6 Easy Websites You Can Make Right Now

6 easy to make websites

This is the information age and we all consume tons of it each day. With just the click of a few buttons, we easily gain access to an unlimited amount of content.  Think about it, how many websites have you visited since the day started? Several, maybe. Most of us reside in consumer mode. However, have you ever thought of doing more than just consuming? Have you ever considered making your own website but feel daunted by the process? There’s no need to be, with a couple of hours to spare you can create your very own website backed by a reputable website hosting and domain service provider.

6 Easy to make Websites

Here are six easy-to-make websites that you can create right now. You can put these simple websites together in a couple of hours or over a weekend.

1. Business Website

A website is critical in the growth of your company, whether you just started a small business or own an enterprise. A business website is one that’s devoted to representing a specific business. Since it’s the online reputation of your business, it should reflect the same branding as your company. That means the same logo and positioning. Ensure it also clearly communicates the types of products and/or services your business offers.

It this era it’s expected that all businesses have a website. Once you mention your company to potential customers, one of the first things they’ll do is search for you online.  Your business website is like a business card that tells persons to take you seriously and in some ways authenticates your company.

E-commerce websites are a type of business websites; however, you can have a business website that doesn’t sell things directly. Your website can instead encourage visitors to visit your storefront if they’re interested in becoming customers.

 2. E-commerce Website

As mentioned above an e-commerce website allows persons to directly buy products from you online. If you’ve ever done online shopping, you already are familiar with e-commerce websites. Most brands that produce tangible products such as gadgets, clothing, etc., whether big or small, usually have an e-commerce website. Sites that include a shopping cart and a feature that facilitates credit card information to make a purchase falls into this category.

If your plans are to sell products on your website, then an e-commerce site is what you need to build. Note that there as some specific steps involved in creating an e-commerce website. This includes investing in e-commerce software and purchasing an SSL Certificate to ensure your customers can make payments in a secure environment. Also, it’s important to back up your information and that of your client by investing in a cloud backup plan. You can also create an e-commerce website as an extension of a business you already have, or it can be something you build a new business around.

3. Portfolio Website

Portfolio websites are especially popular among creatives like designers, filmmakers, photographers, freelancers, etc. These sites are devoted to showing examples of past work. If you want to show potential clients the quality of your work and brag about the major companies you’ve worked with, go ahead and build a portfolio website.

There you can put together a collection of some of your best work. It’s easier to create a portfolio website than it is to make a business or e-commerce websites. Plus, we offer hundreds of highly-responsive design templates to grab the eye of potential employers.

4. Resume Website

Similar to a portfolio website, a resume website displays your skills, experience, and expertise. It’s an easy way for employers to find you. There are many benefits to having your resume online. It shows potential future employers and organisations that you are serious about your work. Creating a live resume lets them know that you are willing to go above and beyond the average to deliver.

When you send in a physical resume, it is usually limited. With a resume website, you can tremendously expand the information you share. Instead of a dull resume with just listings of your previous jobs with text, go ahead and add images, video and create additional sections that highlight your skills, work experience and education. Additionally, it’s an easy way to keep your resume updated.

5. Non-profit Website

It’s necessary for non-profits to be online in the same way that businesses need websites to secure their online presence. If you have a not-for-profit project or foundation, a website will make it easier for potential donors to learn more about your organisation and determine if they want to support it.

If you are thinking of starting a non-profit, then building a website is the right move. It will help to prove the legitimacy of your organisation and improve its potential reach. It also creates a great platform on which to promote your organisation’s projects, accept donations, and grow your following.

In order to facilitate donations on your website, you’ll have to take some of the same steps necessary for e-commerce sites owners, such as ensuring that you get an SSL Certificate. This is to ensure all payments are secure. You’ll also need to create a merchant account in order to accept credit card payments. Also, invest in a cloud backup plan.

6. Personal Website

There are a lot of persons who are passionate about creating personal websites that showcase their insights and interests. Personal websites include blogs, vlogs, and photo diaries. Most personal blogs are created as a means of sharing personal views, skills, and interests with the world. However, they can evolve into moneymaking businesses.

It’s much easier to create a personal website than most of the other websites on this list. Here you have more freedom to create a site that represents the look and feel you want, instead of worrying about increasing sales or making money. You can find many responsive design templates within our website builder, which will capture the essence of your personal blog.

Which Website Will You Be Creating?

You are now excited about creating your first website. What will it be? Whichever you choose, our website builder will help you in making the process extremely easy. Ensure that your design is based on the particular goals you have in mind for your website. Even though it’s pretty easy to create a website these days and it’s important to have one, pace yourself. Don’t rush in. Take your time to analyse and decide on exactly the kind of website you want, how you want it to look and how it functions. This way you will get it right – the first time.

You also need to decide where you will host your website. MonsterHost offers a number of website hosting and domain plans that work well for all kinds of sites. Maybe you already have a site that you want to migrate. Major website hosting and domain companies allow you to transfer websites to new hosting platforms.

Though the websites on this list are simple to create, building a website will require some time and effort. However, you will find that the benefits you gain make it all well worth the energy.