We’ve Discontinued Our Services in Russia


Dear customers,

We have revoked its services to Russian-based clients in a bid to stand firm against the war-crimes against Ukraine. We have already suspended all Russian clients since February 25, 2022. In addition, we will not be accepting any new Russian clients so long as the Russian regime continues war crimes in Ukraine.

The company is acting swiftly to assert its position since we respect human rights, condemn the Russia-Ukraine war and want to support clients.

News in focus

The Ukrainian government also calls on ICANN the non-profit group that oversees the internet to revoke all domains given to Russia. According to reports, a Ukrainian official emailed ICANN that “all of these measures will assist users in seeking reliable information in other domain zones, preventing disinformation and propaganda.”

It’s unlikely that ICANN would grant such a severe request, but some Hosters including our brand, have made a move. They want to block illegal activities, block the Russian propaganda machine and help in the fight against Russian war-crimes.

Although many of our affected clients do not condone this war, we hope you understand our company’s position. Our support will be on standby within the next two weeks to assist with backups and transferring of websites. As such, we apologise for inconveniences cause to clients affected in our actions to revoke Russian sites.

We have a long-standing usage policy that also aims to fight against spamming, piracy, child pornography, hacking, DDoS, Spoofing among other illegal practices. Learn more about our usage policy here.