10 Ways to promote Website Blog for free

ways to promote website blog

Promoting blog websites does not need to be costly nor present challenges. Free blog website promotion techniques can be used to reduce the cost of starting a website for blog while attracting first time readers.

10 Ways to promote website blog

1. Share Blog Posts on Social Media Platforms

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Get blogs out there by sharing posts on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to begin solidifying the website for blog as an expert source of information within a specific niche market.

2. Engage with Readers via Emails

Engaging with readers via email is a great way to pique their interest so they visit your blog website again. Either send readers an automated email notification when a new blog post is published or Alternatively, create a weekly newsletter that highlights the blogs posted that week.

With Email Marketing from MonsterHost.com you can select your favorite template from ones offered then customized by adding images and text to highlight your recent posts

3. Post answers on Forums related to the niche

Browse forums such as Quora for questions that you can answer. Post answers in the form of a small blog post that contains hyperlinks to your websites pages or other blog posts. Posting on forum websites is a great way to build a websites reputation and drive traffic for free.

4. Research the target audience with Google Analytics

Research the target audience
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Discover how many people are visiting your blog, how long they spend on each post, what they’re clicking on, who’s linking to your blog and how they find you online. Use data collected from Google Analytics to optimize your blog and tailor posts to match what your readers are looking for.

5. Optimize Webpages and Posts for SEO

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It is recommended to follow the best website seo checklist when optimizing webpages to better rank within search results. Target keywords and optimize webpages so blog posts rank within indexes for specific search phrase by using tips that help get your site noticed by Bing and Google.

6. Optimize Website for Mobile

Optimize Website for Mobile
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Optimizing a website for mobile devices means incorporating a responsive design which YourSite.com Website builder Templates offer. Search Engines often rank mobile optimized website higher than those not optimized which gives blogs a better chance of increasing free traffic. Not only does mobile optimization drive traffic it makes your posts readable for mobile readers. Explore ways to boost your mobile website design.

7.  Add Website to Online Directories

Adding your website for blog to online directories such as Google Maps is a great way to drive free traffic. Those looking for content your blog posts offer may find the website through an online directory service therefore it is recommended to add your website to a few

8. Let Google discover Blog Posts on the website

To drive free traffic from search engines to your website for blog it is recommended to invite Google Crawlers to Index your website by submitting your websites XML Site Map to Google.

9.  Pick the best Domain Name

A domain name is important for blog websites as it helps drive free traffic in addition to being used by users so they find the website. The best domain name for blog websites is one that describes the content posts offer and includes a target keyword used on the website related to the niche. Learn the difference between a domain and website!

10. Improve Website Speed

Website loading speeds are vital to ranking high in search results which leads to an increase in free traffic to blog posts. Find out ways you can optimize website loading speeds to improve SEO.

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