at the start of its URL. This icon is used to indicate visitors which websites are secured using SSL and which websites are not. As a result, many visitors keep an eye out for the Green Padlock to indicate the website is legitimate. Customers are more likely to trust legitimate secure websites that encrypt sensitive information. An SSL Certificate has the potential to dramactically increase conversion rates and improve security.

5. Chase Abandoned Cart’s

An eCommerce website allows visitors to add products into a shopping cart before purchase. Shopping carts can be abandoned due to multiple factors from Losing Internet Connection to Finding the product cheaper elsewhere. A good way to boost conversion rates is to chase abandoned shopping carts.

With plugins, allow website owners and staff to analyse shopping cart abandonment rates. This insight, is great for understanding where a website falls short, and can help developers enhance specific features with the aim of reducing this rate. Boost conversion rates by emailing customers coupons to products in their abandoned cart. As the customer was previously interested in the product a discount may increase the incentive to checkout.

6. Advertise Coupon Codes

Advertising campaigns are a good way to drive visitors to new websites. Advertising campaigns can run on Search Engines, Social Media, Radio’s, TV’s, Newspapers and much more. A successful advertising campaign requires investment therefore many businesses expect to see results.

Increase the chance of a successful advertising campaign by including a promotional coupon code. A coupon code provides incentive to viewers to visit your eCommerce website as there is a promise of a discount. An advertising campaign that includes a coupon code can boost conversion rates and increase traffic.

7. Competitive Pricing + Free Shipping

The most successful eCommerce websites price products competitively to secure sales. Visitors have access to thousands of websites offer the same or similar products therefore successful eCommerce websites must price competitively. Online shoppers tend to view multiple websites before purchasing a product in order to secure the best price. Being the best price increases the chance of a conversion.

In addition to competitive pricing, offering Free Shipping is a good way to boost conversion rates. eCommerce websites that offer free shipping are viewed as reliable and well established as postage isn’t cheap. Depending on your budget this could be possible on select products.