International Popularity of .DE domain names Reaches all-time high


.DE domain name helps to make you rank higher in the hearts of the locals. Whether you are a Germany local, an artist or a business person, .DE domain name is meant for you. It can give you a better connection to the Germany culture and provide the best internet experience in Germany. It is meant to help your website to stand out in a pool of contents online. That is because Germany economy is highly developed and lucrative all over the world. 

DENIC is the registry in charge of operating the Germanys .DE country code. The registry has recently published .DE domain statistics which shows the international popularity of the .DE domain space. That makes it possible to do a .DE registrations for other domains. 

What Statics Say about .DE Domains 

DENIC record has shown a number of domain names held in their database at the end of 2021. About two million of the registrants are located outside Germany. According to their record, it shows an increase of about 50% of what they recorded in the previous year of 2020. The .DE registrations also shows an increase of 9.88% compared to the previous year which was 8.7%. 
According to the .DE statistics, United States has the biggest share compared to others and leads with 21% of the foreign stock. The portion the United States has represents the half of the total share owned by six countries of Switzerland. Netherlands, Great Britain, Austria, France and Portugal which represents a total of 38.7%. The figure represents an increase of 3.6% more than the one for 2020. 
There has been a significant increase in .DE domain names registered for over the past few years as recorded in Germanys .DE country code.

Most of those names are registered domestically in Germany and that represents more than 15 million names.

The figure represents over 60% of the total names registered in Germany. That therefore makes .DE domain at all-time high in national domain market nationally. 
Even with that increase in statistics over the last few years, there still exist space in .DE domain as demonstrated by international registrants. That is caused by continuous increase in share over the years and also spreading all over the world. That means even the countries that were not aware of its existence are now adopting it. 

Where to buy .DE domains?

You must first search for the presence of unique phrase for you to by the .DE domain name. If it is available, you can proceed and add it to the cart to register for up to 10 years. On the other hand, if it is not available, you can either modify your phrase or inquire more about purchasing the name outright. 

Why buy from MonsterHost?

There are several reasons as why a customer should by from .DE domain. Below are some of those reasons. 

Brand Reputation 

There are several ways on to earn a good name and that is what will enable a domain to attract more customers. .DE domain name has earned good reputation and has earned the trust of most of the clients. It has also been registering domain names and hosting websites for over two decades now. That means anyone who wishes to join the network has put all his trust because of its reliability to clients. That has made it to earn good name. 

Has high level of privacy 

Today, scammers have dominated the online platforms and they know that is where to get their customers. With .DE domain name, you don’t need to worry about the security of your data. When we register domain names, only the client has access to it. We also have some other additional tools to enhance domain privacy. Domain ID Privacy and SSL certificates secure your domain and encrypt your web pages. That has provided a safe encrypted server. 


Shorter domains are always catchier because they are easy to remember and spell. That means the domain is likely to cast a wider reach to many customers. As the customers continue to talk about your website and name, you will earn more and more traffic. .DE domain name is short and that has made people to prefer working with it. That has made .DE domain at all-time high. 


.DE domain name attracts both potential customers and business partnership. It has been registering websites for over two decades now and that has made .De domain at all-time high. Being that it is short, it has also provided credibility and legitimacy. Ove the years, it has created a great network all over the world. That means any business that works with it will get enough exposure in the industry.

Easy Setup for your Domain Transfer

You may want to transfer your domain name to a new host. This can be done to you in quick and easy steps. But before you do that, you should ensure your domain is not expiring soon and the protection against a transfer is disabled on the domain. Also, ensure you have an authorization code to initiate the transfer and the admin’s contact information is up to date. 

Below are the steps to follow 

1. The first step is the authorization of the code. You need to make a request from your current domain provider. The provider will give you an authorization code and a transfer code. That will give you the authority to transfer your domain. 
2. Provide the domain name to new host. Add the domain name you wish to transfer in the transfer domain. Add the ERP code to confirm the transfer. 
3. After completing the step 2 above, a confirmation will be sent to your email. Click the confirmation sent to your email to finish the transfer process. Then go to your cPanel to manage the domain. 

What is Domain Privacy and why get it?

Domain privacy is a service offered by web hosts to prevent spammers from reaching your website’s data on the WHOIS public directory. You need domain privacy because it encrypts your data on the WHOIS public directory (which anyone can access) so that your registration details are hidden from the general public. Your website data and information will be safe.


.DE domain name has become popular in Germany and beyond. If you are a business person or an individual interested in it then don’t hesitate to contact us. Discover the best domain hosting and management platform on MonsterHost today.